2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid (HSD) 1.8 petrol / electric from UK and Ireland


Motoring press says "boring"..?? ...Well in that case I really like "boring"! :-)



General Comments:

I had been (and continue to do...) commuting to and from work in a 2008 Ford Focus TDI diesel since 2012, racking up about 15,000 miles annually. The Focus was reliable partner, but recently after it had racked up over 135,000 miles I decided to replace it. The commute journey is 40 miles one-way and a mix of suburban school drop-offs, country roads, hill climb / descent and a large portion of motorway (65% of the time).

After a year of research I wanted to look at a hybrid (as wanted a "cleaner" car and was worried about future resale values for diesel cars in UK with all the bad media reports). I did consider electric too, but concluded hybrid as being the most realistic option. This my family's "second" car as the main car is Ford S-Max 2.0 TDI (which is great family car and has been a faithful servant to my family of 5, also it is my wife's main commute car).

One of the features I most value is reliability and this led me to look at Toyota / Lexus models. In my past car history: Ford has been very good, VW has been bad, Honda & Volvo has been mostly good and Renault also bad. Dealers / service mostly good except VW (arrogant) and Renault (annoying!). Note: this is my own opinion. I was most disappointed in VW overall and I will never own a VAG car again in the UK (sad but it's my opinion folks and I am entitled to it...)

Anyway suffice to say the 2015 (facelift) Toyota Auris Hybrid has been a fantastic revelation!! :-) Dealer has been great "so far", got a part-ex and good deal with extended warranty and servicing deals. Driving has been surprising.... in a good way. Motor-trade online articles about the Auris Hybrid being a "boring car" to drive... what!?!? Totally incorrect and pointless. The car works as it should. OK so Toyota may not have brand cachet... so what! For what it is I am very happy. The acceleration / power delivery of the Hybrid is simply brilliant when needed i.e. from junctions and going up the hill on my work trips... I was concerned because motoring magazines say it doesn't compare with diesel torque... rubbish! It pulls very well indeed (comparing to my old Ford TDI cars). The power is great when needed so no worries. Yes OK the CVT transmission whines a bit, but hey it is not the normal mode of driving...

The "normal mode" is the whole point of the "Hybrid"! It is about MPG not MPH, and the Hybrid is great fun to work with. I used to try to "hypermile" in the Ford Focus diesel, but now this is great in the Auris. I just drive the car normally, but try to anticipate braking ahead, use "B" mode to charge the battery on the hill descents, cruise at 70mph (at constant revs the MPG is surprisingly good)... love it! Yes I drive in Eco mode 99% of the time, the EV mode kicks in automatically at lower speeds (below 42 mph I think) and I am trying increase my average MPG over time..

I only have two slight whinges: #1 the smaller fuel tank (due to EV battery location), but I have managed to get 550 miles from one tank and it is possible to improve so not too bad. #2 Headlight "spread" is not the best, so I may upgrade as Toyota offer this (improved headlights like on "Excel" trim).

My car is the Business Edition spec hatchback 2015, comfortable seats with good features. I like the Touchscreen Media / Sat-Nav / DAB and reversing camera to assist in parking etc. The usual stuff: climate control & A/C, LED lights, nice alloys etc all good. Honestly I am SO happy with my choice of car and my 3 x pre-teen and teenage kids like telling their friends that "Dad's gone all eco". Yep solar panels on the roof, wildlife friendly gardening bla bla... maybe a sign that I am mellowing in age... :-).

It's relatively early days, but all the signs are good... if not I will be back here posting my experiences! Thanks Toyota for having the balls to push hybrids as an option for us.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2018

28th Apr 2018, 10:15

Well written review. You made a good choice getting rid of that diesel at high mileage. The problem with modern diesels is they are not only not as clean as we thought, but their long term reliability is questionable. Dual mass flywheels, diesel particle filters, injectors; you name it, they all fail at an unacceptably low mileage. Just look at any diesel UK car reviews on here for family cars of the last 10 years.

Hybrids petrol/electric is most likely the future as they are getting better.

29th Apr 2018, 17:29

My wife has been driving an Auris Hybrid for four months and loves it. It's smooth and relaxing. The transmission works well in real life stop start traffic.

2014 Toyota Auris Icon Plus V-Matic 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A well-kitted out car for everyday motoring


Steering slightly pulling to the right, but nothing else.

General Comments:

I really like this car. The styling looks modern with its sharp-looking front and LED driving lights.

It has levels of equipment found in more luxury cars such as a touch-screen satnav audio system, heated seats and door mirrors, electric windows all round, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity and automatic climate control.

The ride quality is very smooth and comfortable. Performance is very good around town and relaxing on the motorway. It smooths out the bumps in the road very well. Rear visibility is a little bit on the poor side due to the thick C-pillars and the slim rear window, but this is compensated by the car's reversing camera which makes reverse parking much easier.

The car is equipped with a CVT gearbox, which is very fuel efficient. It gets a little bit noisy when worked hard, but nothing major.

The interior is spacious and comfortable. The front armrest even slides forwards if you want extra comfort and there's lots of storage space available. I particularly like the neat leather panelling on the dashboard and the overhead sunglasses holder.

I have read from other sources that the interior can't match a Golf, but having this car for six months and carefully examining the interior before I bought it, I really couldn't find anything wrong with the interior.

Overall I would rate this car highly for everyday fuss-free and comfortable motoring.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2016