1999 Toyota 4Runner Limited 6 cylinder from North America


I do very little to it or for it, and it repays me like a good Labrador Retriever


Nothing mechanical. Had a belt replaced at 75,000 miles, but other than this, it has only been serviced for oil changes every 3,500-5,500 miles.

The leather on the seats is beginning to crack some, but I've not been diligent in conditioning them.

General Comments:

This car is a workhorse. It goes and goes and goes. I do very little to it or for it, and it repays me like a good Labrador Retriever. It isn't the most comfortable ride and distances of more than 3 hours can necessitate a couple of stretch breaks, but hey, it's really a truck with an enclosed cab. This one isn't a 4X4 and is a 6 cyl., so the acceleration isn't stellar, but I don't really need a race truck. It goes fine and has no shimmying/shaking at higher speeds the way my old Honda Accord did. Now that it's 2007 and this is a 1999, I'm considering upgrading, but I feel disloyal thinking about giving this one up. Maybe I'll keep it for the weekend runs to the home/garden store. Or maybe I'll get a newer 4-Runner.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2007

1999 Toyota 4Runner 4 cylinder from North America


4runners are great cars and will always be.


Being a 22 year old college student with a 99 4runner basic 4 cylinder since I was 16 has been a great experience.

Problems I've had was once the starter broke down on me and had to get it towed. And I had to replace my battery once.

Other than those $500 I spent for breaking down on me, nothing else in 7 years. I haven't even properly maintained it, being that I received the car in high school and still have it through college being broke. Still when I get a chance I take care of it within my budget.

General Comments:

This car is so low maintenance its unbelievable. Being that it is a 4 cylinder, the gas runs a long long time compared to what these newer cars demand. Being a student, maybe you can understand how much it makes me appreciate the car.

Right now I have 110,000 miles, but it sure as hell don't feel like it. I plan to keep this car for a while, I highly suggest anyone looking to buy a used 4runner to do so. You can have a great looking, dependable truck and highly economic without it being a small boxed in civic or something.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2007

13th Feb 2007, 02:14

The best on smooth paved road. With tires so big, low gearing and anemic engines, going off-road would compromise your enthusiasm and budget. THe 4 banger is known to suffer oil starvation in off camber situation. Rebuilding engine over 120k is common even with moderate abuse.

9th Jan 2010, 17:47

I had to have my 4 cyl rebuilt with very modest driving at 128k, and I now have 200k. I am a student also, and I drive an insane amount in this truck. I get good gas and love it.

8th Feb 2010, 22:08

I am a college student too, who inherited my base sport 4 cylinder 4Runner from my dad because my 2000 Jetta VR6 crapped out at 133k, and I took very good care of it... Grrrr... I'm so bitter about it.

Anyways, yes my runner has 191k, my dad took care of it very well. He also had the top end rebuilt at 124k-ish, $4,000, but since then nothing has gone wrong.

He only put 2 sets of tires on it in 150k; the 3rd set I purchased and put smaller ones on it, and they make a huge difference.

The automatic has never had anything done to it, and it shifts like it was brand new.

There are some squeaks belt and fan, but nothing to complain about.

I get about 17/25 mpg driving very grandma-ish :-) I also use premium fuel because I get more miles per tank. Truly these are great rigs.