Avanza 1.5

Don't buy if you want a quick to repair car

70 words, United Arab Emirates, 2 comments


Avanza G 1.5 petrol

It's better than the previous one in almost every way

245 words, Malaysia


Avanza G 1.5

It was great... until I test drove the Honda Mobilio

399 words, Philippines


Avanza VVTI 1.3 petrol

Very good and it's my buddy... owned it since 2012

180 words, Sri Lanka

Avanza G A/T 1.3 petrol

A basic car, with good build quality, and even better resale value, but none of driving pleasures

352 words, Indonesia, 1 comment


Avanza VVTi 1.5

The engine design is too complex, it probably has an inherent design fault in it

151 words, South Africa

Avanza SX 1.5

Reliable car for a large family

226 words, South Africa


Avanza 1.3


129 words, Malaysia, 1 comment

Avanza SX 1.5


116 words, South Africa, 4 comments

Avanza 1.3 petrol

An affordable workhorse for ferrying people

150 words, Malaysia

Avanza 1.3 VVT-i NA (K3-VE)

A Great City MPV Worth your Money!!!

82 words, Malaysia, 5 comments


Avanza 1.3 VVT-i

187 words, Malaysia, 2 comments