21st Jun 2007, 12:48

Despite the fact that I dislike Toyota's and don't think they are worth the extra money over a Buick I have to give credit where credit is due, this is a very well written review. Good job!

28th Jun 2007, 13:14

I would have happily paid 10,000 more for ALL the things I wanted, unfortunately it was not available! Let's ignore my wish list and just focus on what the car can come with. I don't want a 6cyl, I want the 4cyl. The XLE, Avalon and Lexus all come with 6cyl. Next, I want fold down rear seats. The XLE does not come with fold down seats. Finally, I really do not like leather (fake or otherwise) seats, I prefer cloth seats, again, the XLE does not have the option of coming with cloth seats. I don't like being told what I want. eg. why is it assumed that leather seats are better than cloth?

1st Jul 2007, 09:50

Actually, the XLE is available with a four-cylinder and it comes standard with cloth seats. We looked at one yesterday. Oh, and the back seats did fold in the XLE. We wound up buying an LE because it came with everything that our wonderful Buick Regal had on it except leather, which we don't really care that much about. Our Regal gave us eight trouble-free years of service, taking us 162,000 miles without problems, and it still drove like it did when it was new. We never even had to put spark plugs in the Regal!! I feel confident in the Camry to do the same job.

22nd Oct 2007, 16:13

The electronic rust controller you mentioned is NOT recommended by Toyota at all. Your dealer may have wanted to sell it to you... but Toyota doesn't endorse it. ALL Toyota's come from the factory with extensive rust protection... all metal seems are sealed, they are galvanized, and use lots of rock protection to avoid rust. It should last for years the way it is, but I personally use Krown rust protection for the piece of mind it gives me.

15th Feb 2008, 23:25

The 2.4 comes with a timing chain, so you never have to change it, and here in Canada rust proofing is a must with our winter conditions, so I suggest you a non-dripping oil-parafin type; just have it checked every 5 years, these electronic gizmos don't work, don't bother with those.

16th May 2008, 13:30

Recntly, I rented a 2008, 4 cylinder Camry equipped with automatic transmission and a/c for a day. I needed to drive from Barrie Ontario to Toronto Ontario, which is a 100 kilometer run on a major highway.

This car ran exceptionally well and performed admirably. There was more than enough power to merge with traffic, and the ride was very quiet and smooth. I was impressed.

My daily driver is a Pontiac Montana SV6, which by the way, has also performed admirably since new but it is leased and now is fast approaching the mileage limitation. That's why I rented the Camry.

Nevertheless, I was impressed with the Camry. I'm not to fond of the exterior styling, but the interior was quite nice. It is comfortable and well laid out.

Fuel economy was good, but not any better than a 3.8 Grand Prix I rented yesterday.

I will definitely consider a 4 cylinder Camry for my next car, probably one that has heated seats.

3rd Jun 2008, 23:14

I prefer timing chain than belt. It lasts longer (150.000 KM) than belt (50.000 KM).

4th Jun 2008, 13:05

Timing chains should last a lot longer than 150,000 kilometers. My Dodge with a rubber timing belt went 160,000 miles between changes, and my current 2.4 Pontiac has a timing chain, and it is designed to last 300,000 kilometers or more. I guess Toyota does not build with long service intervals in mind in order to bilk more money out of their customers.

You guys need to look at some of the 2004-2007 Camry reviews. These cars are not built to be very reliable.

20th Mar 2009, 13:12

Simpler is not necessarily better, I own a 3.5l V6 semi automatic Camry, it's more comfortable, quieter, more mpg on highway, more power = better response, overtaking is a piece of cake. And usually the more powerful the engine, the better prepared is the suspension and brakes, so driving responsibly it's a safer car.