1992 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


Wonderful car!


Minor problems for a high mileage car. Most did not happen until the car was over 150000 miles. Alternator, window motor, oil gasket leak.

General Comments:

The Camry is by far the best car I have owned. I have owned a 92 and an 03. I have also owned cars from GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan, and Jeep. I still drive my 92 Camry. I have owned it for 11 years and have hardly had to do any repairs to it. My wife and I have always had two cars, the Camry and the revolving door of cars - most unreliable. Aside from Camrys, the only other cars that I have owned that were reliable were a Toyota Celica, Nissan 240 SX and Honda Passport. I highly recommend Toyota to anyone who is looking for a reliable car.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2007

1992 Toyota Camry XLS 3.0 V6 from North America


Well worth the money


Well, not a lot to speak of actually.

When I first got the car, it ran like a race car, then I noticed a vibration in the way it shifted. I brought it to my mechanic and he said it probably needed a tranny fluid change, and maybe some adjustments. Not knowing when any service had been done on the car, he suggested that we do the timing belt, radiator fluid and tune up. It cost me about $450 for everything, and now the car runs incredible.

Also, when I got it, the power antenna didn't go up, but the radio worked just fine.

General Comments:

I bought this car with over 166K on it. Yes, I was a bit apprehensive, but the car looked so good and ran solid, I figured for $2100 how could I go wrong. It booked for over double that.

It was in GREAT shape. The leather was a little worn, but the windows, rugs etc were in excellent shape. My wife has a Honda Accord that's about 5 years newer and she still prefers to take my car, saying it's much more fun to drive, and she feels safer in it.

This car has the V6, and when I say its got Balls, that's putting it mildly. Makes me want to get a Lexus for my next car - but then I ask myself, why spend the extra $$ when I can buy a Camry instead!

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Review Date: 30th May, 2007

1992 Toyota Camry LE 4 Cylinder from North America


This car is incredible


Rear sway bar bushings needed to be replaced at 100,000.

Small chipping of the paint has formed on the hood.

Temp censor went at 90,000 miles and needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

I love this car. I was just recently talking to someone who thought it was a 1999!

It looks amazing inside and out, the paint finish still looks new.

I just recently drove to Ft. Lauderdale and back, a trip of over 3000 miles and was getting about 34 miles to a gallon! I went from souther VA back to CT, 503 miles on one tank!

If you take care of this car, it will be good to you.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2007

1992 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder from North America


Best car I ever owned!!!


Window Motors had to be replaced at about 230,000 miles.

Power Antenna had to be replaced at about 250,000 miles.

Paint started to fade slightly on the roof after about 280,000 miles.

Gas pedal would stick a little in very cold weather.

General Comments:

Best car I ever owned! Other than the very few and very minor problems I experienced above (which were relatively cheap to fix) I completely loved it. My parents bought it new and when they were ready to buy a new Camry I bought this one. The car was completely reliable. I wish I still had it. I kept it until I had my son and then decided I wanted an SUV. BIG MISTAKE.. I traded it for a Jeep. I wish I had my Camry back. The Jeep has been nothing, but one big headache. The Camry was awesome on gas mileage, and had lots of get up and go. It was a comfortable ride, and trust me I did some traveling. Took me through many many States several times over. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who is considering purchasing one, it will be well worth the money.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2007

20th Oct 2007, 12:07

I have owned a 1992 4 cylinder Camry since it was new, and it has been the absolute best car I have ever owned, and I have purchased cars since 1966. I now use it as a second car. It is white, and still has the original paint and looks great. It costs me almost nothing (other than routine maintenance). Even the A/C still works (and I live in Canada where its tough on cars in winter); no visible rust. Starts, even in dead winter. It was and still is a real keeper. Great car, but I bet they never build them this good again.

11th Apr 2010, 09:07

I have just sold my 1992 Camry LE after driving it for 15 years, having bought it second hand in 1995. It is definitely the best car I have ever owned. When I bought a used 2002 Camry XLE in 2005, I told the salesman that I would rather buy a new 1992 if one were available. The styling was better than the new models, and I cannot imagine any car being more reliable than it has been as it saw me through 15 Canadian winters without a starting problem.

On the highway I managed as many as 40 mpg in the summer. The gear ratios were so well set that I never felt that the 4 cylinder engine lacked power when I needed it for passing or filtering into traffic.

27th Jun 2010, 13:28

My 92 Camry has been exceptionally reliable. It has been my primary transportation since I purchased it 18 years ago. I perform all recommended routine maintenance and she just keeps running. I don't want to give this car up because they don't make them like this anymore.