2014 Toyota Auris Icon Plus V-Matic 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A well-kitted out car for everyday motoring


Steering slightly pulling to the right, but nothing else.

General Comments:

I really like this car. The styling looks modern with its sharp-looking front and LED driving lights.

It has levels of equipment found in more luxury cars such as a touch-screen satnav audio system, heated seats and door mirrors, electric windows all round, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity and automatic climate control.

The ride quality is very smooth and comfortable. Performance is very good around town and relaxing on the motorway. It smooths out the bumps in the road very well. Rear visibility is a little bit on the poor side due to the thick C-pillars and the slim rear window, but this is compensated by the car's reversing camera which makes reverse parking much easier.

The car is equipped with a CVT gearbox, which is very fuel efficient. It gets a little bit noisy when worked hard, but nothing major.

The interior is spacious and comfortable. The front armrest even slides forwards if you want extra comfort and there's lots of storage space available. I particularly like the neat leather panelling on the dashboard and the overhead sunglasses holder.

I have read from other sources that the interior can't match a Golf, but having this car for six months and carefully examining the interior before I bought it, I really couldn't find anything wrong with the interior.

Overall I would rate this car highly for everyday fuss-free and comfortable motoring.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2016

2013 Toyota Auris Lounge 1.8 HSD Hybrid from Hungary


Hybrid drivetrain is good, but inside it should be better


After the first car wash - forgot to close the mirrors - something broke in the mirror, it started to vibrate while driving. The dealer has replaced the whole mirror with a new one.

Under 2000 km, the first brakes started to shriek sometimes. The dealer examined them and found that the whole brakes must be replaced.

Also, the glove compartment had its telescope broke.

All of this was fixed under the terms of the guarantee.

General Comments:

The hybrid drivetrain is very good, I love it. The car inside is average, or below average.

The seats are too short for me (I'm not that tall) and not really comfortable on a long drive.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2015

2012 Toyota Auris Comfort 1.3 petrol from Turkey


One slow, but very reliable turtle


Engine sound increased when idle (have to admit I made a few countryside visits).

General Comments:

It turns at 3000 revs when in 6th gear at 120 km/h, which is quite annoying on the motorway.

And also you will need quite soft compound tires, because the road noise that comes from beneath your feet is unbearable sometimes.

There is no transmission tunnel, and 3 adults can comfortably sit in the rear for hours, as you can also recline the rear seats a bit.

The brake pedal is a bit spongy, but lets the car brake quite comfortably for passengers. Well it's a downside in cases where you need an emergency brake, but for me a soft pedal is always better as long as all of the wheels have disc brakes.

The car would be great if it was just 100-150 kg lighter (like the new Golf 7).

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Review Date: 17th September, 2013

2007 Toyota Auris Base model 1.4 petrol from Cyprus


Good if you are an old lady or a first time driver!


Rattling noises here and there.

Weird electrical noise when braking and turning at the same time.

Seat belt sensor sometimes beeps constantly, even when my seat belt is on.

Water pump leak; had to be changed at 40000 km.

General Comments:

The car is reliable, but slow, not fun to drive and so floaty (springs are so soft) as to be dangerous if you have to do an avoidance maneuver (happened to me couple of times, barely managed not to crash).

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Review Date: 12th July, 2013

2008 Toyota Auris 1.4 from Serbia


My car has 80,000. I have serviced it at a Toyota licensed service regularly, which is on average once every four months since I bought it in 2008.

Two weeks ago, I was told by a mechanic at the service place, that the car is in perfect condition, and chances are that I will have a big repair necessary only after 150,000 km has passed.

Only two weeks after this check and regular service, the gearbox gave up on me suddenly in the middle of the highway when I was doing 140 km/hr, and hence caused a severe safety risk for my life. I managed to avoid an accident barely, but ended up in a nightmare. The car is not under warranty anymore (it just passed), although almost new, and now my price to fix this problem is exorbitant.

In addition to this serious problem, the car has problems on a hill when there are more than 2 people in it. Sometimes, people literally had to come out of the car in order to make it up a steep hill.

Finally, there is a very annoying squeaking noise when I press on the brakes. The Toyota service told me that I just have to live with this problem, or pay a lot of money to fix it.

I would opt for a different car than Toyota for sure after almost dying on the highway; it is NOT a safe car to drive, and Toyota did not take responsibility to help me, stressing that the car is not under warranty... no wonder they only give a 3 year and not a 5 year warranty!!!

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Review Date: 9th April, 2012