1999 Toyota Camry CE 2.2 from North America


Most boring car I've owned, but it just won't die


Vibrating front brakes. I've grown to accept this.

Vibrating rear brakes. I've grown to accept this.

General Comments:

This car does nothing wrong, yet does nothing really well. It's pretty comfortable, interior features OK, handles OK, sort of quiet, power is adequate and performance is plain, but I can't hate it cause all it has required from me is two oil changes per year and gas. I drive 16000km per year and drive it though a car wash on special occasions. It has always started every morning, even at -40C.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2009

14th Apr 2009, 19:38

Haha; I think a lot of people just hope for such a car. However, I understand you. This is all Toyotas are about. They do the job, and that's it. If you wanna enjoy driving, go for something else. If it needs to be just a tool for taking you around with the least headache, go for it.

31st Jul 2009, 19:10

Camry's are built to be reliable daily drivers, not sports cars. Their engines are designed for fuel economy and their transmissions for highway and backroad cruising. They're are excellent vehicles in that they last forever, but yes, they are a bit bland.

1st Aug 2009, 10:34

The Camry was designed and marketed for elderly people. It is not supposed to be sporty or drive sporty. For that they do their job, as elderly people seldom put any real demands on a car. My elderly (85) aunt has one and loves it. It has been trouble-free, but considering that she has put a whopping 22,000 miles on it in 4 years I'd expect that. For cars that are actually driven, a domestic is a far more reliable vehicle.

1999 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder from North America


Not good, don't even


Had to change the starter twice in 3 years. Each time spent $600 at a Toyota dealer.

General Comments:

Not reliable, terrible starter problems, will not recommend this to anyone.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2009

1999 Toyota Camry LE from North America


I'm changing my views on the Toyota brand


I got my '99 Camry from a used car dealership on the 3rd of December '08, and about 2 weeks later, the check engine light came on.

Took it to the nearest Toyota dealership, and they suggested the gas cap not being tight. They turned it off, but I drove 4 hours on the h/way and it came back on again.

Had some sensor replaced at $175.00, drove back 4 hours and it was on again!

Now I am told I have to replace some charcoal canister and VSV at over $500.00!!! I mean I have only had this car for less than a month and I'm spending upwards of $700.00 in wild geese chase maintenance, where's the peace of mind 'associated' with the Toyota brand??

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Review Date: 19th January, 2009

5th Mar 2010, 10:57

"where's the peace of mind 'associated' with the Toyota brand??"

Millions of customers are probably asking themselves the very same question. :)

Seriously though - your car was 10 years old and has over 100,000 miles - problems can arise.

1999 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 from North America


The car which will never let you down! Ever!


- Heater fan would only go to the highest level.

- Breaks and rotors for the front and back.

General Comments:

The car is amazing on Gas. I usually do about 700KM city/hwy, on about 63 - 65 liters, which is about 11KM per liter.

This car has always started and performed well even in the crappiest weather. I would definitely go ahead and buy this car with my eyes closed.

My previous car was a lemon which was Jetta. In a year I went to the garage to fix stuff about 15 times for Jetta. For my Camry I have only done regular wear and tear maintenance.

For people who are looking for economical and reliable car, CAMRY should be # 1 Choice, no KIDDING!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2008

1999 Toyota Camry le 2.2 liter from North America


Reliable and attractive


Had a E.G.R. valve and controller go bad on me as well as the master brake cylinder. but hey im not the most cautious of drivers at times.

General Comments:

The car starts up first try every time, extremly reliable when taken care of and for a 2.2 liter, it has a little bit of get up and go. of course it handles very well with the reduced weight of the uni-body design.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2008