1998 Toyota 4Runner from North America


Overall the 4runner is a good looker, but not performer in my book


The hood of the car shakes when you go past 75mph.

The suv is so noisy on the road.

The clock stopped working even though we had it fixed.

The seat rail covers pop off.

The back seats get stuck and cannot fold down.

General Comments:

We bought this vehicle because it looked great and thought it was built strong.

There has been lots of things that has gone wrong.

Bad for long drives because it is so noisy and shakes when you pass a certain speed on the highway.

Overall the 4runner is a good looker, but not performer in my book.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2006

18th Mar 2006, 20:59

You need one of these:


-tire balancing

-suspension upgrade.

23rd Mar 2006, 12:53

We get all these regularly.

4th Jun 2006, 21:19

Perhaps your tires need to be road forced to see they are out of round.

The hood vibration can be eliminated by turning up the rubber hood stops at both corners of your radiator support.

Noise, can be any combination of things, but if you have a bug deflector on your hood, this will cause lots of wind noise. Also, if tire are cupped, tires will be noisy.

3rd Jan 2007, 12:32

I have a 1998 4Runner with 212,000 km. Last week I took two 6 hour trips at 130 to 140 km/hr (80 to 90 mph) with no shaking or vibration and little extra noise. This truck has been flawless with no problems. I think you probably have lousy tires.

1998 Toyota 4Runner 4 cylinder from North America


Drive train is well engineered


Two starters a@ 250.00 each with core exchange. Back window will not lower. Rear wiper stopped working. Radio antenna quit about 100k. It seems to be a problem with these trucks is the combo switch which cause the headlights to go out when you put the turn indicator on for the left side. Mine is bad, a guy's at work 4Runner, also a '98, is bad and found references to the same model on the net asking about it. The repair at the dealer is under 500 hundred.

General Comments:

The truck has given 202000 miles of service and still looks great. Inside is showing some wear on the drivers seat. The fold down seats stick in the down position. I am very satisfied with it. It has been well kept. As being 45 years old, I recall when 100k was about all you got out of a car. I also recall my Dad paying $7200 for a new car too.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2006

14th Feb 2011, 14:38

The Toyota truck (including 4-runner) starters are very strong, and you should only need to replace the brushes, not the entire starter -- much cheaper. I replaced the brushes on my 98 Toyota 4-wheel drive truck, and the starter was great after that. I now have a 98 4-runner, and have no problems with the mileage at 220,000 km.

1998 Toyota 4Runner Limited 3.2L V6 from North America


Luxurious, Good looking, off-roading machine


Rear door handle mechanism has started to rust causing the handle to stick.

Rear window wiper just went out a week ago.

Rust started to develope on the front lip of the hood about a year ago, but still hasn't managed its way through yet.

15 m.p.g.

General Comments:

This SUV has almost taken care of itself. I got the car as a hand-me-down from my mother which she bought new. She always had me do the easy repairs on it like, oil change every three thousands mile, air filter, brake pads, rotors once, wipers, and head lights once. We have always treated the car nicely and it has been nice to us. It does awsome in the snow. I have taken it trail riding three or four times, two of them being muddy and its low gears had it creeping out with no problem.

This SUV is perfect for someone who wants a sweet looking, clean and capable truck. The only problem I have with it is the fuel economy. With the rising gas prices I am just tired of paying for gas. But none the less I love this vehicle.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2005