12th Feb 2010, 09:20

I seem to have been having all the problems that previous Ibiza drivers have experienced.

My car is 53 numberplate, and I bought it brand new, and I absolutely loved my car, but, in the last year, my car has become unreliable, and I don't feel as safe driving it as I once did.

The first big thing to go was the spring coil on the passenger side, it must have gone during the night because it was fine when I drove it on to my driveway, then when I went to reverse out of my drive the following day, there was an unmistakable clunking sound, which wasn't there before!

That was fixed, but then my engine light came on one night, along with terrible shaking of the car. This it turns out was spark plug and coil spring, which were replaced, but then the engine light kept coming on; kept taking it back to garage, where the computer was picking up some faults, each of these faults were being repaired one at a time in a hope to get rid of the engine light problem, but none of the repairs actually sorted the engine light out, it keeps coming on, as well as the EPC light, which comes on.

It also loses power, it doesn't drive smoothly as it once did, it feels rough and bumpy as if it is driving on jungle juice! The power has even cut out completely on a couple of occasions at a junction and a roundabout when there has been no power at all, and the battery light has come on, I have had to switch engine right off and restart it to gain power again.

I am worried, I can't afford to trade it in, and the repairs in the last year have already cost me £1200. I am reluctant to take it back for more repairs. I simply can't afford it, plus the garage is out in the countryside and about half hour drive away, I have become increasingly disappointed with my lovely car!!!

16th Mar 2010, 12:53

I have a W-reg 1.4 Ibiza, and have had it for just under a year without any real issues (apart from clutch cable snapped, but I just figured that was wear and tear), then just the other day the EPC and oil light came on, so I've filled the oil and it sorted it.

Now the EPC and battery light came on, and then the car just won't start for a while, then it eventually does and runs fine.

Today I drove it from London to Swindon, and the car was really jerky on the motorway with the engine power cutting out when it feels like it. I just don't feel confident driving it anymore, cos it's become unreliable, and I can't afford to have a mechanic look at it, cos I'm unemployed at the moment.

29th Mar 2010, 16:49

Has anyone had problems with fifth gear on the Ibiza? My daughters '03 won't stay in fifth gear, it just jumps out all the time.

Also reading these reports above, it seems there is a recognised problem with the window regulator, that is a problem on her car, and it's a part that was replaced by the previous owner - is it easy to replace it, or does it have to be done by a garage?

1st Apr 2010, 19:23

Like many I had an electric window failure on a 2002 Ibiza; plastic sliders broke and the window dropped into the door. I fixed it myself with a new regulator mechanism (£70 from Seat dealership). If you are a reasonably competent home mechanic, then you can do it yourself, the instructions here:


They are for a VW, but I found the process broadly similar. You'll need a rivet gun to replace the slider rails unless you want to re-thread the steel wire, which seems a bit fiddly.

Ultimately it's a design fault using plastic sliders, which is a definite false economy by Seat, as due to this and other problems I've had, I, like many others commenting, will never buy another Seat.

20th Apr 2010, 09:21

All this makes genuinely concerning reading. Although I will admit to being something of an auto-hypochondriac, if such a thing exists.

I've had problems with my Ibiza Sport 1.4 ('05 Reg), but nothing catastrophic. Had a fairly decent garage close by who would sort me out.

I've needed a new driver-side coil after the original snapped, and I've recognised many of the other ailments mentioned on here - condensation on front lights, engine light regularly appearing, then being reset, whistling sound as though the window is slightly ajar on the driver side, creaking chassis and suspension.

But on Monday morning (always on a Monday morning!!?), out of the blue as I left for work, the engine wouldn't turn over when I started it. Got a flashing and beeping engine oil fault light. Put oil in, but no change in result, and this time the alternator light, engine maintenance light and engine oil light all flared up. No idea what the problem is, but am worried by the many stories on here that it will be expensive!

Only thing I had noticed recently was that the brake pedal was very stiff before turning the ignition on. Thought this was just because I've started parking on a hill and leave it in 1st gear.

Taking it to the garage ASAP, but am car-less and very nervous - at the moment!

2nd May 2010, 14:02

Has anybody found a true one off fix for the 02 light staying on, and engine failure at high and lows?

15th May 2010, 17:38

Well well well, I have felt like the only one for what feels like a lifetime!!

Seat Ibiza 1.2S 03 plate.

Bought this car with 8K on clock 8 months old... I've had pretty much every problem on here too.

- Coil packs, sweet lovely coil packs; had a bunch of these in the little bugger.

- Windows falling into door, both sides... I like the way you have to buy the whole kit, not just the pieces you need, that's a nice touch, thanks Seat.

- Engine management light is on more than my bathroom light, sometimes there's a problem... sometimes not!

- Temperature sensor faulty, causing the motor to point blank refuse to start, found this out after (numerous) trips to garages (not Seat garage, they wanted to charge me £130 to check the door problem I explained earlier, even though the AA guy had diagnosed it).

- Had a £400 service/Mot in Feb... timing belt change in March (slipped and damaged 4 inlet valves, nice) £550... now as I type it's sat on my drive waiting for Monday to come so I can tear into the garage for not doing there job properly, as on my way to West Midlands Safari Park for a lovely weekend with the lady, it decided to make all the oil disappear, topped up, 40 miles later dry as a bone :( Cue a £240 4 1/2 hour recovery trip home, before anything has even been looked at...

£1190 in 3 months... and more to come; on the plus side the AA guy did tell me what cars to stay away from :) Needless to say SEAT was top of my list.

This car sucks, looking into a Honda Civic or Focus now... Seat can shove it!!!

I'm done ranting now as I could go on all night... it's been a long day!!