2000 Toyota 4Runner from North America


My "check engine" light has been on for the last 70,000 miles. I have had my 4Runner in the shop numerous times, for the same problem for several years. Each time, until recently, the technician cannot find anything wrong with the engine. Upon picking up my vehicle, the "check engine" light will be off for a day or two, but then comes back on a few days later.

About a month ago my Toyota was in the garage for repair work and once again the technician looked over the vehicle and could not find anything wrong. I took my vehicle back to the same garage this week of January 31, 2005, and now they tell me there are numerous things wrong with my 4Runner. For example, the catalytic converter needs replaced, gaskets and sensors. These costs of the repair are well over $1,000. As you can understand, I am very skeptical about the diagnosis of the "check engine" problem.

If you have any information regarding this problem, please reply.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2005

10th Feb 2005, 06:27

Take it down to Autozone and have them run a system check on it. They will usually do it for free, and they can tell you whats wrong with it.

18th Mar 2005, 19:50

I, too, am having the trouble with the "Check Engine" light on my 2000 Toyota 4Runner. I have had every part of the emissions control system replaced at a cost of hundreds of dollars. Now they say I need two catalytic converters at a cost of about $2,000. Surely there must be another answer. Until I had all the other parts replaced, they were saying it needed them. Mine has been on and off for about 40,000 miles, and I too am hesitant to replace what might or might not be the problem. Help me, too? I love the car, but hate the emissions control/Check Engine system.