1994 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0 V6 from North America


Generally good. Long term some issues


Head gasket blew at 118,000 miles.

Delayed shifting to over/drive after head gasket repair.

General Comments:

Repaired blown head gasket with Therma-gasket solution that you add to the radiator fluid. Seems fixed. Has been running fine for the past 2 months. Time will tell. About $150 worth of repair and fluid change to get the car back up and running. It can easily be done in half day!

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Review Date: 19th March, 2009

1994 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 3.0 from North America


Comfortable ride, with good maintenance


For cosmetic and simple parts, I highly recommend just going to a local junk yard and buying the stuff there, it is also cheaper and easier than going to the dealer.

The car leaks a little bit through the sunroof and windshield edges during heavy rain.

AC compressor blew at around 130,000. Watch out for loss of power on startup or belt noises, which could mean the compressor bearings are shot. Refurbed compressor is about $230, new is around $350.

Stabilizer rods on one side were broken, they run around $35 each.

The car is a little tough for "do-it-yourself", since everything is crammed into the tight hood, and any work requires removing something.

Oil filter and spark plugs are a mission to remove and replace.

Interior is comfortable and spacious for an SUV it's size.

Also has decent handling.

General Comments:

If you have the money and time, the car can be worth it.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2008

1994 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 3.0 litre 3VZE from North America


This 4Runner has been a good one!


Just as normal wear and tear, the vehicle has been very reliable and cost effective. The only qualm I have with the 4Runner is the 3.0 litre engine is underpowered, even with the 5 speed transmission. It came with a tow hitch, but the 4Runner is so underpowered, that I would not even think of towing anything behind it.

I received a recall notice for head gasket replacement; I had approx 68K miles on the vehicle at that time. I took it to the local dealership and they were to replace the head gasket.

One day later they had my 4Runner ready to be picked up. I thought that was a little fast for a head repair, even for the dealer. When I picked it up, it looked as if they had never touched it. I am sure that they got paid for the job though.

I now have 188K on the engine and I noticed the decrease of power in the last few months. I conducted a cylinder leak check. They were all good except for cyl #4 and #6; they did not hold the pressure and leaked down. I should also mention that I had white smoke coming from the exhaust when the engine was cold. It cleared as soon as the engine was warmed up. Also, I noticed a decrease of antifreeze in the overflow bottle.

Just last weekend I pulled the heads off the vehicle and the valves looked OK, but the head gasket was pealing (rotting) and had deteriorated. It was in very poor shape for a head gasket. I now know where my cylinder pressure was going. I put in a set of reconditioned heads with new gaskets.

I noticed that the drivers seat has started to tear and the paint has faded with time. The rear window power unit went out and it was very expensive to replace.

The rear coil springs saggged, allowing the 4Runner to sit low in the back and up higher in front. It has a blind spot to the side and rear.

General Comments:

Lack of power.

Sags in the rear.

Blind spots on sides and back.

Interior is very small from left to right, right to left. (Although front to back is very spacious.)

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Review Date: 26th February, 2008

1994 Toyota 4Runner 6 cylinder from North America


I bought the 4Runner in March of 2003 with 125,000 miles on it... in August of same year, the engine blew, so I spent $1800 on a refurbished engine that had 118,000 miles on it...

One year later the water pump went out, so in August had it replaced, then oil pressure kept going low, fixed that.

Went out this a.m. and the engine is over heating again... this is only 4 months after having the water pump replaced... they believe it is a blown head gasket... Why do they do this???

And why on earth does the Kelly Blue Book state a high value? Ripping people off defines high value??? I now question Kelly Blue Book's ulterior motive... Banks go by the Blue Book when lending the money, owners who are trying to sell the 4Runners won't come off of their asking price because of what the Blue Book states... so we finance a 4Runner for 3 years, but CANNOT USE it after the first year... what on earth is going on! I'm basically financing a 4Runner for the body, not to be able to drive it!

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2008