16th Dec 2001, 21:31

Sure, over boosting is dangerous but due to the complexity and high-tech design of the EJ20, it has software to stop boostlevels becoming dangerous, also known as a 'fuel cut'.

31st Mar 2004, 17:45


I also own a 1990 RS and I have done all the usual upgrades, (Pipe, BOV, Pod filter) and I service it regularly. However, I do appear to be experiencing turbo lag at around 3.5-4 RPM and was wondering how I could eliminate this as best as possible.

Could you please email me with any advice you may have.


21st Apr 2004, 20:00

I own a 1990 RS Legacy, must have bought a lemon as so much has gone wrong with it over the last twelve months, would only buy Subaru again if I bought brand new, like a 2004 RSK B4. But am happy with overall performance. My one is completely standard apart from the 2.5 inch straight through bore exhaust, and as for the comment about the VR4, I have raced one and beat him by miles, but had to replace the gearbox the very next day.

14th Oct 2005, 23:55

Hi there I own a 89 model legacy its making a ticking noise every time I hit 11psi! why is it dangerous to over boost?

13th Jul 2008, 01:26

I have a 89 RS and a Bosch fuel reg, but one problem; I don't know where it goes. Could you maybe send me some pics of the old one in my car and how to replace it?


30th Sep 2009, 16:35

Hi, I have a 1990 Legacy GT.

I have just bought a pod filter and have taken the air filter out, and connected to the air filter was a little box that had a plug connected to it, which I'm guessing is the air sensor?? (If that is even a car part). So I took that off and clamped the pod straight on, and just left that box off. Just wondering if anyone knows whether I need this part or not?? If someone can help, please email me jason_hema@yahoo.co.NZ

6th May 2010, 00:52

Hi, I have a 1990 GT Wagon. For some reason it's not boosting at all, and just feels like its struggling when you hit 3000rpm, then it starts blowing smoke. Can anyone help?

19th Mar 2011, 20:47

Yeah, I had a bit of lag in my first RS, (93 single turbo facelift), at around 3500-4000 rpm.

It had the usual, big bore, BOV etc.

I didn't want to chip it at that stage, so I used to just double clutch at around 3000-3500rpm, and sometimes around 4500rpm, depending on what I was racing!

Awesome fun, but the gearbox eventually had a hissy fit, and decided that our relationship was 'one sided', and left me!

Didn't matter though... I liked her sister, gearbox #2... she eventually ended up leaving me too!