2009 Toyota Camry LE gas from North America


Bad painted Toyota Camry


I ordered a new Camry from Toyota, and was called to pick it up when it arrived. I picked it up on a cloudy day, and drove it home to park inside of my garage. On a sunny day, I was shocked to see my paint was all messed up. Drove the car back to the dealer with less than total of 50 miles on it. After dealer, adjusters, and arbitration with Toyota, was told the warranty didn't cover it and the car was mine. I explained to the Toyota supervisor for the adjusters, that I had always been a Toyota man, who had purchased several new Toyotas in the past, and never had a claim before, and I would NEVER buy another if they didn't stand behind me on this one; only to be told by Toyota that they didn't care if I ever bought another Toyota, for one sale wouldn't hurt them any. Toyota buyers, BEWARE, Toyota is not what it use to be. Still got the messed-up car in my garage.

General Comments:

Toyota buyers, be very wary, for Toyota didn't back me.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2011

3rd Jul 2011, 09:21

I am not sure where that car is made, but you and the plant that built it... might be a victim of some type of acid rain... this sometimes gets on the freshly painted cars that leave the factory. The good news is that it usually affects the top clear coat finish only and not the underneath paint... and color sanding might be a option for you... but finding a good color sander that knows what he/or she is doing is not always easy to find...

3rd Jul 2011, 17:44

I just bought a brand new 2011 Buick Lucerne, and also had 3 small defects in the paint. One only required some wet sanding, however the other two required to be re-painted. I am not satisfied with the results on the 2 areas that had to be painted, so I am going to have them re-done at another Buick dealer.

My point is, that even though my car had similar defects in the finish, Buick has completely stood behind the product, covering the repairs under warranty, and even paid for me to get a rented car. Buick even assured me that I could take the car to another dealer to have the work done, since I wasn't satisfied with the first job, I assumed I would have to go back to the same place. I have always owned GM products, and this is my first brand new car, so far I feel that they really stand behind their products.

5th Jul 2011, 07:15

Another problem is what you clean your cars with and how you do it. I am especially wary of wheel cleaners with acids as well. I use clean microfiber. There's a cloth that grabs a lot of water (heavily advertised) and it's really too rough for car finishes. Drag some dirt or dust over the paint and scratches can appear. Same with car polishes use clean cloths. I have had good luck with U S Auto Supply on line, or Maguires is also very good. Good luck.

2009 Toyota Camry LE 2.4 from North America


Read this before buying


Nothing, it's a Toyota!

General Comments:

Amazing seats, very soft but supportive, tons of leg room in the front, decent trunk, very good basic sound system, good handling, feels solid and very well made.

Test drove the Fusion, Altima, Accord, Optima, Malibu, and Allure, but the Camry seemed the best for me. Fusion, Malibu, Allure and Optima seem nice but cheap! Toyota does not use the best quality plastics, but still better than the above cars.

Yes, the Fusion has good ratings now, but in 2 or 3 years it will start having the usual problems (rust, transmission, electrical, etc.)

The Accord and Altima are nice, but the interior of the Altima is not as nice as the Camry's, and the suspension is stiffer (some might prefer it).

The Accord is sporty and has a nice interior, but again it's sporty, and the suspension is not as soft and "comfy" as the Camry's.

The Camry is still reliable, safe and comfortable as it used to be. If you are looking for a good family car, buy one.

I bought a Sonata before the Camry, because I thought it would be reliable, but I started having problems (suspension, A/C, engine light, etc).

Happy to be back in a Toyota.


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Review Date: 4th January, 2011