2002 Subaru Impreza WRX Sportwagon 2.0 Liter Intercooled turbo from North America


A mix between a Vette, sport utility, and a rally car


Not much has gone wrong. I've had normal maintenance, aside from a window leak at highway speed which was corrected on the first visit to the dealer. I also had the rubber trim around the rear wheel wells replaced due to the fact that both sides were coming off from the rear. When it's cold, it does take more effort to get into first, and reverse is sometimes hard to get into, but nothing major.

The stock cloth on the seats is awful -dog hair sticks to it like Velcro. I had leather installed at a shop recommended by the dealer. It was a two tone and turned out beautifully.

I did replace the tires recently at 38K miles. I expected to get a little more mileage, but each tire was cracking around the rim.

General Comments:

This car is everything I had hoped it would be and more. My Dad and I installed a kit raising the HP to 280, and I also put on an aftermarket stainless steel exhaust and K&N air filter. It's incredible now. The turbo spools up much earlier.

I've left the chassis completely stock - handles great. Tight and controlled, not super-stiff like some cars.

I absolutely love this car, and I'm trying to find a beater to put miles on so I don't wear out my WRX. Get one!

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Review Date: 31st May, 2003

21st Aug 2003, 02:27

38k from a set of tyres and expecting more??? Here in the UK, most Impreza owners manage about a third of that if the car is driven how it was designed to be driven.

2nd Apr 2004, 07:29

I have a 2001 WRX Sedan in Spain and I change my front tyres twice a year for original spec. Bridgestone Potenza RE011.. I do 35,000km a year. I do drive fast, but don't drive like a rally wanna-be. I think 38,000 miles is amazing!!

22nd Apr 2005, 15:29

Just wanted to comment on the original Bridgestone Potenzas. We got about 45,000 miles out of the originals, mostly paved road miles. I didn't really like these tires in the snow and especially slush. We have since changed to Nokian WR tires (made in Finland) and are just amazed at the difference. For you road racers out there you probably wouldn't want to run these in the summer as they have a softer silicon tread compound. Having said that we ran ours last summer and the wear was pretty good.

Having just sold the WRX and bought a Outback 2.5XT Ltd the first thing we did was take off the Bridgestones and put on new Nokian WRs.

Already miss the WRX!!

6th Jul 2005, 14:07

Overall a fairly versatile and quick little car that is also uncomfortable, especially the rear seat. Handles decently, but does not live up to the hype. The Acura RSX and Civic Si handle better. Not a bad choice, but, after 32,600 miles, I've yet to love my car.

2002 Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2.0 turbo from UK and Ireland


The best all round car available today


One electrical fault caused by a dodgy (non-Subaru) upgrade.

General Comments:

The car was modified by Litchfield Imports prior to me owning it. It runs around 320 bhp, which is about 40 bhp over the standard car. The acceleration from low revs is much better than the standard car. The handling is flawless, but the modified Eibach suspension is a little hard for long journeys on bumpy roads. In wet conditions the car is extremely sure footed. Spirited cornering in the wet causes the differentials to work in a progressive manner, which is extremely reassuring. I think an unskilled driver could drive this car very fast and very safely, as it behaves so predictably.

The freflow Magnex exhaust produces a noise that is music to a car enthusiasts ears.

All this and room for the family, big enough boot for push chairs, golf clubs and the shopping.

Fuel consumption isn't this cars forte. However I have managed 30mpg on the Motorway fully laden with 4 adults and luggage.

This is undoubtedly the best drivers car I've ever owned, and it will be a sad day when I have to part with it.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2003

20th Sep 2005, 21:33

My friend has the stock version which does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. How about your souped up one?

4th Oct 2006, 15:13

Dear sti lover, yes I had one of that.. for 4 years and it was exactly what you said. It was my every day car, went for shopping, downtown, carrying a LOT of things... great space..great to drive in traffic, no traffic, mountains rain mud snow ice. Just to have a set of winter tires and I went everywhere. Before that I had Mitsubishi 6,Makinen edition, which was a beast, but the sti was easier to drive. And before that, the GT impreza which had the best noise-music.Never listen to music, only that while driving it.. And I'm only a woman driver. Keep the spirit!