2001 Skoda Octavia Comfort 1.9 TDI (110 bhp) from Netherlands


Eat your heart out, Audi


Light behind the heater panel went - that's it.

General Comments:

Comfy, engine has loads of "oomph" throughout the rev range, and incredibly economical - to the point where filling up becomes something you have to remember how it's done (every 1100 km's or so).

As a lover of Brit motors, one has to get used to the somewhat 'efficient' interior, where black and drab grey set the tones. I owned a Rover 600 (petrol engined) before getting the Octavia. The Rover handled better, had a more intuitive engine, was loads comfier, even more reliable (in four years and 140.000km, NOTHING went wrong with this car), made a wonderful sound when pushed hard, was generally brilliant, and made the impression to not only take me from A to B, but to love doing it as well, and the Skoda doesn't do emotions. What it does do is efficiency, low running costs - and more space than you can shake a stick at. Plus it out-Audi's the A4, without the (bland) Audi image and the corresponding price sticker.

I have to admit that, if Rover would still have done the 600, I would've bought one without thinking twice. I loved the car, and it loved me.

But for the want of a 600, the next car (company car, due in July) will be yet another Octavia - an Elegance 1.6 FSI this time. Annual miles have gone down considerably, so diesel isn't economical for me anymore - and I like the lightfooted feel of a petrol engine better than the somewhat slower stomp of the TDI.

Unless I crack, forfeit the company car scheme, and get me a secondhand 620 Si in British Racing Green. Aaargh... decisions, decisions.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2005

26th Jul 2006, 13:54

I too went from a Rover to an Octavia.

My Rover however had a 2.0l L Series type engine and blew loads of head gaskets.

I agree that the Octavia interior is so bland and efficient - the new one looks better, and I am thinking of a Superb next.

2001 Skoda Octavia LX 1.6 GASOLINE from Dominican Republic


This Car?? Where to begin? Downer!


The transmission died on me. That was very expensive.

Every time it goes to the shop it comes out with a new problem.

The a/c compressor has been changed over 6 times now in 4 years. That is also very expensive.

The car responds very late and then all of a sudden it bursts and speeds really fast.

The seats are hard and uncomfortable.

General Comments:

Where to begin?? This car is incredibly the worst nightmare. I have had two one right after the other, and I must say that both came with all problems possible. I am very unsatisfied with these cars, I would never buy them again. Each time I went to give it maintanance I would come out with a new problem, and each time expensive.

The seats are uncomfortable..

Although the steering is nice and soft, and it turns really sharp... but other than that, I do not recommend this car.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2004

2001 Skoda Octavia Classic 1.9SDi from UK and Ireland


Mechanically very reliable and economical



General Comments:

The Octavia Classic 1.9SDi gives over 50mpg. I fill up with 10 gallons and regularly get over 550miles per tank full.

Had a tow bar fitted for a trailer, it does not make a difference to the acceleration.

Comfortable on long distances, but the road noise level is noticeable.

Good handling, excellent brakes and Anti-lock brakes are standard fit.

Has a good standard of specification for an entry level medium size car with PAS, central locking, Immobilizer, dual airbags, height adjustable driver seat (good for my short wife!) rake and reach steering and much more.

I use fully synthetic oil (£11 per litre, ouch!) but the upside is that the service interval is 30,000 miles.

The longer the journey the better 1.9SDi engine gets, seems to be more responsive after a hours driving, so I feel very confident of the cars abilities on long journeys.

Massive boot space!

Changed the standard fit Skoda 2 speaker radio/cassette for a Pioneer with 4 extra speakers with boot 6 stack CD changer, well worth the extra money.

Overall the best car I have brought, and to date I have travelled over 500,000 miles in 15years

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2004