2009 Toyota Auris T3 1.33 VVTI Stop and Start from UK and Ireland


Reliable, but disappointing


Irritating top glove box rattle.

General Comments:

This is probably the slowest car we have ever owned. We bought it new as a car for my wife. When we are all in the car (four humans plus dog, around 360 kg in total) it sometimes felt that you would have to get out and push when you came to a steep hill.

The Auris had very poor fuel consumption (36 mpg), which is very disappointing considering the performance on offer. The fuel consumption did not vary much, long journeys improved it only slightly. I suspect the engine had to work so hard to move the car that the engine is simply too small for such a substantial car. The stop/start technology did work very well, but switching it off made pretty much no difference to the fuel consumption, so it was hard to see the point of it.

Some of the plastics used in the cabin were not of the required quality for a Toyota (we have owned three different Toyota cars, so have a fair idea of what to expect).

It was very reliable and handled in a safe (if ponderous) manner, but my wife often felt the brakes were "spongy". The car seemed pretty well built, but after 18 months of ownership my wife (hardly a fast driver) said she had had enough of it, and wanted something with a wee bit more grunt, and sod the fuel costs.

It is not a bad car, I am sure it will run with no faults for years, but there has to be some enjoyment from your car, does there not?

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Review Date: 19th October, 2010

2007 Toyota Auris 1.4 from Greece


I am looking forward for the T Sport!


Absolutely nothing!

General Comments:

The car was brand new when I bought it. In general, car is working just perfectly, nothing has gone wrong although too much km for 10 months car. The car was built in Turkey, only a small scratch in the dashboard from the factory - never mentioned to the dealer. It is not fast due to its weight. Steering is good (not as the MX5 I also known), brakes are not like Italian cars.

Gear lever is very good. Radio on/off button is not very comfortable. Driver's seat is squealing sometimes, windscreen cleaners leave dead points on the screen - all those are minor things that you can live with.

Service is quite expensive for 1.4 car (MX5 is 2.0, 2007 model and costs almost half). Very comfortable car, you don't listen to the motor working below 4,000 rpm, able to be driven for hours. Fuel consumption is 7 Lt/100 km. NCAP 5 stars.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2008