2009 Toyota Camry LE 2.4 I4 from North America


Everything a family sedan should be - cheap, efficient, safe and reliable


Everything's worked perfectly since purchasing it used at a dealer (it was a former rental car). Regular maintenance is all that's been required.

General Comments:

Performance is decent. Accelerating to pass at highway speeds is sometimes quite slow, however it's adequate for pretty much any everyday task.

The seats are poorly designed and painful to sit in for more than an hour or so, but a $35 (shipped) Obus Forme lower backrest from Amazon fixed this.

Handling is solid. It's reasonably nimble and the suspension is quite smooth, but there's little steering feel. The accelerator and transmission feel a little weird (the gas takes half a second or so to engage, and the transmission occasionally shifts oddly), but it's relatively easy to get used to this.

Superb gas mileage for a large sedan: It averages 29-30mpg in mixed driving, and I don't "hypermile". This more than makes up for the minor engine and transmission complaints.

Safety ratings are excellent - Since I'm driving my family around in it, this was a big concern.

A word to those worried about the accelerator recall: I floored the gas and brakes at the same time to test it, and the brakes completely overwhelmed the engine. I'm not worried at all about this. Plus, it takes less than a second to flick it into neutral. ;)

My only serious complaint is the comfort of the front seats, which was cheap and easy to fix. Everything else has been exactly what I expected.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2010

2009 Toyota Camry LE 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


Possibly the worst car ever made


The random throttle problems with my vehicle have persisted, maybe even gotten worse, despite the so-called Toyota recall fix. Getting the car to accelerate smoothly requires Herculean effort and patience, as the gas pedal hesitates, does not depress all the way, or never returns completely to begin with. It is ridiculous and unacceptable. Like trying to pedal a bicycle with a dictionary caught in the spokes. Why can't they just fix the problem? If they did, I might very well be in love with my car.

General Comments:

If I had known a new car could be this bad, I would have purchased any old beater at a used car lot. The thought of paying 300 a month for this excuse for transportation bothers me considerably.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2010

2009 Toyota Camry LE 2.5 4 cylinder from North America


Toyota, you did it again with your formula in making a hot seller!!


Problem free.

General Comments:

Oh my gosh. Where do I begin with comments about this car? This is my 7th one. Previously, I had a 1985, a 1989, a 1993, a 1997, a 2001, a 2005, and this one.

When I first set my eyes on this one, it was love at first sight. I knew that I would still be a true Camry lover. And I have bought all of my vehicles from the same dealership. Everybody remembers me by name at the dealership.

This 2009 model is tremendous!! There is so much to like about this one. It is roomier and more powerful than my 2005 one that I had before it.

As far as power is concerned? Great! It is quieter than the 2005. And it rides even better than the 2005.

The interior is tremendous! Everything is where it should be control wise. The seats are so couch like comfortable. Plenty of room for 4 in this car! You could squeeze a 5th person inside.

The trunk is bigger than the one that was in my 2005. Nice size trunk!

Now for the verdict. Would I recommend this car? Definitely!! Now wonder why it has been such a hot seller! People of all ages like this car. I have been a fan of this car for years, and will continue to do so.

Toyota, whatever that you are using to make these cars seems to have hit a grand slam home run. Keep on using this formula!! You will have repeat buyers like myself buying the Camry. Thank you Toyota!!

I love this car to death! A lot of my friends are buying one, too.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2009

14th Aug 2009, 22:45

I haven't seen such a nice review for any domestic vehicle... certainly says a lot doesn't it?

15th Aug 2009, 10:59

Considering that none of your Camrys was kept more than 4 years, I'm not surprised you had few problems. We often keep our domestics over 20 years and STILL have no problems. We drove one Ford for 17 years and put 325,000 miles on it. Our repair costs (TOTAL) were less than $500 in 17 years. We often buy for the long haul. Only a solid domestic can stand up to that kind of use.