2001 Subaru Forester All Weather 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A good effort let down by rust


Rear wheel bearing.

New clutch.

General Comments:

Extremely quirky vehicle, and fun to drive, great boot and slightly higher ground clearance to help with small dirt tracks here in the UK.

Wonderful large sunroof and A/C for the British summer! Coupled with heated seats and a super heater for winter.

Nice ride, not too hard, and fairy comfortable seats.

A nice smooth 5 speed gearbox.

It is very thirsty around town, but reasonable on the motorway, giving an average MPG of approximately 30.

Would benefit from a little extra rear leg room; maybe move the rear seats back 8 inches, and this would not detract from the large boot too much.

It is expensive to insure, but it is different, and has beautiful blue paintwork. However, it has started driving erratically, and after looking underneath, the rear sub frame cradle has disintegrated through rust. Enough money has been spent on this car, and it is time to part our ways. I would buy another, if I could afford to keep it in good order.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2014

2001 Subaru Forester S 2.5 from North America


Oh boy


I literally bought it finally today; it's beautiful, owned one previously in the past, never had terrible problems, but the dealer gave me the keys and said the exhaust was recently replaced (you can tell), head gaskets, timing belt, and bearings also.

So? Great, drove it 30 miles, CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, going tomorrow to get that taken care of (still under warranty LMAO, it's the first day of complete ownership for god sakes), sad, really really sad.

But for the mileage, the year, its paint is gorgeous, someone previously undercoated the car so it's IMMACULATE. The cat is new too, so why is the light on? No clue, great ride, new Hankook Optimo tires (great ride), happy to have a safe car, let's see how it goes!

General Comments:

Comfy ride.

Small back seat space.

Check engine light's a pain in the ass.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2013

2001 Subaru Forester from North America


I recommend getting a thorough inspection before purchasing



Oil leak.

The clock stopped working after a few months after purchase.

Front seat leather is splitting.

Back seats don't fold down.

General Comments:

I loved the car and could deal with the little problems, BUT couldn't believe the REAR SUBFRAME was rotted. This is very dangerous.

ALWAYS contact Subaru's customer service (on-line) and submit your problems so they can be tracked. There are many complaints of rotting subframe on-line, but Subaru doesn't see a trend if the information isn't in their system!? No trend, no recall or fix.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2011

9th Dec 2012, 08:25

I also own a 2001 Forester. My issue is the rear subframe rotted off during a trip, veering the car off road. Why is Subaru not recalling, Toyota did.

So in turn I have a huge family of 9 Subaru cars, which we will be trading in one by one into Toyota. Already we replaced our first car this week with a Toyota! Shame on you Subaru.

2001 Subaru Forester S 2.5 petrol from North America




Both head gaskets failed. I wish I'd read the reviews listed here before buying the car, then I'd have known about the problem. Apparently there is a class action lawsuit against Subaru in the USA for the 2.5 engine head gasket issue.

The heater matrix rusted through and leaked, headlight bulb holder corroded and failed, radiator failed, main radiator hose blew, plus assorted wear and tear issues such as exhaust, wheel bearings etc.

General Comments:

We bought the Forester on Subaru's supposed reputation for reliability. Well, I guess we learned our lesson.

Hello, Toyota.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2011

7th Jun 2011, 22:15

Head gaskets on SOHC Subarus are cake to fix... it's no big deal. The radiator "matrix" (no one ever uses that term)... is made of aluminum, it can't "rust".

Foresters are hyper reliable and fun to drive if you need an AWD and a station wagon all wrapped up into one...

So what if it needs a head gasket, once it's fixed it stays fixed... (ask me how I know... I've owned 7 of them so far)... and seriously; name a car that won't need a H-G repair once in its life... seriously, most every car will need it... BUT with the Subaru's, at least it's a simple job... regardless of what your "trusted" shop may say.

If you can change a tire/tyre and cook a meal or sew on a button, then you can do a Subaru SOHC head-gasket job... seriously it's simple and easy. Never more than 4-5 hours tops.

Good cars here in the wild where 10,000 ft mountains and only dirt roads exist... Also a nice ride that makes most everyone glance twice at it, and it's only three hours away in downtown San Francisco or Reno, fun cars! Spunky is an apt term... Easy to fix... They have the right feel.