1986 Toyota Camry LE 2.0 gas from North America


Best car made period


A flat tire.

General Comments:

I bought this car off an old guy, who bought it off an old lady. I got it at 206,000km.

The day I bought it, I had a Wynns VIC done, basically a fuel system purge, which made it run a lot better and increased fuel economy.

I changed the oil one time in all the time I owned the car. It did burn/leak some oil, but I drove it hard.

I actually totalled it off (still drivable after). My insurance company low balled me on the car, so I decided to keep it for as long as possible. During this time it was winter and I live in Saskatchewan. On the -40 to -50 days, I would start it up, put a brick on the gas pedal, and hold it at a steady 5000 RPM to warm it up.

This car stood up to an amazing amount of abuse. I actually ran it bone dry of oil on several occasions, and the only way I could tell was because over 5000 RPM it started to rev slower with no oil. The hood was screwed up so I couldn't check or add oil.

We took this car off roading, hit piles of rocks at 50kmph, drove it 50kmph in first gear for 15km trips across the city, bouncing off the redline on the way to drop it off for my insurance claim, trying to kill the engine... NOT POSSIBLE.

These Toyotas and any other older Toyotas are tanks; you literally can't kill them.

If you're looking for a first car, I would recommend buying a Camry, and you won't need another one.

I drove the car for years with no problems; just topped up the fluids.

The clutch system leaked some brake fluid, and I actually thought the transmission / clutch was wrecked one day, but no, I just had to add brake fluid to the clutch reservoir and pump the clutch pedal... good to go for another 50,000km.

This car was the best car I have ever owned, and my only regret was getting into an accident, or I would still be driving the car.

Toyota and Honda make the most reliable cars on the road, and after owning a Volkswagen prior to this that lasted a day, I would never buy anything but Hondas, Toyotas and Nissans ever again.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2014

15th Oct 2014, 21:11

Sorry gotta disagree, the best car ever made in my opinion is the 1977-1990 Chevy Caprice, with the Ford Crown Vic as a close second. Rear wheel drive and a V-8 make for a much, much better driving experience; great for long distance road trips with the cushy seats and suspension. I've driven smaller front wheel drive cars when I was young and broke; no thank you.

Older Toyotas are pretty reliable, especially with the 22RE engine. However I live in eastern Canada, and the rust kills the body/frame way before the engine dies. Caprices and Crown Vics are body on frame, less prone to rust due to thicker metal, and can get 300k to 500k on the drivetrain with basic maintenance. Just my opinion anyways...

16th Oct 2014, 17:28

I agree with you. Thin gauge unibody near bad weather and road salt is a tough situation. The quest for light weight to achieve higher MPG is another. I think the larger crossovers are a great choice today. I had no issues with large full frame sedans. My small Toyota though was cheap and got me through my college days. I appreciated more room and added safety when my children came into the picture.

1986 Toyota Camry LE from North America


Willing to perform, even when near death


Radiator blew apart, although it was an aftermarket one.

Everything electric moves very slowly.

Most interior lights stopped working.

Will not stay aligned.

General Comments:

I bought this car to replace my old Dodge, so that I could get back to work for 400. All I had to go by about the car was "Toyota's can't be killed". And so far I would believe it. I put on about a thousand miles a month, and I run it very hard. Even though it burns a quart of oil a week, and is pushed to the limits, I still manage to get about 29 MPG, and it starts every day no problem.

The seats have seen better days, but they are still somewhat comfortable, and there is more than enough room for me (6 foot 2) and all my friends.

The little four cylinder is more than willing to please you. The top speed I have achieved is 113 before another car came up.

But even though I bought this car with all its problems, I would still go and buy another 1st Gen Camry any day.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2012

24th Aug 2013, 16:55

This car is the best friend of a person stuck in a hard spot that's trying to get back on their feet.

While the replacement parts are a pain to get (due to its age and not being readily in stock and on shelves), they are relatively low in price.

And you can keep fixing this car WHILE you're driving it. The ultimate in reliability, I will keep this car forever. I plan on re-manufacturing the engine with Promar Engines in New Jersey, and I plan on getting a brand new tranny as well. I'm going to keep this thing until the day I die!

Can't see how people are willing to go to newer, less reliable cars.