10th Jul 2002, 08:21

I am planning to rebuild the engine of my '88 Samurai. Like you, it's not that it needs it I'm just looking for more horse power on the highway.

Can you please provide details of your rebuilding project and what you did to get more horse power?



17th Nov 2003, 09:51

I have an 88 samurai and I want to rebuild the engine it has only 192000 miles, but it just dosen't have the horsepower or the torque that I want. Can you tell me how you did it?

12th Jul 2004, 20:50

I have a 1987 Samurai with a 1.3L and would like to know what you did to get 110 hp out of that motor. Please Email me at barraza@netmdc.com.

22nd Jul 2004, 18:23

I own an 88 1/2 Sammy. I too would like to know how in the world you were able to pump 110 hp out of your little beast. Please e-mail me at ZukiRaider@Highstream.net.


21st Sep 2004, 20:46

I too have an 88 Samurai. There is a "cult" of Samurai lovers out there and I am among them. As long as you are the only passenger and the vehicle is empty, it can be a peppy little transport. Before the engine swap, the 1.3 could not get me out of the slow lane when climbing to Park City, UT with a passenger and luggage. I replaced the almost unbreakable 1.3 with a 1997 Sidekick's 1.6 (97 hp) and have been passing cars ever since. My swap cost $2,000 and I pass smog with OBD II compliance. I recommend this to any Samurai owner (but, of course, now there is a 2.0 kit out there that I have my eye on). There are "turn key" shops you can find on-line that will do similar swaps for you (but they use 1995 motors that only have 85 or so hp - and less smog hassles). I would not get your hopes up for any 'real' power without planning an engine swap. If you are looking at a stock one, check for cracks in the body at the rear base of the front seats.

3rd Nov 2004, 21:00

110 HP from the 1.3 liter, yeah right. Even with a turbo or supercharger it will only produce about 100HP. Even with nitrous I doubt you can get those numbers without blowing it up. I have been building engines for over 20 years and anyone who claims to get that kind of power from a single overhead cam 1.3 liter engine is probably exaggerating.

20th Oct 2005, 00:26

Well, this is a response to the above comment on not producing more than 110 horse out of a 1.3...we have built Starlet 4K motors in excess of 135 horsepower, 4EFTE have been built to 350 PS, all reliable.

I think 110 horse should be easy to get with a hot cam, some good extractors, higher compression and some more carburetion. I am building a mild Toyota 4ag, AE 86 chassis, at the moment, built to produce 170 horsepower, reliable every day, all day power, and not get trailered home, driven home, with race numbers still on it.

3rd Mar 2007, 21:06

Yes you can get over 100hp with the little 1.3L. Reynolds can build well over 100 hp. I personally would get a 16 valve out of a sidekick/tracker and build that engine, which is what I'm currently doing to my samurai.

15th May 2009, 13:22


Go to www.my4n.com. This site sells engines that are around 110 HP, and also sells the rebuild kits to build the same motor. I bought one from them, and my Sammy now screams. Yes, that's right, 110 HP, and can be driven each and every day. Add a Weber and a header, and gain even more!

22nd Oct 2009, 19:20

You can get 300hp out of it, it's all on how you build it. I want to know how you built it for under $300, and what ring and pinion you have in it. I'm on 33 and I can't go over 45mph with Jeep leaf springs, and I too am wanting to rebuild my 1.3, but I can't find a good rebuild kit for it. Rocky Road Outfitters is a good web site, so if you would let me know how I can get a good rebuild kit, but cheap under $200.

9th Mar 2011, 10:56

I have a 1987 Samurai with 1.3l engine. It is one sweet jeep and after all the forums I have been on, I am thinking about turbo charging it. I really want to get about 200HP out of it. So does anyone know where I could get the necessary set up at an affordable price?

Email me @ kanetomlinson@hotmail.com


19th Feb 2012, 13:07

I disagree. I have a Samurai with approx 85 hp, maybe 90. I've got a header, Billet Torque cam, cold air intake, K&N air filter, and a Flowmaster muffler. It's a fuel injected 1.3, which came with 67 stock hp.

20th Dec 2012, 06:44

Funny though a 2001 Chevy Metro 1.3 (same short block) gets 79 HP stock... 110 should be no problem guys.

12th Jun 2015, 14:15

Go to Amazon. I received all my parts for about 180, total rebuild. With the 260 I spent, I got a cam and header, and mine screams.

9th Dec 2015, 00:35

I have a 88 and I really would just like 90 HP just to giddy up without doing an entire engine breakdown. Any suggestions?