1992 Toyota Camry DX 2.2 from North America


Great car to own!


I had to change the alternator.

General Comments:

This car is very reliable and dependable. Besides the alternator I did not have any problems with the car. The acceleration was a bit slow in the lower RPM's but once you pushed RPM's higher it would move and it still got great fuel mileage (30 mpg hwy)!! I still love this car and wish I didn't have to sell it because I was moving out of the country.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2008

1992 Toyota Camry CSi (SV21) 2.2L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, but disappointing


A few things -

Replaced starter motor, alternator, fuel rail, 1 radiator fan motor, rear wheel bearings, power steering fluid leak, has used several pairs of front tyres all in 8 years.

To elaborate, a fuel leak prompted the fuel rail change. Shame the car didn't burn to the waterline.

Rear wheel bearings replaced at 190000km, front bearings OK.

Leak occurred where hoses clamp to tubes emerging from body of power steering pump. Pump replaced by second hand unit - 205000km.

Despite the car having never been in an accident (it's metallic light green so a partial or total respray would have been noticed after 8 years), the front wheel geometry chews tyres. They've been aligned by 3 different workshops and they've each assured me that everything is per-factory. Tyres used were Dunlop (soft compound, short life) and Good Year. Front tyres are currently rock-hard Korean rubbish to maximise their life, but the handling has become somewhat 'nervous'. The car isn't thrashed, by the way.

Fuel economy is terrible; it drinks like a V8. Typical consumption is 13L/100km (22mpg) in outer suburban driving. A country trip, with me feather-footing the accelerator and coasting wherever possible returned about 10L/100km (28-29mpg) and this with overdrive selected full time. Plugs, coil, compression, etc, all checked OK - engine runs sweetly, but has a lusty thirst.

General Comments:

Handling is compromised by the need to use rubbish tyres on the front.

Fuel economy does not reflect the way the car is gently driven.

Yes, it's an old car and only ventures 10km to work and back these days, but I expected better from Toyota, especially as its stablemate is a 2003 Ford Falcon which has run without fault since new.

I'd still buy another Toyota as I feel this particular car was probably assembled on a Monday morning.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2008

1992 Toyota Camry XLE V6 from North America


Quiet, roomy, comfortable, safe, reasonably good on gas - and absolutely reliable.


The things that have gone wrong with my 1992 Camry V6-XLE have all been minor. A taillight bulb burned out. A power door lock controller started being flaky and would sometimes 'stick' when unlocking the right front door lock, etc. These are all annoying but exceedingly minor problems, hardly even worth mentioning.

The car may soon need a new or replacement cylinder head or to have the head rebuilt, as it is starting to use oil (although I couldn't for the life of me figure out where the oil is going out of the engine... there is absolutely NO blue smoke that I can see, and the oil is not leaking onto the driveway). This is an ABSOLUTELY NORMAL condition for a vehicle that is now 15 years old and has almost A QUARTER OF A MILLION MILES on it... it is normal wear-and-tear and is consistent with the car's age and mileage.

General Comments:

I am convinced that this is one of the most reliable vehicles ever made, and that with proper maintenance there is virtually no limit to how long it can stay on the road and continue being driven.

I also believe that the key to reliability is regular and proper maintenance.

I use exclusively 100% synthetic motor oil.

I take my car in every 3,000 miles for a Lube-Oil-Filter according to the Severe Service maintenance schedule. Bringing the car in for regular maintenance gives the mechanics an opportunity to check for problems that are just starting to crop up, BEFORE they become expensive repairs.

I also always take the car in for maintenance to my local Toyota dealership -- the mechanics there are all certified, are factory-trained, and are older and more experienced. When they see a Camry come in the door for service, they know how to fix and repair it, and they already have the factory parts in stock.

There is no freaking way I'd trust my car's maintenance to some 19-year old kid at the local Jiffy-Lube who doesn't know the difference between a Camry and a Camaro.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2007

19th Jul 2007, 23:09

I have a 92 XLE as well. It's true, they can't be beat.

13th Feb 2008, 11:41

I disagree. I've got a Camry XLE and it has been nothing but problems for me. The trunk latch has broken, the rear struts get highly overworked, therefore, they need to be replaced far more recently than almost any other car, the driver's side rear window motor has gone out (previously, the front passenger side has, too), along with the radiator going out, and (my current problem) the water pump is out.

This car is ridiculously difficult to work on, because every thing is intertwined with each other.

OK, I'm done with my rant now.