1986 Toyota Camry LE from North America


Willing to perform, even when near death


Radiator blew apart, although it was an aftermarket one.

Everything electric moves very slowly.

Most interior lights stopped working.

Will not stay aligned.

General Comments:

I bought this car to replace my old Dodge, so that I could get back to work for 400. All I had to go by about the car was "Toyota's can't be killed". And so far I would believe it. I put on about a thousand miles a month, and I run it very hard. Even though it burns a quart of oil a week, and is pushed to the limits, I still manage to get about 29 MPG, and it starts every day no problem.

The seats have seen better days, but they are still somewhat comfortable, and there is more than enough room for me (6 foot 2) and all my friends.

The little four cylinder is more than willing to please you. The top speed I have achieved is 113 before another car came up.

But even though I bought this car with all its problems, I would still go and buy another 1st Gen Camry any day.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2012

24th Aug 2013, 16:55

This car is the best friend of a person stuck in a hard spot that's trying to get back on their feet.

While the replacement parts are a pain to get (due to its age and not being readily in stock and on shelves), they are relatively low in price.

And you can keep fixing this car WHILE you're driving it. The ultimate in reliability, I will keep this car forever. I plan on re-manufacturing the engine with Promar Engines in New Jersey, and I plan on getting a brand new tranny as well. I'm going to keep this thing until the day I die!

Can't see how people are willing to go to newer, less reliable cars.

1986 Toyota Camry DX 2.0 gasoline from North America


This is an excellent, well-built Toyota!


I replaced all 4 struts in March, 2008.

New master cylinder in Feb. 08.

New radiator/thermostat in July 2008.

Various suspension parts have been replaced.

Head gasket got a small leak in June 09, but is not showing any symptoms, possibly repairable for a good amount of time into the future.

General Comments:

I paid $735 for this car, and it happens to be the first car I have ever owned, and I must say I am very happy with it. Even at 23 years old, the engine still purrs and drives like a champ. Looking forward to 200,000.

There are a few bothers, like the vibration when idling and a couple of other things, but this thing is great for anyone looking for a car less than $1500. You can't beat it. I will be sad the day it goes, but within the first 6 months of ownership it paid for itself.

Listen - if you see a decent 1st Generation Camry for sale in your local ads, grab it. They are becoming fewer and fewer by the day.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2009

9th Jul 2009, 14:05

"They are becoming fewer and fewer by the day."

Because they've all turned to rust by now, at least up here where I live.

1986 Toyota Camry DX from North America


A perfect car


Nothing a great car. Have done scheduled maintenance only.

I bought this car new in 1986, and still drive it daily in 2009.

General Comments:

I think I will probably keep this car for a long as it runs. Everything works. Cold A/C etc.

There is an oil leak around the oil plug, which is minor. It has leaked for over 15 years. I just check the oil and add a little if needed.

Sometimes it won't start in park, and I have to slip the shift down to neural and it starts just fine.

Needs a neutral switch?

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Review Date: 21st January, 2009