Auris Hybrid (HSD) 1.8 petrol / electric

Motoring press says "boring"..?? ...Well in that case I really like "boring"! :-)

719 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments


Auris Icon Plus V-Matic 1.6 petrol

A well-kitted out car for everyday motoring

239 words, UK and Ireland


Auris Lounge 1.8 HSD Hybrid

Hybrid drivetrain is good, but inside it should be better

112 words, Hungary


Auris Comfort 1.3 petrol

One slow, but very reliable turtle

145 words, Turkey


Auris T3 1.33 VVTI Stop and Start

Reliable, but disappointing

269 words, UK and Ireland


Auris 1.4

273 words, Serbia

Auris SR180D 2.2 turbo diesel

Fast and comfortable, but terrible fuel consumption

740 words, UK and Ireland


Auris Base model 1.4 petrol

Good if you are an old lady or a first time driver!

79 words, Cyprus

Auris 1.4

I am looking forward for the T Sport!

156 words, Greece, 1 comment