9th Aug 2007, 22:17

I have no comments.

10th Aug 2007, 07:14

I had raced once with Honda Civic 1.6L, he was well behind of me when I drove at 180km/h. However, I had never try to race with Civic 2.0L before. So far my top speed at 200km/h with my Altis, not the full speed yet, believe it can goes up to 210km/h.

Altis pick up is excellent, unlike some author said it is an old man car. Do you mean those people who are at the age of 30 to 40 are old man? Let's put it in different perspective, Altis 1.8L cost around 120K before the price reduction. How many of the younger age in malaysia can afford to buy? So, Altis main target audience are middle age professionals! Understand??

18th Aug 2007, 11:43

I had purchased the 1.8G Altis in Aug 2007; still waiting for the car to arrive.

Before I decide to buy the Altis, I did a test drive on the Altis and found that in terms of acceleration, it is surprising. The acceleration is quick, responsive, and the interior has class because of the wooden trim, and is comfortable.

So I decide to buy the Altis, as compared to the Civic. The Civic also have its sophisticated digital front panel, but I had no chance to test drive the Civic, because when I went to the Honda sales center, the salesman told me their test drive Civic had already been sent for repairs,

Can anybody tell me more about the Civic? Maybe the Civic also powerful enough to beat the Altis?

4th Jan 2008, 02:20

I want to buy the secondhand Altis. Can anybody advice me, what kind of part should I focus to see that car ok or not.

2nd Apr 2008, 10:27

Have seen the new Altis 2008 model. The new body is indeed striking but however the interior has lost much of it's "classy " look compared to my 2003 model. Gone is the matching seat and interior door savanah cloth. the dash board plastic is so "cheap" looking... similar to the proton car!

Was thinking of an upgrade but have now changed my mind.

Camry seem to be the better choice... but sadly, they don't even have a display car in the showroom (for months!) and don't even mention the long waiting list. Why would anyone paying RM140 or RM170K wanna wait several months for a car?

I have put a down payment for the new Honda Accord.. at least I don't have to wait several months for a car.

Guess it's high time ppl in the UMW Toyota get up from their slumber!

3rd Jan 2009, 06:58

I am considering to get a 2nd hand Altis. But I am scared when I heard about some of the comments. Is it the paint problem only occurred for the gold color?

23rd Feb 2009, 08:40

Hi, I am having the same problem with Altis 1.6 with chip offs. The color is Champagne Gold. I am puzzled why this is common.

8th Apr 2009, 01:38

Hi, my Toyota Altis 1.6 of color Champagne gold is also having chip marks! I had already sent it to the workshop to do some touch up, but then after 5 months, new chips appeared at the front doors.

It is frustrating after spending S$300 to touch it up! Please can someone tell me where to buy touch up paints in Singapore for Color code: 586/05 Champagne, THANKS!

20th Sep 2011, 12:52

My Altis drives good, except for heavy running sounds and frequent vibrating when braking. The car picks up very fast, and brakes well.