11th Aug 2006, 19:35

My recommendation to you is to choose Altis 1.8. Fuel consumption is more superior than 1.6 version. Pls take note that higher capacity does not mean that it consumes more fuel. The maintenance cost for Toyota is much lower than Honda. Toyota car stands up to be the most reliable car on the road. The number of accidents are far cry lower than any of its competitors.

23rd Dec 2006, 07:09

My Altis 1.6E is a month old, comparing to other makes in this range its really stylish. It really glides along the highway, but fuel consumption is high, 10Km/L and the heat radiated to the right side hood is really high (very hot) even after a night drive. Noise insulation inside cabin not good enough. Its rather uncomfortable when rolling over small humps and potholes. Goodyear Eagle 5 is rather noisy. Any counter suggestion please.

11th Jan 2007, 01:44

My wife just bought Altis 1.8L and for sure as a husband, I did try, Overall performance such as power (with or without ECT) acceptable, comfortable, fuel consumption OK and etc. Anyway I found out that at >160km, I feel like I'am flying. Any suggestion to make it better?

18th Mar 2007, 16:27

I am planning to buy toyota altis. but It is only recently that I have found out the difference between Its types. I was planning to buy an Altis for P723.000 I think it's an ALtis 1.6.

Is it really that bad? what should I get? an ALtis? or A Civic? please give me an idea on which car would best give me the value for my money?

I am really new at cars. this is the first time I will own one.

3rd Jul 2007, 12:31

I've noticed that the Philippines version of Altis 1.8G has 145 hp compared to Malaysian version having only 136 hp. How can that be? Just how lucky you guys in Philippine. wish I can have that too. Is it a different kind of engine. I thought it is the same 1ZZFE engine isn't it?

21st Jul 2007, 04:44

You already saying which car you want. Comfort, safety, and power, obviously it goes to the Toyota Altis 1.6 or 1.8. If you want sporty, young then go for the Civic, but I think both cars have equal power, or the Altis is more powerful than the Civic.

As for the Sentra; don't even think about it.

28th Jul 2007, 09:21

Dude the one with the engine knocking sound. Did your car change when you shifted to high octane? Mine didn't.

25th Sep 2007, 08:18

I m planning to buy an Altis 1.8cc although I knew that a new model is coming out sometimes next year. Reason is because the current model design is still the best compared to the coming one. Going to book it this coming weekend with my gf and the discount now is rm8k from 113k. By the way, I m 30 yr old. Do you think 30 is just right time to drive Altis?

11th Jun 2008, 22:13

My Altis 05 1.8g a/t is an excellent car for me. I'm a car dealer; I've tried and tested most new model cars 1.3- 2.0cc.

The Altis is the best; 11km city - 15km hi-way consumption, suspension is very good, power is superb!

9th Mar 2009, 10:29

I have purchased a 2nd hand 2007 Altis 1.8 (A) with leather seat, used 27,xxx km at a price of RM 86,000 (OTR price). Is this price reasonable??

11th Apr 2009, 07:51

I'm an Altis owner.

Here are the things I don't like about the car :

- Bad sound proof.

- High engine noise.

- Bumpy.

- High body roll factor.

- Bad handling

- High engine vibration.

- Rear suspension is bad, when the car drives on a bad surface, the passengers in the rear will suffer kicks from the wheels.

- Second row is not comfortable and roomy.

- Seats doesn't support well.

- Boring interior.

What I like about my Altis :

- Great fuel consumption.

- Roomy space in the front.

- Attracting exterior looks.

- Powerful engine.

- Great standard features.

- Great durability.

- Great resale value.

- Trusted brand.

- High quality interior materials.

The Corolla Altis is a great car. If you want a normal car that is not really adventurous then the Corolla is the one. But don't complain about the comfort, it's not comfortable. Anyway, it's a great car although the passengers won't like it. Also don't complain about the soft suspension and bad handling, because this is not a sporty car.

23rd Aug 2009, 13:12

I got my Altis 1.8 1 month ago, it's a second hand car and 40K driven. The car is good and I'm satisfied with the performance, but the only problem is it heats up when I go above 140km/h, below this speed everything is OK and no sign of heatup. Please let me know if you know how to handle this problem.

17th Mar 2010, 11:49

I am an Altis owner from Trinidad & Tobago. This car was purchased from Singapore 2 years ago, and I have cried ever since. Dashboard components continue to pop out all the time and wood panel pockets seem to break for no reason. Although the vehicle was purchased doing only 21000 km, I have had to repair the braking module at considerable cost, as the ABS and handbrake lights were on, on the instrument panel. I honestly think Toyota missed the boat with this car (2005 model), and I will never purchase a Toyota vehicle again. NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN.

18th Jul 2010, 20:02

Am now waiting for my Toyota Altis 1.8 g loan to be approved. It's 2004 year model with the price 71k on the road. From what I have been read on the reviews and comments, I like most on the complete packages provided by Toyota, i.e. powerful engine, luxury and suitable for long distance journeys. Could anyone of you give your comments and advice with regards to my option?

29th Jan 2012, 06:55

Hi, really interested to know if you are happy and satisfied with your 2007 Toyota Altis? I am planning to get a 2007 Altis 1.6/1.8L in 2012. Your experience sharing will definitely help.


21st Apr 2015, 15:26

Hello, I am an Altis 1.6 E 2007 owner and I like it. It now has 280,000+ kilometers in it. I can say that the car is still in good condition. No engine malfunction or random warning lights coming up in the dash. Lately I have been doing 8-9km/L (due to heavy traffic here in Manila). Air-conditioning is still fine and most of the interior of the car is still intact apart from the small storage underneath the climate control, which is a little bit loose.

However, because it has done 280k km, there is a lot of engine vibration, noisy cabin when driving on the highway, the clutch pedal is a bit stiff and gets irritating when there's heavy traffic.

My advice: Proper maintenance of the vehicle will keep it running. Also, Toyota is cheaper to maintain due to widely available spare parts.