18th Sep 2008, 05:07

WARNING to all Seat owners - check your bonnet locks.


6th Oct 2008, 10:09

My seat ibizA oil warning alarm came on checked oil all OK now oil light keeps flashing. garage say common problem with the switch and are replacing it anyone had any similar problems with 54 plate.

10th Oct 2008, 09:23

I bought my 03 plate 1.2 Seat Ibiza S 3 years ago. The problems started after about 6 months with the suspension snapping as I was reversing off the drive, and with no warranty I had to pay out!

Then the back windscreen wiper went, and is still broke. I reckon I can live without though.

Next was the driver side electric window just dropped down into the door; apparently it was the motor. Got it fixed and back from the garage, and then the passenger side window does exactly the same, and again more money!

So not too bad for the first 2 years ownership. But then the MOT was due... I knew it needed work doing, but didn't expect what happened. I was quoted 450 for 4 new low profile tyres, new bushes and a suspension arm. Then I went to pick the car up, and the bearing had gone and they couldn't get my wheel back on!

So the next day I came back everything is fine except the car won't start?! Turns out apparently the timing chain had gone, so yet again I have no car.

The next day I go back and the car is waiting to be picked up. I get in, start the engine and it's rocking and the engine management light is on!! Apparently a brand new coil had gone that they fitted!! The MOT and repairs cost 900, not to mention the previous issues, which bring the total up to about £1300 so far.

Then about 5 days ago I'm driving to work and the car loses power. I'm getting no response from the accelerator, then suddenly it's going again. This has got worse and worse. The latest incident saw me rocking back and forward as it cut out, started, cut out, started, over and over whilst driving to work. I had to pull over in the end. and guess what... my MOT is due next month! My plan is to part ex the heap of junk. As you can see by the number of comments, these cars are nothing but trouble, stay well clear!

14th Oct 2008, 10:37

My 52-reg plate 1.2 has had similar problems to others. The loss of engine power many have experienced is a bad "flat spot" at around 1500 rpm due to a failure of the throttle head, which needs replacing and then finely tuned using specialist electronic equipment. Both window winders have failed - an obvious weakness in design, also the anti-roll bar bushes wear quickly leading to clunking noises when driving over rough roads. It's a shame these problems are so abundant as the Ibiza is a smashing little car in other respects.

18th Oct 2008, 06:42

I bought my Seat Ibiza 1.2 S in mid-august and so far the garage I bought it from has had it longer than I have.

When I was dipping the clutch in at slow speed, roundabout/junction/lights etc, the car started to cut out shortly followed by the engine management light coming on. Was under warranty so took it back, they cleared the fault and gave it back to me. Less than 3 miles from the garage the same thing happened. The garage have had it for the last 4 weeks.

Its had a new coil pack and cleaned out the throttle body which didn't solve the problem. The timing chain went when they were testing the car, a tooth came out and damaged the valves aswell. Now they say its not getting enough oil, so they are waiting on an oil modification to arrive and then they need to rebuild the engine. Fortunately its under warranty, but not for much longer.

Genuinely thinking of buying an Alfa 147!

23rd Oct 2008, 17:38

I don't know whether to be relieved or worried reading all the comments by others who have suffered so much.

My 03 reg Ibiza decided to lose its electric passenger window into the door tonight in the dark and rain (helpful) on the exact same day 5 years ago it was registered. There was what looks like a steel tension wire sticking up out of the door, where the window should have been. I tried the switch and the electrics are whirring, the up switch moves the wire down and the down switch moves the wire up. (my limited, that being none, car knowledge would suggest to me that something has snapped).

I read on many reviews that other people have had this problem, and on one site a lady was told it was a manufacturing problem. Does anyone know if this is the case? I am off to the SEAT dealer tomorrow to hopefully get it fixed, but £140 seems so expensive, gulp! Does anyone have any suggestions for taking on SEAT?

17th Nov 2008, 15:21

Buyer beware!

I was done right over! Ibiza 1.2 52 plate 2 door petrol.

The car was great for 2 weeks. Then one morning I started it and it there was no power, yet the engine revved itself and the car shook violently. No warning of any problem because the car was sold to me with the Engine Management Light covered up/blacked out? Can you believe that?

Anyway after slanging match and many tears, the dealer agreed to have the car looked at. At this point I was not aware it had been tampered with. I got some guys to look over car for me and they told me the back of it had been resprayed and when they lifted out the spare tyre, the metal was rippled so it had obviously been in some accident before.

I took it for an MOT, which it passed and they told me that the small orange glow on dash board (tiny, tiny mark) was my engine warning switch which had been blacked out. Dealer denied he knew about this?

After more arguments and major stress he returned it 2 weeks later with paint or whatever removed from dash, a new sensor had been fitted apparently? Never told what the revving was about? They had also done something with the bushes (I have no proof of any work or parts for repair). It's been OK for 4 months, then my tyre exploded on dual carriage way, it flew right off. Now, the passenger seat will not pull down, so no one can get in the back seat unless I get out.

Alas, the popular engine management light is back on, happened when driving to Scotland, but the car seems OK. I am still driving it, but don't feel safe in this car anymore. I wish to God I had never bought it, will be paying for it for at least another year.

I am thinking that the engine management light coming on is a common problem and may mean nothing except spending money on what the problem is. Seat belt light stays on too.

The car noisy, and for a 1.2 it dies a death when it hits a bank. My wee old shape Micra 1.3, which cost me £600 private, lasted me for 4 years with only 1 small repair. Buy anything but a SEAT.