2007 Toyota Avensis D4D Estate 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland




Brake discs on the front warped.

Oil changed approx every 40-50 thousand km.

This car costs me nothing. Boring to drive, but built to last forever.

General Comments:

Will buy Toyota again, but won't need one for a while. I drive it as a taxi, and expect to get a million km before I change it.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2013

27th Apr 2013, 19:50

You do use fully synthetic oil, right?

3rd May 2013, 20:51

I use the cheapest oil from Motor Factors, and change it approx every 50,000 km.

4th Mar 2014, 17:44

You won't get to 100000km, let alone 1 million, changing the oil every 50k with cheap stuff in a diesel engine. Your turbo won't last long at that rate either.

17th Mar 2014, 15:36

At 500,000 Km now. One drive shaft alternator and ignition switch.

2007 Toyota Avensis D-4D T-4 5-door 2.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Not a car for you if you love driving; boring, but functional


Battery failed due to faulty contacts.

General Comments:

I bought this Avensis as a replacement for a new shape Mondeo TDCi Zetec, as the Mondeo was too wide for my new workplaces parking spaces, and unbelievably this shape of Avensis is about 13 cms narrower.

I think I was spoilt by the Mondeo, the Avensis definitely feels like the last generation of this class, which of course it is compared to the current Mondeo. The Mondeo rode and handled better, has more steering feel, and had less engine and wind noise.

However, the Avensis does feel better built; not surprising bearing in mind Toyota's reputation.

I was impressed with the kit count; sat nav (very old tech display though), rain sensing wipers, auto lights etc, though I did miss an aux connection for my iPod, down to the car's design age I guess.

The auto wipers seemed a bit slow to react though, they're far better in my new car, a Vauxhall Signum, and a real bugbear for me was nowhere to rest my right foot when the cruise control is on; the Mondeo was great for that, and my Signum is good too.

I got about 42-43 mpg on average, mine had the 150hp 2.2 diesel, and performance was actually pretty brisk, but it always felt like you had to cane it for mid-range acceleration, whereas my Mondeo with less power and more weight always felt like you didn't have to try as hard; maybe it's down to gearing?

Good size boot and good rear space, although felt a bit narrow inside for class of car, my wife's Skoda Octavia is actually slightly wider, I can't moan too much as that's partly why I bought it though!

Bodywork looked like it'd last forever, and I like this shape of Avensis, I think the exterior has aged less than the interior.

Overall, a functional, slightly forgettable (even boring?) car which did the job. I can understand why so many taxi drivers use them.

Replaced now by a 2.8 V6 turbo Vauxhall Signum in a fit of madness!!

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Review Date: 27th February, 2012

24th Nov 2016, 19:29

My word that was madness, Vauxhall are absolute rubbish, as you're about to find out!

2007 Toyota Avensis TR 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Nice one


Still veering to left despite attention by dealer. My two previous Avensy also had the same problem, and after pestering Toyota numerous times, were finally rectified by a changing the steering pins (I was told).

At approx 15K, during firm acceleration, started to hear a high pitched 'whining' sound when declutching to change from first gear to second. Was told by engineers at the Toyota dealership that this was normal. The noise is now much louder, and would like to know if any other owners have experienced the same?

General Comments:

Love the shape and paint work.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2010

20th Feb 2014, 17:10

I have an Avensis D4D 2009, English import, and over the last couple of days it has developed a whine (now a rattle) when decelerating. It is not natural and is rapidly getting worse. I am afraid it might be to do with the turbo, but hope it is some loose pipework. Will remove the air filter body and see. Otherwise will have to go to a main dealer (expense!!!!).

18th Mar 2014, 18:46

Think it is to do with a pipe at the air box; a rubber mount wore down, and just replaced it with insulation tape; not a sound now.

31st Mar 2014, 14:26

Remove the air filter. The air intake from the inner wing into the airbox is usually loose and vibrates, particularly in cold weather. A couple of strips of duck tape to hold the intake rigid will cure it for a year or so.

10th Oct 2014, 18:51

The noise you are getting when changing from 1st to 2nd is the turbo waste gate. This is nothing to worry about and is very normal on Avensis from late 2006 onwards. Mine has 515,000 km and is very reliable.