8th Apr 2006, 03:46


And that IF they have money to buy european or american cars. IF they have the money and IF they can afford it.

5th May 2006, 17:45

Hi guy, my appreciation to share this "engine brake" feature. I am sure not many of us realize this. One day, I need to try this out in Genting Highland.

Thanks Pal.

5th May 2006, 23:38

Has anyone tested (Altis 1.8G) what is the maximum speed on the highway? Also, need to know has anyone drove up to genting Highland and/or Cameron highland? What is the performance like?

25th May 2006, 05:28

Drove up to Cameron Highlands once with my 1.8 Altis. Use old roads up and new roads down. Certainly better than my previous 1.6 Waja.

30th May 2006, 00:57

Max. speed for altis 1.8, I have tried - touched 170km/h with still more to go. Friend claimed he hit 190km/h and another friend's friend 200km/h. Hill climb to Cameron, switch off ECT, need only downshift gear to 3 when necessary, enough to cruise up.

9th Jun 2006, 08:35

Good forum.

Fuel consumption : 15km/liter on highway and 18.3km/liter on city ride. Top speed : 190km/h in my record, I think it can go up to 200-210km/h. Car is still stable at 190km/h based on my real experience.

My Altis 1.8L is 5 months old.

9th Jun 2006, 13:24

I own a 2005 Altis 1.5G (A), I can understand why the original poster had a sprain ankle while pushing the paddle. Here's some suggesstions for you as the Altis seating height is designed for hip-point ease and it is definitely excellent for a tall guy with at least 5'5"...so in your case, try to lower your seat, move away a bit from the dashboard, it'll ease your ankle, but be careful if you are short as you may find yourself a bit away from the windscreen, tall guys shouldn't have any problems. I totally agree with you, the Altis seat is something that you need to get used to...I'm 5'7"...still today I'm adjusting the seats to get to near perfect/comfortable seating for myself...however...I really appreciate the hip-point height of the seats... ease a lot on waist!

11th Jun 2006, 10:58

I find that Toyota no more makes cars with reliable parts. Nowadays, Toyota will source from low cost manufacturing countries, thus output of parts are of poor quality. Do you believe a Toyota Altis doing 30,000km on the clock, facing both sides drive-shaft noise, furthermore UMW has no parts in stock. I wonder what stock did UMW keep ? Hoses that turn colour from Black to Grey in 8-10 months.

14th Jun 2006, 08:46

I owned an Altis 1.8L 5 months ago. I like the car in terms of performance. However, I have started facing some problem. Last week, I sent my car for routine service, I told the service center that the right side at the back of the car suspension has cranking sound when the car across the road bump. During the service, I was invited to seat inside the car. The foreman acknowledged the sound and told me it could be the back seat cushion. He dismantled the whole cushion and put back again, then hand over the car to me. But, the sound doesn't go away. I am not sure what else can they do apart from normal routine service. I am really disappointed and doubted about their ability to do major repair. Another problem is, the air filtering system is bad. Has anyone have such problems? Kindly share with us.

21st Jul 2006, 09:36


With regards to your question on the air-con. If the car is made in Thailand compared to the Japanese made. There is no filter in the air-con, thus giving you a smell after awhile. If you are to add a filter to the air-con, it is going to cause to abit of $$ and also a need to cut under the dashboard. I got this information from Toyota Singapore.

25th Jul 2006, 07:12

Oh...my god!! I need to cut the dashboard in order to install air filter? This is really ridiculous of why Toyota did not consider this into the design? The filter practically does not cost much money... what a let down!!

7th Aug 2006, 08:32

My altis is way too good no complaints, and I have touch 210kmphs on high way, a friend of mine said he did full meter 3 times.

10th Aug 2006, 17:16

My experience was touching 200km/hour on highway. However, it certainly can go beyond 200km/hr as I have not step on full pedal. I had done this when my Altis was at 5600km mileage, brand new virgin car! After ramp up to such condition for numerous times, the engine still good and never deteoriorated, in contrast to someone said a new car shouldn't run in such condition if it is less than 10,000km run.

In China, there are 2 cases reported officially. Honda Accord and Nissan car body was broken into 2 pieces after an accident. Never heard of Toyota car landed in such condition.

I love my Altis. This is the best car that I have drove in my life due to I am still cannot afford a BMW.

12th Aug 2006, 00:40

I ride a 2006 Toyota Altis and mind you, it's one of the best cars I ever drive. It's so fast that it can overrun other car in a flash. For a 1600 engine the acceleration really satisfies me. And it consumes less fuel than my other 1600 car.

27th Sep 2006, 12:42

Can anyone tell me if they have any problems with paintwork on the Altis? I have noticed "chip off" here and there... arising knocks other cars from Malaysian as small as you can get car parking lots and little stones whilst on the highways.

I do suspect that the quality isn't as good as my previous Protons.

17th Nov 2006, 19:48

My car has the same "chipped off" paint problem. I can understand that it is due to "flying stones". But it also happens on my car boot!.. strange.

Car colour is Champagne Gold, the chipping will rip the paint off and exposed black colour paint. This makes the chipped off very obvious.

My previous Proton Waja has chipped off problems, but it does not exposed black colour. It has traveled more miles on the highway, but has less paint chippings than my one year old Altis...paint work suspect..

22nd Nov 2006, 06:01

Any info out there as to where can I go to buy touch up paint?

I tried Eunos @1Utama, but they don't have Pearl Silver and the supplier don't have that colour. Thanks guys (and gals... if you can help!)

2nd Apr 2007, 03:01

I got the same problem with the chipped off paint of my Champagne Gold colour Altis. I tried the paint touch up from Eneos. Too bad to say, it does not work. The bottle that I got that reads "Toyota - Champagne Gold" does not match the body colour (lighter in fact) and could not get an even spread. Very sad, now I got another problem.

21st Jul 2007, 04:19

I've heard that 1.8 Altis power is lower compare to 1.7 Civic? I really want to laugh out loud after reading that comment. I believe the person who said that should be a Civic salesman, or has never driven an Altis 1.8 before.

Even the current 2.0 Civic only evenly matches with the Altis 1.8. Do you think the 1.7cc civic can compare with Altis 1.8? I am driving an Altis 1.8G, and raced with three 2.0cc new Civics, and two 1.8cc new Civics. Guess what, they lost to me in town and even on the highway (only 2.0cc new Civic are evenly matched on the highway). I just love the vvti engine!

My Altis almost 2 years old. I have no regrets and feel proud of it. Nice quality, comfortable, luxury and powerful engine for its class. And advance security feature too, unlike the myvi which only got airbag and ABS.

As for the the color "chipped off", I have faced the same problem here. Maybe "kena" flying stone or what. I think Toyota should focus on this problem.