4th Aug 2005, 00:32

As long as it doesn't overheat after being in stationary traffic for a long time, you should be OK.

You could try a lower-rated thermostat or even try removing it altogether.

17th Aug 2005, 22:16

I recently bought a new Altis 1.8G. It's a great car to be driving. I am pleased to have it and recommend it to all who are looking for a driving machine at Rm 120,000.00 - it is a bit over priced in Malaysia due to to local car protection. Otherwise compared to the other foreign manufacture vehicles... this tops it class - TOYOTA is a driving experience.

Dr Mitesh, Seremban.

19th Oct 2005, 01:34

I got the 1.8 Altis just this April 15, 2005.

It's an reliable all around performer for a mid-level compact.

The Good: For middle class driver like me, the Altis 1.8 gives value for money. It has good construction, a testament to Japanese efficiency and attention to detail. (1) First on the list is the peppy 1.8 Engine that gives oomph and the acceleration you need to zip in city traffic. It is very responsive and QUIET. The engine is sublime. Even when pushing it, the engine will let off a purr, and that's its. At 145 HP, it delivers the right amount of power. (2) Air conditioning -- The AC is really great especially for the tropical climate. (3) Spacious head room and airy feel inside the cabin. Feels bigger than it really is.

What I think needs improvement: (1) Interior design is well... decent. Nothing flashy. The eye sore is the 2 din Silver head unit that, with its multi color lights, is too out of place. (2) Rolling: With its height, the car has the tendency to roll when negotiating curves at high speed... but again this car is not designed to race.

22nd Nov 2005, 05:41

You are wrong about the seats. You sit like you're in a van, high up and upright. For some people that might be "safe", because they "can see where the front bumper is going". The seats have no adequate support, you slide from side to side should you try to turn hard.

The suspension is stone age. Do you know what a torsion beam is? Yes your rear suspension is just a horizontal bar, nothing more. Some pick up trucks have more sophisticated suspension links. Ride is too soft. Bumps and speed strips send the dashboard rattling still. Humps make the suspension creak. Car floats at high speeds.

Yet still the engine is a wonder. A pity Toyota doesn't put as much effort in the handling department though.

29th Nov 2005, 22:00

Overall, my altis is really spacious as compared to my other car (Civic). However, I would like to comment on their suspension. Just recently, the front shock absorbers replaced, under warranty of course, now I been hearing "Tok sound" at the rear. It's really annoying. I hope Toyota can fix it.

13th Jan 2006, 21:48

Hey, I am thinking of buying a second hand 1.6 Altis. The 1.8 is a second option (Second Hand). Can anybody give me any comments on the 1.6. I currently own a 1995 1.6 corolla seg and knowing the reliability of Toyota. I am considering the Altis. P.J Boy!

9th Feb 2006, 23:51

Altis is a very good car, but the suspension and shock absorbers are the worse I have ever seen. They are very hard almost like a car with the wheels attached directly to the chassis without suspension.

I will try to change the tyres to Michelin Certis as they are a soft tyres, that may help a bit.

4th Mar 2006, 09:28

I owned an Altis 1.8L about 2 months ago. Here are my comments :

1. Exterior look - classy, slightly sporty and Elegant. A car will never out of fashion even after years of drives.

2. Interior look - very well designed, elegant appearance

3. on highway over taking, excellent! U will feel the thrill especially overtaking when you cut out from inner lane.

4. In city ride under hot sun, turn on aircond full blast, it drags the power thus reduces the pickup thrills.

5. Very good ride on highway.

6. Fuel mileage - 11 to 12km/L on city. Highway - 13km/L.

7. The aircond (Denso) is really great!

8. Cornering is not as good due to the car height.

9. Brake is good.

10. Sound proof is bad especially motorcycle across you.

11. Very spacious boot.

12. Internal seating is more spacious than Sentra.

Don't ever consider 1.6L. It is definitely under power. You will regret for life! Trust my word!!

Overall, I am very pleased with this car. I will keep it for as long as I could.

KL owner ....SY

31st Mar 2006, 17:12

I agreed with you too. The sound proof is bad. The engine noise is quite prominent when you ramp the car. After 3 months of use, the only dislike is, when you are at low gear and suddenly wants to pick up, the gear shift is not smooth and tends to jerk. I was told by many Altis owners, this is a common symptom, but nothing serious just that it is not comfort.

To be honest, I have not tried Honda, I am not in the position to comments and make comparison.

Some car maniac friends commented, Toyota - long lasting car. You paid for what you get, while for Honda car, on the same range, you will not get the same features as what Toyota offered.

For instance, Altis 1.8L comes with TRC control, Super ECT, VSC, you paid what you get, value for money.

Honda has just released the new Civic version, perhaps someone can share their experience with us in this forum?

Cheerio...SY from KL.

7th Apr 2006, 04:28

I bought my Altis 1.8G in March '06 and honestly this car is so much better than my old Waja 1.6. It's quiet and smooth. Only complaint I had so far is the tyre alignment which is out and after my first service Toyota still could not fix it.

Deric, Shah Alam

24th Apr 2006, 09:28

Poor dear! Wheel alignment and wheel balancing should be an easy fix. Would suggest you do both together. For my Altis, I never have this problem. So far, my top speed is 190km/h, no sweat! I think I can go up to 200km/h as the ultimate speed, but did not try.

22nd Jun 2006, 22:46

Well, could anyone tell me the compare about sentra, civic, and altis??

23rd Jun 2006, 18:56

In the first place, what are you looking to compare? Do you know what you want?

8th Aug 2006, 12:11

Good day!

With all the reviews I have read, I am now confused which car should I buy, whether a Toyota Altis 1.6G AT, a toyota altis 1.8E AT, or a Honda Civic 1.8S AT.

I have read a comment that an Altis 1.6G is under power which I may regret for life! On the other hand, I have read good reviews for the Altis 1.8G, but I cannot afford it, its too expensive, while the 8th gen Honda 1.8S AT has some problems with the gear shift and damage-like board panel.

The three car models I mentioned above are in prices within my budget, but which one should I buy. I prefer cars with efficient fuel economy, safety, comfort and power. As of now, I prefer the altis 1.6G because, of its lesser fuel displacement.

I appreciate it very much if you could help me decide which car is the right for me. my budget should not be more than P900,000.00 (Philippine peso)

Altis 1.8E = P868K

Altis 1.6G = P843K

Civic 1.8S = P867K.