1999 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder. 2.2 Liter from North America


Great value, but has nit-picky problems


For starters, the cheap interior plastics have not held up the best. The rear seat cup holders broke and the front passenger power window panel has started to separate from the vinyl. Also, the seek up button on the cd/cass unit has completely stopped working however, the scan button still allows for basic operation for the radio.

Secondly, ever since my Mother bought the car, I've noticed that the accelerator pedal sometimes is hard to push when the car is stopped. When she pushes hard on the gas pedal, it seems to break free, but you also get major whip-lash from a very abrupt start--very annoying. I tried greasing the throttle cable and it seemed to work for a couple weeks, but returned to back to its old ways.

Lastly, the moon roof rail for some reason broke into two pieces and does not allow the roof to close unless you help it. Took to the dealer and they gave an estimate of $900!

General Comments:

Very reliable car, fit and finish is a B+. I personally am not a fan of cars with a timing belt or foreign cars for that matter, but this car is well worth the money you pay for it. Quite peppy for a 4cyl, but the ride is not near as good as her previous car--mercury grand marquis.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2006

13th Oct 2006, 08:18

I thought I was alone in the cheap interior of the Camry. I have had my '98 Camry for approximately 3 years and I have never had any internal problems to this day. The cars runs very smoothly, even at its current 110K miles. However, the cost of the reliable engine has sacrificed the quality of the cheap interior. Of course, I'd rather have a reliable car than a 'pretty' car, but the fact remains that my window/unlock panel has also torn away from the vinyl. A handle has also been tugged from the inside back door. The stereo system was broken when I bought the car so the dealer threw in a new CD player which has been great, but being that the stereo was broken prior to my purchase makes me think the stereo may not be made too well. Also, there is a very little delay when pushing on the gas pedal for acceleration. I, too, thought I'd lube it up a bit, but over time I have just got use to it. However, don't let those comments discourage you from the overall purchase of a Toyota Camry. They have been a number one selling car for a reason. They run very well, they are very reliable and last a very long time, up to 200-300,00 miles!!

20th Mar 2008, 20:36

The sticking accelerator pedal problem occurs because of carbon buildup in the throttle body. Take it to a local shop and ask them to clean the throttle body and butterfly, and your problem will be gone. This is very common in today's cars, but some shops overlook this important "tune-up" item. You'll be amazed at the difference.

1999 Toyota Camry LE 1.7 from North America


Gives me a hard time


When I start the car, the idle speed does not go up. It starts shaking and the engine turns off. After that I start the car again, and at the same time I press the gas and RPM picks up. Most of the time, it happens on cold starts. It happens once in a while. Now it's happening morning and afternoon also.

I had the same problem before with the same car. Then I went to the Toyota dealer. They changed the idle speed sensor. Now the same problem has come back again. I went to different mechanics, but all of them gave different opinions and advice. Please help me solve my dilemma. Thank you.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2006