10th May 2010, 19:03

I had just bought a '95 Toyota 4runner from a dealership for 5,500 dollars. After having the car for about 2 months, it started overheating. Took it to Pepboys just to be told the head gasket was blown. I'm now still paying on the car and having to get rides back and fourth to work everyday. I'm in a sad situation right now because of this, and I am planning to sell my truck for 1,000 dollars, only after the 5,500 dollars I paid for it. Bad luck I guess.

16th May 2010, 19:41

Thumbs up for my 1990 4Runner. Bought it in August 09. Put 10,000 miles on it, now sits at 242K.

Things I've replaced: clutch, tires and alternator.

I paid $3200 for it (very straight, clean runner).

So far I've invested $2600.

When I consider the alternative of making car payments for 5 or 6 years, I'm inclined to be grateful and thankful to God for owning my 4Runner.

I paid mine off in just 2 months. Most people you share the road with DO NOT OWN what they are driving.

18th May 2010, 05:29

I too have problems with my 95 4Runner. First it started to run rough, then I took it into my expert. Said the intake manifold gasket was bad, then that didn't fix the problem, then it was the valves, so I'm up s**t creek. Will hope that Toyota will do something? Right, I'm screwed; all this money and I thought Toyota was a good name. My 4 cylinder truck was an awesome motor. But the problems with the 3.0 V6 motor is unreal. I only wish I'd read more before I bought it.

I could never sell this 4Runner to anyone. Had to write just to relieve myself of the mental problems this has caused. I guess things can get worse.

Good luck; if we all say something about this, maybe Toyota will do something about it.

14th Jul 2010, 12:49

I wrote a check for $2000 yesterday for repairs on my 1995 SR5 Toyota 4Runner. It started running hot and very rough several months ago. I replaced the radiator and hoses. That lasted about 10 miles. The cooling fluid began running out of the rear of the engine. I got it back home and parked it for a couple of months. My son is a mechanic and towed it home to Louisiana for a complete rebuild at 131K. I wish I had found this website before he began work on it. Now I have to decide whether to drive it back to Florida or not.

24th Jul 2010, 17:33

Repair or recall is not covered on my 1995 SR5 Toyota 4Runner. It started running hot and very rough, then I replaced the radiator and hoses. The cooling fluid began running out of the exhaust pipe from the engine, and now it has a blown head gasket.

5th Aug 2010, 21:12

I bought my 95 Toyota 4RUNNER in October 2008 for 1000 dollars. Because of a blown head gasket, it will consume a lot of oil, but only when I shut it off. Sometimes when is real hot, it overheats. I've driven the engine with no oil like 7-10 times. I've been driving this truck like that, and wow it doesn't die, so I decided to replace the head gasket. I'm a construction equipment mechanic, and I only spent 250 in parts and my labor. But I have to say; shame on Toyota for not fixing this problem before.

28th Aug 2010, 12:31

I too have a blown HG on my 95 4R at 129K miles. So we know Toyota's motor sucks. So does anyone know of a good crate replacement motor or a website to purchase one? Be just a little more than a total rebuild I'm sure. After running it hot like I have, I'm certain that I warped something!

29th Aug 2010, 13:06

I'd recommend just trading it for a Ford product. They are far more reliable (rated much higher than Toyota) and with the high cost of import repairs you can easily buy one for less than the cost of fixing yours (which is pretty much used up at this point anyway).

7th Sep 2010, 03:22

I have a 1995 4runner with a blown HG, make that #2 for me. The first time it wasn't involved with the recall. I checked prices for repairs up to $4,000. I decided to go with a Toyota mechanic that moonlighted, and he repaired it for $700 and change. Now back to shopping for mechanics to repair it again. I don't know if it's worth even $700, much less in excess of $2,000 to get it done right, and the truck only has 95,000 miles on it. If anyone is fixing one, I guess the key is to get a machine shop with the very latest in technology to get a mirror finish on the heads. The old machinery just doesn't do the trick. Has anybody tried a suit against Toyota? With their latest blunders, we might be able to get them to settle out of court individually with consumer lawsuits. I hate to do that, but they don't play fair with other means.


23rd Sep 2010, 11:52

My 95 V6 4Runner is in the shop today with a blown head gasket as well. I had no idea that this was such an issue with this model. Of course my car is not on the recall list just like the rest of you. $2,000 to fix and it may happen again?

Any more ideas or anything that anyone has done to get help with the cost?


24th Sep 2010, 17:15

I just wanted to put something good on here. I own a 95 Toyota 4runner, and it has 189 thousand miles on it.

Yes, I have had to replace valve gaskets for it, but otherwise it runs like a dream. I have had many other cars in my life, and all of them have gone to crap, but my Toyotas have always held true, and got me where I wanted.

Yes, there are a few problems with them, but I think not as many as other cars in the world. If you just give them little love and care -- they are strong car/trucks, and will treat you good.

We all need to fix our cars one way or another - but as far as a strong car/truck, I would never own anything again but a Toyota ever again!!!

Sincerely committed Toyota fan, Mr Richard D. mcd.

7th Nov 2010, 11:48

WOW!. I just bought a 95 4Runner with the 3.0. It has 185k on it, and only a short history to know what's been done to it throughout the years.

I was researching some parts for it when I ran across this site. It sounds like I am just days/weeks/months away from a setback and tough disappointment. Are there any preventative measures one can take to prolong this problem? Are the headers that reroute the hot temp away from the #6 cylinder a valid solution or just a possible fix? Man... I am not liking the sound of this!! The car runs great otherwise. Do I keep it and worry constantly, or dump it on some unsuspecting poor soul? That just sounds cruel.

10th Nov 2010, 00:03

I own a 95 SR5 V6 4Runner, bought with 180k miles.

The first engine blew a piston through side of block @ 181.7k, 6K for new engine. Blown head gaskets @ 192k and now in the shop for serious knocking, like when the first engine blew, they say need new small block.

I have put over 20k into this truck in the past 7 years. I could have bought a brand new car and had it paid off.