1987 Toyota Camry Deluxe 2.0 from North America


Cheap, reliable, honest transportation


Front brakes had to be replaced when purchased.

Rear wheel cylinders had to be replaced when purchased.

Failed Smog Check because of faulty air flow meter and idle control valve.

Trunk lock got jammed.

Minor oil leak when purchased.

AC broken when purchased.

Driver's side window sticks.

Tape player stopped working.

General Comments:

Car is nothing glamorous, but is very dependable, honest transportation.

Very low up keep compared to my former car, 1981 Chevy Malibu. All I've had to do is change the oil and do normal preventative care.

Interior is very modest and is not that comfortable, compared to other Japanese cars.

For a four cylinder, the car has no lack of power.

Automatic transmission shifts very smoothly.

Steering is very tight and has no play.

Best value for the dollar.

This car will out live me and you. Look how many are still on the road!

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Review Date: 10th November, 2004

1987 Toyota Camry LE 2.0L 4cl from North America


A triumph of superior engineering in a dull, functional sedan


A few electrical problems: the alternator (and consequently the battery) went bad at 190k, but was very easy to replace; power windows and locks generally good, but one or another would mysteriously fail for a few days, then be OK.

Rust on beautiful navy panels, especially driver rear and around all wheels. Around 180k radiator was rusty (but not yet leaking) and broke when the shop used a power flush-and they paid for a replacement.

Rear defrost was ripped off when purchased.

The starter doesn't catch sometimes and grinds very loudly, but it always starts after a few tries.

General Comments:

This car was extremely reliable and will probably run forever.

The engine is very accessible for most minor maintenance such as oil changes.

The power waned as it aged, but still has some to spare.

I found the car to be very solid mechanically, and never had trouble with anything except what is mentioned above, which is spare for so many miles, I think. There are a lot of them out and around so used parts aren't too difficult to come buy, if you're trying to live cheap. I think that the road salt will deal a final blow to this beast, like skin cancer, but every vehicle will see their days come to a dismantling close.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2004

9th Jan 2005, 23:52

I can't believe you described precisely the condition of my '88 camry (driven in cold and salted quebec winters). it has been hit and run and knocked about, but still is going. I will be sad to see it go and I wonder car could be so reliable and, in this case, affordable?


1987 Toyota Camry Base 4-cylinder from North America


A wonderful, low-maintenance student car!


The air conditioning went out in January 2004. I had the system inspected and the whole system will need to be replaced. The mechanic estimated about $1200 worth of work. Toyota estimated around $2500 worth of work. I'm quite impressed that the air conditioning lasted even this long.

Front struts will need to be replaced because they squeak.

Front and side engine mounts need to be replaced because the engine is slightly vibrating. It does this occasionally. When it isn't vibrating I can't tell if the engine is running or not. Toyota's estimate was $460.

The seat belts do not lock in the two front seats. From what I've been told, the 1987 Camry had an issue with the belts and their failure to lock in a collision after owning the car for a few years. I had Toyota inspect this since it was a recommended service from Toyota. $550 was the estimate.

General Comments:

The interior wears excellent.

The car rides and handles better than any American car I've driven.

The gas mileage is incredible for such an old vehicle. This saves me an incredible amount of money and that's important to a college student.

The performance of this Camry is decent for a 4-cylinder manual. The car rides and handles great on the highway even when I'm driving 80 MPH (miles per hour).

My only complaint about this car is that it has a high theft rating. In fact, someone broke into my car last summer. They managed to bend the driver side door back (I'm guessing with a crow bar) and got into the car. Oddly, they stole nothing. The door was fixed for $250 by a family mechanic.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2004