2001 Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.9 TDI 66kw from Czech Republic


You will know your local mechanic on a first name basis very quickly


The car actually had 45,000km more on it than the dash indicated; apparently very easily changed.

So I had the timing belt changed, and found out that the pulleys and water pump have never been changed.

The ride is very loud, which I have been told by the dealer “It is a Skoda, they do that”.

A/C is malfunctioning, cools OK, but loud.

There is a rubber plug on the last injector that cracked, so I spilled 10L of diesel on the road, dealer said “It is a Skoda, they do that”.

Yesterday the transmission went, no idea what it is, but was told “It’s either the clutch or transmission they do that”.

General Comments:

The Skoda dealer is backed up on repairs right now, so I have to make an appointment 2 weeks in advance.

I am not blaming it on the dealer, I just think that the car was not built very well.

Here in the Czech Republic, 1 out of 3 cars is a Skoda, and I have been told by 50% that the car is great and 50% say no more.

I am sick of hearing “It is a Skoda, they do that”. I wonder what else Skoda’s do.

What made me buy this car was the size of the trunk. We just had a baby girl and my 3 door Integra was not big enough.

Fuel economy is great, so getting the car to the dealer for repairs will not cost you that much.

I am doing my best to get rid of this car, and going back to Japanese cars again.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2007

30th Dec 2011, 07:36

Sorry, but you have bought a really mistreated car. Škoda are great and reliable. The best of them are the Octavia, Fabia and Superb, which are basically VW's (the Superb is a stretched Passat and the Octavia is the same as a Golf), but they are far better. Even Seat makes better VW's than VW.

If you need a reliable diesel, buy an Octavia with really low miles on the clock, you can't miss.

10th Jun 2014, 17:40

No way, I am done with Skodas. Even people I know who loved them and then bought a different brand admitted that their Skoda was worse.

2001 Skoda Octavia ambiente 1.9 TDI from UK and Ireland


A rogue vehicle not reflective of the make or model


Air mass meter needed to be replaced.

Water pump needed replaced at 71500.

Gearbox had to be replaced at 72000 miles. (Clutch also had to be replaced due to the gearbox being changed)

Have been advised that complete wheel hub on both drivers and passenger side will need to be replaced at some point.

General Comments:

About a year ago I submitted a review on this car and spoke in glowing terms about its virtues. These virtues no doubt still apply to a good running example unfortunately mine has not been a good running example.

When we bought it the car was a one owner example with just turned 60000 miles on the clock all of which seemed very positive. The first six months of ownership passed uneventfully and we went on holiday using the car to cover 1400 trouble free miles in a week.

From the six month onward point it has been one fault after another. First the air mass meter of the turbo needed to be replaced. Then the water pump failed and had to be replaced at a cost of 130 pounds. As I write this some three weeks later the car is off the road waiting to be fitted with a replacement gearbox. A new clutch is also required as a result of the gearbox being changed. Our mechanics theory is that a spring from the clutch has went into the gearbox causing the problem. Even with using a reconditioned gearbox this repair will probably be in the region of 800 pounds.

You can get a rogue vehicle from any make or manufacturer and I think this has been the case with our Octavia. That thought however is small comfort when faced with the costs and inconvenience of rectifying the problems. We have had Skoda's before (both Felicia's) and thought highly of them hence buying the Octavia.

In conclusion I would say that we have just been unlucky in getting a rogue car which probably does not reflect the average for this model. A good running Octavia is probably a seven or eight out of ten car. Our example is a three out of ten at best.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2007