2000 Subaru Forester from North America


Don't buy subaru


1st problem: My dueler bridgestone tires wore extremely quickly. I have replaced them several times with brand name tires, but have resorted to generic ones because of the short life span. I suspect alignment problems after reading some other posts on similar problems. I did have them realigned every time (at various non-Subaru) places.

2nd problem: Within the first year, my clutch started shuttered in the mornings for the first five minutes. Since the problem went away after the car warmed up, I ignored it. After doing some research I find that this problem has happened to others. The shuttering gradually became worst until I replaced it at 53k miles. Cost me $1500 because the fly wheel and pressure plate were scored. Dealer didn't help pay any cost.

3rd problem: Rear right wheel bearing was replaced at 47,000 miles. Then the same wheel bearing needed to be replaced again at 55,000 miles. I called Subaru corporate the first time and they paid for the parts (similar too many other customers with the same problems). The second time (55k) the dealership picked up 100% because it was within a year for the first repair (standard procedure). The dealer told me that they are now using a different type of bearings (taper), which the manufacture has deemed to correct the mistake. However since the taper bearing has gone bad within 7000 miles this can't be true. I don't know what could be causing these wheel bearings to defect so quickly other than bad design on the part of the manufacture. I am shocked that this problem is so widespread and I am intending to sell this car. Subaru corporate should recall their cars and fix these wheel-bearing problems once and for all.

General Comments:

Even if the Subarus seemingly score higher than other mini-SUVs in crash tests. I doubt they account for your wheel flying off due to repetitively bad wheel bearings and excessively bad tire wear.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2003

15th Nov 2003, 12:39


After Subaru replaced the 57k right wheel bearing, they heard the noise coming from the rear left one. They decided to replace it on "good will", probably because we gave them a huge hassle previously. I'm not sure if the new taper bearings will work, they are supposedly the same ones used on the legacy models, but the dealer claimed they have now changed their process for replacing wheel bearings and have received specialized equipment for doing so.

2000 Subaru Forester S 2.5 liter from North America


A gem - with one (or a few?) serious, concealed flaw (s)


Road debris kicked up, went through the bottom shield and knocked a hole in the oil filter. Although this is not a major fault with the car, this shield is glorified cardboard and not really appropriate protection.

Today, upon taking the car for regular service and complaining of excessive noise, I learned that both rear wheel bearings need replacement. This at 49622 miles.

General Comments:

Until visiting this site and reading comments, I had no inkling that this wheel bearing problem might be pervasive in Foresters. Neither the dealer's service rep. or the telephone contact at Subaru America admitted knowledge of any pattern. Subaru America has promised to call me back tomorrow. I will let you know their position. It does seem that the parts involved have an unacceptable weakness.

It is a shame. The car has otherwise super characteristics.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2003

24th Mar 2004, 09:20

My bearings on my 2000 Forester went at 48,000 miles. They say not enough incidence yet for a recall, but Subaru America has offered to pay for half of my repair expense. So keep after them. Also My head gasket blew before the recall whereby they are putting a "conditioner" in the anti freeze. Could it be Stop-Leak? It was covered by warranty, but the down time was a big inconvenience. I had to rent a car. Also my heat shields have been rattling and they wanted to charge me $82 to remove them as they are not mandatory in New York. And my air condition went twice - once the condenser and once the evaporator. It was a long humid summer in 2001. I am very disappointed with this vehicle.