2000 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 from North America


Toyota needs to have a better design for cat converters


P0420 Code - Emissions Cat Converter have to be replaced at 81000 miles.

General Comments:

Basically the check engine light was going on and off at 75K miles and onward. Finally when I took the car to the dealership at 81,000 miles, they said they had to replace the cat converter. There are two of them on the truck and good ol' toyota cannot figure out which of the 2 converters are bad. So, the consumer has to replace the first converter, and if that isn't the one that fixes the check engine light, then they proceed to change the second converter. Each converter runs about $1000 bucks a piece. Such bull... its frustrating b/c there is an 8 yr 80,000 emissions warranty on the vechile. Now just outside of the warranty by 1000 miles, Toyota isn't helping out with covering the parts. The engine light has been going on for 7000 miles, on and off. It wasn't my fault the stupid light wasn't staying on constant for the garage to run the diagnostics test and to capture the P0420 code. So moral of the story is, Toyota really won't help anyone out or honor a warranty even though the problem originated within the time limits of the vehicle.

This is very upsetting b/c 2000 bucks isn't chump change... nor is it cool for Toyota to not be able to precisely pinpoint which of the 2 converters are bad! Watch out everyone!

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Review Date: 11th November, 2005

21st Nov 2005, 00:30

I have a the same problem with my 2000 SR5 with only 62K miles. I have not taken it to the dealer.

15th Dec 2005, 10:54

Po446 code came on my 2001 Tahoe. No one seems to know what to do. The mechanics say it could be anything in the emissions system. Vehicle runs fine. Replace the gas cap, replace the solenoid. What do you do?

2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited 3.4L from North America


I simply love it!


I just purchased a black Toyota 4Runner Limited 4x2 with 67K on the odometer for US $ 9,800. Even though it has some issues that I still need to fix (along with others that I already fixed) it looks great. The paint job is in great shape, no visible dings, rust or missing parts. I felt in love with it on first sight and disconnected my brain from being clear minded, but I thought the Toyota reputation speaks for itself and would not disappoint me! There were also no official recalls on this model year reported! That speaks already for itself!

As mentioned earlier, I had some details to fix though:

• Horn, Cruise Control did not work at all. Along with this problem the airbag light on the dash was constantly on. The service dealer at Toyota told me that the airbag ring on the steering wheel was worn and torn and had to be exchanged. Well, I did that and the horn & and Cruise Control work now. The airbag light changed to flashing instead of a constantly illuminated status! Something else must be damaged (such as the airbag sensors, safety belts or the computer). Still some money to spend on this. Instead of paying the dealer price of (US $150.00 plus labor), I got the part from a junk yard at half the price – installed!

• ABS did not work and the shop said they have to change the ABS module which is a costly issue! Friend of mine told me that the ABS sensors were probably dirty and needed some cleaning jobs. Well, a no “cost fix”, ABS up and running!

• CD player was eating my CD’s and diagnosed to be beyond repair! I ripped it out, got myself a US $200.00 Pioneer MP3 player that really rocks! Actually I must say that the malfunction of the original forced me to convince myself to buy a real radio.

General Comments:

Other than that, my 4Runner runs really nice. Never thought that I would own a price of art like this some day – guess I got lucky. I love the moon roof and the tailgate power window – they are constantly being used. The only thing I do not really enjoy is the small tank of 18.5 gal. Too small for my taste, too many trips to the gas station, but then again, if that is my only problem – so be it!

I really recommend this SUV, this is money well spend!

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Review Date: 6th November, 2005