1988 Suzuki Samurai super 1.6 from North America


Over rated, over priced, not very dependable


Computer went bad, impossible to find used one $500 for new one.

Fuel pump wiring went bad, had to Jerry rig it to work.

Drivers door glass broke, they don't sell them new anymore, had to drive 320KMS to buy a used one.

Bolts seemed to break every time I tried to undo them, cheap bolts used throughout.

Windshield got rock chip which spread within 1 week, across whole side of windshield, also can't buy brand new one so I left the cracked one in.

Exhaust gasket at manifold leaking and seems to be common problem.

General Comments:

These cars are overpriced and over rated in my area of the world.

The metal used is very thin, they feel very tippy when lifted, the truck was always in need of some kind of repairs.

I bought this to try something new, you hear so much about how great Samurai's are and what a blast they are to drive. I found it to be all hype, they are cheaply made and highly over rated and therefore overpriced. On the good side of that, I put mine up for sale for $1000 to get rid of it quick and it sold the same day I placed my ad on craigslist.

I know there is a strong following for these trucks in the offroad community, and that is about all they are good for. If you prefer to have an actual vehicle instead of a ATV then this might be for you. I wanted it as a daily driver and it was just not up for the task. I say get a Toyota is you want a daily driver 4x4, because the Suzuki's are very finicky and not all that dependable for daily driving.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2008

20th May 2008, 15:36

If you don't like, it sell it! There are lots of people that love them. You're just not one of them.

9th Oct 2010, 16:30

What computer are you referring to on a 1988 Samurai?? Just curious. I have a tintop; love it because it is SO basic, without computer systems and myriad electronics.

Sold a newer 05 Suzuki Aerio SX, which was excellent, because I wanted to revert to less allegedly advanced technology, and enjoy the feeling of 'really driving' again!!

Everything is cheap to fix, all sorts of after market and OEM equipment/parts available, because these vehicles are generally so popular.

Definitely not a motorway vehicle, but who in their sane frame of mind would actually buy one for that purpose anyway? Extremely easy to work on, though I take mine to a good mechanic only because we can't use the condo common areas here for car care purposes.

Do indeed find a good buyer for your Sammy; they deserve the best care and appreciation!!

1988 Suzuki Samurai base 1.3 from North America


Best vehicle I ever had


Lockouts, re-lubricated at about 30K. Appeared not to have been greased! Rustsicles had formed under covers and on splines would not engage.

Had rotors & drums turned at about 40K, tried metallic pads (ouch!) switched to organic :)

Put 205 70's on it at about 30K...almost too wide for snow, but great for over-sand.

Hit a deer at about 86K, new fender & grille.

General Comments:

64 horsepower teaches patience & humility. Got 26MPG like a clock; didn't matter how I drove it! Worst MPG: 15, after a week of surfcasting.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2006

1988 Suzuki Samurai 1.3 from North America


I Love Lil Zuk


Ignition Cylinder broke, MY FAULT.

Standard maintenance items, timing belt, new brake pads, air cleaner, fuel filter and some new tires. Better Safe than Sorry.

General Comments:

Well as you can see I have not owned this Lil Zuk very long, but I am Hooked. I own 3- 4x4's of my own and this Lil Zuk is quickly becoming my favorite. She is not real fast and if she gets to 65 it takes a bit of time and patience on my part (I have an old Toyota 4x4 with a 327, way to fast) so needless to say I am learning. She has heart and soul and is willing to go any place you point her & she doesn't complain.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2005