13th Jul 2006, 18:33

I experience the same problem in the Philippines. I brought it to a repair shop and they said the CV joint needs to be replaced. Cost is about US$ 1,300. This is very expensive for me, I have to find other ways to repair it.

22nd Jul 2006, 23:18

I saw a lot of good reviews for the Altis 1.8G, but not so much for the 1.6E (M). I'm considering buying a 1.6 (M) this week then I read this this thing about CV problem. Is this very common? For you guys who have the same model, how would you rate the 1.6 (M) overall?

25th Jul 2006, 07:09

1.6L is definitely under power. Though it may be cheaper, but you will regret one day...

16th Aug 2006, 17:12

Have you ever send ur car to Toyota center to examine what is the root caused? U got to give us more info for us to help u.

26th Nov 2006, 05:22

All Toyota friends, Toyota is going to launch a new Corolla very soon, called the Toyota Corolla Axio.

From the side view, it looks like BMW. It has a sporty look with a design that will attract more yuppies as well. It has a good balance of design that targets all ages. A new feature of this model is that it comes with the reverse camera sensor. So far, I have seen only high-end cars equipped with this.

The overall outlook is more refined compared to the Civic.

As for the new Camry, it is much more classy than the rival Honda Accord. The new Accord design is very similar to the old fashioned outlook design. Looks like Honda is going to have a very tough fight again! As for Hyundai, after the Sonata is phased out, they have no new model to replace it. The 2.0L car market is only between Honda and Toyota.

13th Dec 2006, 23:51

When I was looking for a car to buy last year, I found it really hard to choose between the Altis 1.8G and Civic 2.0L. The Civic was more of the sportier looking and the powerful type while the Altis was the practical choice for me. So why did I find it practical? There is nothing much of a difference in terms of power, actually I think Altis has a slight edge in torque based on my test drive with both dealers. The Altis has its gate type shift lever while the civic has the ordinary. The Altis shows class inside its interior though some might not agree because of the plastic wood, but I'll rather get it than the civic's pale black interior which requires a little extra for additional leather. Space was another plus for the Altis and road visibility. Yes its true that civics can't be used here in the Philippines for public transport, but there's a growing trend among civics, "race car wannabe". So I guess the Altis is in a class of its own, a truly dependable vehicle.

10th Jan 2007, 04:49

Hello Friends!! I am from Islamabad (Pakistan).Just read the comments for Toyota Altis 1.8. Last month I bought a Toyota Altis 1.8 (M). Its really a good experience to drive this awesome vehicle. The engine is really powerful. Car is quite luxurious. Car stereo is also very Good from PIONEER, having 4 speakers + 2 tweeters. What I felt deficient is 2 speakers on the rear board. This car is with ABS braking System, which is also a gr8 facility, while we compare it with previous models. Overall, it's a nice Family Car with comfort and durability.



25th Jan 2007, 10:47

Hello...I've heard most of the reviews about the car, I'm planning to buy a used altis due to my budget, otherwise i'd have gone for a brand new 1.8G. anyone selling used altis? please contact me. 012-639 7004 thank you, Ben.

4th Feb 2007, 00:42

Any comment if I am to buy a used Toyota Altis 1.8, probably car from year 2001 - 2002?

Is there any common problem found in this batch of Altis?

Any comment from the current owner of year 01-02's Altis?

15th Nov 2007, 19:22

I am planning to buy a used 1.8G (2005) Altis sometime early 2008. Can anyone share with me what I should be aware of in term of problems or potential problems?

Appreciate all comments.

23rd Apr 2008, 07:27

My dad just bought the 1.6 automatic today... I need to know what problems to expect later on. pls help.

12th Nov 2008, 05:20

I'm from the Philippines. Bought used 57,000 km. 2004 Altis 1.8G 3 weeks (Oct 24/08) ago. The other day as I stopped at a gas station to fill up the tank, the gas boy called my attention that the tank has a hole while the gas was pouring under. I postponed my trip and headed to my mechanic. Lifted the car and found there was a factory defect: hole on the left side of the tank. He tilted the car so no gas will be taken out. The gas tank has no drain pipe/screw! I believed my mechanic's ingenuity, he plugged the hole with epoxy. After the repair, the following day I continued with my journey and found the problem with no more gas leak after filling up again the tank. Toyota should have damaged the gas tank during the initial assembly of the car. I am now happy driving my Altis 1.8G with its exceptional power on the road.

8th Jan 2009, 23:02

Hi I'm also from the Philippines. How much did you pay for the 2004 Altis 1.8G? I'm currently looking for the same car, but I want to know what is its fair price =)

4th Jun 2010, 01:04

I bought a used 2005 1.8E Altis... around Php 460K. I don't know the difference between the 1.8G and 1.8E, they just look the same mostly.

Anyway, it's definitely fun to drive... it still has the luxury look, wood trims etc.

Also had the backing sensor and front sensors, which I find useful when parking. :-)

6th Jun 2010, 02:16

Guys, I bought a 201 Altis 1.8G, I noticed the stock stereo (Eclipse brand) doesn't have any bass control, I just like to ask if the stock speakers really doesn't have any bass or do I need to simply adjust the settings? Do you know guys the model number of the stock stereo of 2010 Altis?

Thanks gus. -Alfred Philippines.

13th Nov 2011, 02:56

That is the warning sound for active safety features. It means your driving surface is slippery or potentially tyre hydroplaning.

13th Nov 2012, 03:25

Hi Altis owners, I'm from the Philippine. Today I filled up my gas tank to full, then I noticed when I reach my destination a few km from a gasoline station, gas was leaking from the top or mid portion. It is confirmed that there is a factory defect on it. Can you please help me if it is advisable to go to a Toyota service center, or can it be a DIY thing? Thanks.

Other than that, I've had no issues.