25th Jan 2008, 23:32

If you're considering domestic, check out the forums on Jeep Grand Cherokee. I've had 10 Cherokees, the 2000 GC will be my last. Chrysler has ruined a great vehicle.

9th Jan 2010, 17:37

Wow I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy with your Toyota. I have a 1998 4 cyl with 200k. Everything works. It is a base Sport edition with black bumpers and handles. It's not pretty and it has a squeaky belt, and yes it is bumpy, but I didn't expect it to ride nice.

I had to rebuild the top end at 100k, and I've put 100k on it. It passes smog like you wouldn't believe, and I get 60k miles it of my tires easily.

Just this past New Years, I drove over the grape vine from the central valley to Hollywood California, and I left O/D off and drove 65; it was perfect.

Please use this recommendation for the four cyl. USE Premium gas!!! Premium gas will get it more power and better fuel economy. I get an easy 20 in town and 25 on the freeway.

I have leather, and I just now put towels on the seats because of some minor wear. I do plan on driving this beast for a long time. There is not another car that has met my satisfaction. And I can afford a new car; I just really like this truck.

6th Feb 2010, 11:04

I also have a base model; 4 cyl, 5 speed, 2 wheel drive, black bumpers, hard cloth seats. I love it; it takes all the abuse my 19 year old self can throw at it and keeps running.

It also has a great amount of interior space without being big on the outside, and therefore, harder to park downtown where I live.

I probably average around 20 mpg, mostly in town driving, and I drive with enthusiasm. The only work I've had to do to it is replace normal wear items like brakes, tires, the timing chain, etc. I also recommend premium fuel; the engine runs much smoother with it and I get better performance and mileage.

Long story short, I would, and do, recommend this car whenever anyone asks what car they should buy. The only thing I don't like is that with the 4 cyl, I'd like for it to have a bit more power, but it's decent enough for my needs.

10th Aug 2010, 23:30

I have a 1998 4x4 V6 4Runner with 181,000 miles with no major issues. My mechanic has the same engine, same year, but Tacoma pickup with 384,000 original miles.

Both vehicles blow ice cubes, just as my wife's 99' Lexus (which by the way has 121,000 original miles only replaced starter and both air/fuel ratio meters and that's it... runs just like the day I bought it brand new).

Toyota is #1 for a reason... quality!

11th Aug 2010, 11:13

"Toyota is #1 for a reason... quality!"

Not in a long time. GM has greatly outsold Toyota for months now, since it was revealed that Toyotas going back two decades were dangerous due to the use of defective parts.

In the latest Initial Quality Survey (J. D. Powers), Toyota is ranked way down the list at 21st out of 33 car makers. Both GM and Ford beat them by a lot, and Ford now ranks ahead of Honda, at 5th place (Honda is 6th).

A friend of mine is currently selling his Ford Ranger because he is afraid it will start to give him problems. It only has 352,000 miles on it. He has had zero problems so far. The longest-lasting truck featured in an issue of Consumer Reports was a Ford. It had just under 500,000 miles with no problems.

2nd Jun 2011, 09:56

My 2004 Ford F150 just seized with 110000 miles. You have to remove the cab to replace. Nobody will touch it except the dealer. 6000 to 7000 for a rebuilt motor. 04 Ford to the scrap yard.

24th Jun 2011, 09:17

I'm 19 also. I have a '99 4runner, but it's a V6, and I'm averaging 20 maybe LOL. I just put on a 3 inch lift with 20" Eagle alloys and 33" mudders.