8th Jun 2011, 12:45

How reliable is it if you have now owned seven of them?

9th Jun 2011, 15:50

If the head gaskets are so easy to fix, why are independent garages quoting $2000+ to fix them? And why are there so many negative reviews on this site? In the review it says HEATER matrix, which is located behind the dash and controls heat to the car. This does indeed rust, and allows the pleasant stench of coolant in along with hot air, not to mention dumping coolant on the ground.

6th Dec 2012, 06:20

Subaru reliability is a complete myth. I bought my father's Liberty that did 100k (country k's) perfectly over 5 years (full Subaru dealer maintained). Over the next 3 years it disposed of 4 drive shafts, 2 radiators, a water pump, thermostat, power steering pump, starter-motor, alternator, and before I could off load it, the heater core went, and then the ECU died, $1500 according to the dealer. It cost me $6000 dollars in 18 months.

People tell you Euro cars are expensive to maintain; friends I know with BMWs and VWs have had much cheaper overall maintenance costs and considerably less problems.

After selling his Liberty to us, my dad bought another Liberty, after his great first experience, and after the warranty expired, head-gaskets leaked (60,000k), no good-will from dealer ($2000), rear-wheel bearing went, and instrument panel malfunctions that Subaru cant seem to fix, let alone find. They are dead-set hopeless.

I really loved these cars, but they have burnt me bad. Research Subaru reliability closely before you buy, you might be very surprised, or better, shocked!!

6th Oct 2013, 17:25

I take it you mean Legacy... The Liberty is made by Jeep, & sadly enough it is probably more reliable.

7th Oct 2013, 05:18

steven@carsurvey.org here.

Just to clarify, the Subaru Legacy is sold as the Subaru Liberty in Australia, so the comment (which does appear to come from Australia) was presumably talking about a Subaru, not a Jeep.