2007 Toyota Avensis Wagon 2.0 D4-D from Romania


Reliable family car, solid and classy


2.4 liters of engine oil consumption at 12000 km. (first oil renewal set by manufacturer at 15000 km)

General Comments:

Stiff gear box and clutch.

Low visibility at left turns (left hand drive).

Smooth and silent ride, but the engine needs to be worked hard.

Awesome climate control, very efficient.

Decent fuel consumption (new engine).

Dark rear windows factory fitted, useful during summer heat.

Good sound system, excellent safety features (9 airbags, traction control, EDS, excellent ABS system)

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Review Date: 20th May, 2009

2007 Toyota Avensis T3-S 2.0 D4D diesel turbo from UK and Ireland


Boring car, but refined and good MPG


Needed a needed a new turbo at 10k miles!

Uses 2 litres of oil every 2000 miles.

Uneven tyre wear on the front.

Very rough tappet and knocking sounds when cold.

Struggles to start sometimes when cold.

General Comments:

I own the Avensis through a company car scheme, and was given the car when it was less than a year old with about 10k miles on it only, so the car was/is still very new. At this age and low mileage, you expect everything to be perfect and still running in.

When I was given the car from the previous user, the guy said he had a few problems with it, but it was all sorted now. Looking over the service manual, I discovered it had had a new turbo! Even now when I put my foot down I get a huge embarrassing cloud of smoke pouring out the back. Must be horrible for people behind me! This is just not acceptable for a car like this. It also uses an excessive amount of oil, maybe 2 litres per 2000-3000 miles! I have to watch the oil like a hawk.

The car also runs rough as hell when cold and knocks and taps, just sounds like a bag of spanners, this is very embarrassing when transporting customers and friends etc.

I went into Toyota and explained all of the above, and they gave me some oil and said if it uses this amount in less than a month, bring it back and we will put a new engine in it!! Ha ha.

Nothing has changed and it's still using the same amount of oil. I will be taking it back shortly for a new engine.

Despite above problems, once the engine is warm it runs very smooth, I still get good economy (average of 53MPG) and the engine pulls well.

Things I like:

Smooth 6-speed box

Handles well

Looks nice and executive

Sat nav

Good economy and low emissions from 2.0 diesel

Nice alloys.

Things I don’t like:

Rough engine when cold

Smokes like crazy when under hard acceleration

Worst radio ever! Difficult to program and poor reception

Uneven front tyre wear

Boring interior although well made

Seats are not that comfy although nice fabric.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2008

3rd May 2013, 20:58

I have had no trouble with my 2007 D4D. Got it with 180,000 km, and now have got 394,000 and the only fault is the brake discs and anti roll bar rubbers. Disc were 80 euro, and the rubbers a fiver each. Oil change every 50,000 km or twice a year. The handling is not great, but it's cheap motoring.

28th Jun 2013, 06:16

That engine was bagged by the previous user for sure. Wonder what happened after the engine change.

2007 Toyota Avensis T2 D4D 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Toyota need to do better than this to tempt people away from Mondeo/Vectra/Mazda 6 land!


Nothing so far, but it seems to use quite a bit of oil (2 litres in the last 6500 miles).

General Comments:

The car feels well put together and the doors shut with a nice solid sounding 'thunk'. The general fit of the exterior panels is very good, but I have seen better looking paint finishes. The whole car seems to have a dimpled effect to the paint when you look at it with light reflecting off it; it's not nice and smooth.

The interior plastics are very hard and the whole cabin is a sea of black and dark grey - not a very inspiring place to sit! The fit and finish of things like the dash-top storage lid and the lid of the small cubby hole between the seats is poor - some bargain basement parts have been used here.

The seats are supportive for a maximum of about 2 hours. Any longer than this and they give me lower back pain. There is nowhere near enough lumbar support in them on this grade of car.

The stereo is quite good unless you like your music to have any kind of a bass track. The head unit is okay, but the speakers just aren't up to the job if you turn up the volume.

Personally, I find it difficult to see the instruments as they are orange numerals and orange needles on an orange-lit black background. What's wrong with a black background, white numerals and a red needle??

The 6 speed gearbox is a welcome touch, and makes for easy motorway cruising. I have averaged 50.6 mpg since I started using this car, which isn't bad for a 2 litre.

The handling is very 'floaty' and does not inspire confidence at all. On a windy motorway it feels distinctly unsafe in fact, and a far cry from the solid feel of other cars in this class I have owned (Vectra/Mondeo). Levels of grip are low and the feedback through the wheel is very poor.

The car is roomy though with plenty of space for 4 adults to ride in comfort. The boot is huge too, and if you fold down the seats there's acres of space available.

I am disappointed that this car is not better, given the fact that Toyota were supposedly aiming at executives when they launched the Avensis. My wife has a 2007 Yaris TR, which feels altogether better quality, especially inside, but including the paint finish.

Mine is a company car, but given the choice I'd have something else.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2008

22nd Aug 2008, 19:52

I have a 2006 D4D with 197000km. I use it as a taxi.

I agree the dash is too dark but this car is fantastic on reliability. The only things that need servicing are the brake pads every 50000km and tyres.

I will buy another one without hesitation.

1st Mar 2016, 11:55

I don't mean to bugger you, but it is no secret, that while the Avensis was assembled in the UK, the Yaris was assembled in Japan and some in France, with the Japanese Yaris faring better in terms of build quality. That could explain the difference. I drive a Yaris myself and can only second your opinion on the solid quality of the car.