2001 Subaru Forester S from North America


NEVER Again!


25,000; 55,000; 100,000 Windshield cracks easily (make sure you have total glass coverage on your car insurance).

Wheel bearings 30,000 75,000.

Yokohama Tires 35,000 Using Yokohama Warranty, I called and got brand new tires delivered to my house, but not without a lot of hoopla! I took them to Sears and had them measure the depth of the tread, and they wrote a statement saying that my tires had been rotated. Only after these two items were proven would they send me new tires, but lots of aggravation leading to the point of free tires. Many days on the phone.

Oxygen Sensor 60,000.

80,000 Automatic locks click on and off while driving, and only when raining. This drains the battery! (wire harness corroded and needed to be replaced).

Knock Sensor 80,000.

Head Gasket 80,000 (I had purchased the Subaru Added Security Extended Warranty until 100,000, and both the dealer and Subaru Headquarters still gave me a hard time. I researched and found that this was a recall. It was past the point of adding their "special leak-stopping lubricant". My engine was toast! I ended up with a free short block engine, but after proving that I had my oil changes and maintenance done religiously. I am one of those weird people who keeps every receipt - if I had not, there would've been a problem. They did everything in their power to put the blame on me... They were absolutely horrible, and I had to call several times a day for 3 weeks to get it taken care of. They sent me a $50 gift certificate towards LL Bean for my "troubles", and the certificate was not valid! LL Bean said it had already been redeemed! At that point, all I could do was laugh. The new short bock engine was necessary to make the car driveable again, but the car never ran the same after the new engine was put in. And the windshield cracked while putting the engine in! The dealer was not going to tell me; I noticed it and questioned them. They denied it happened there. I had to call Subaru again and argue to get a new windshield (my dad told me this often happens when getting the old engine out).

Back hatch door seal 80,000 Everything in the back gets wet!

Alternator 100,000.

DON'T USE THE FRONT CUPHOLDERS IN THE 2001! Due to complaints, they changed the cupholder location in the 2002, but in the 2001, the condensation from your drink (the holder in right in front of the heater!), will leak into your heat vent and down into your CD player! The cupholders themselves are even more cheaply made than the plastic visors and will snap easily. This is a definite design flaw.

More backseat leg room in my old Dodge Neon!

In car accident of my friend's 2001, the air bag did not deploy even when the car flipped after impact.

Not a complainer typically, but I HATE this car, except for the winter road handling!

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Review Date: 19th February, 2008

23rd Dec 2008, 00:51

I totally agree as I also own a Subaru Forester, 2001. It is a CHEAPLY made car and NOT worth what I paid (new and ordered from a dealership). I have had to replace 3 of 4 wheel bearings, the front right axle, head gasket... and on and on. The cheap plastic cup holders are a joke for what I paid. What an insult to the buyer. Just because you call the car a 'subaru' doesn't mean you have the right to take advantage of people's trust and expectations of quality. I take excellent care of my car and drive very conservatively. This car is cr*p!

2001 Subaru Forester from North America


Junk it!


Ditto...ditto...ditto...same problems as everyone else here has reported.

Clutch at approximately 55K, check engine light is always on and yields an 02 sensor error, even though this was replaced when the recall was announced.

After more than 30 years driving standard, the shifting gears is very jerky.

Currently the car is undriveable, shaking, shuddering popping and my mechanic is suggesting that I replace the 02 sensor.

Clock is broken, rear center seat belt does not work, cup holder broke years ago.

Horrible experience with a dealership in Northern, VA. After plugging my car into their computer without my permission, they tried to charge me. I refused and they tried to block my car into the lot.

Let's hear it for a class action law suit!

General Comments:

Handles well on ice and snow.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2007