2007 Toyota Camry LE 2.4 from North America





General Comments:

2007 Camry LE 4cyl, Base package.

Before deciding on this car, my short list of cars included the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Buick Allure (LaCrosse). Road noise was one of the top concerns I had for my next car, so that quickly eliminated the Honda (besides, the Honda was $4,000 more). The Altima was eliminated due to their new model having a new type of transmission, although the test drive was amazing, I’ll never buy an experimental model. I test drove the Buick Allure and Toyota Camry each two times. The Buick had a slightly more comfortable and quieter ride, but it was eliminated because I didn’t like the position of all the driving controls and I didn’t like the cluttered V6 engine compartment. If you do want a Buick, I strongly suggest you find one 2nd hand with 20,000km and save yourself about $10,000. It was the same price as the Camry, but its resale value was another reason to eliminate it.

Now, about the Camry:

4cyl, 2.4L 16 Valve, VVT-I, Overhead cam

-timing chain instead of a belt that will cost you big bucks to change at 100kkm

-enough hp to move the car safely into traffic and pass the slow pokes

-not a racing engine that will jerk the car like a rollercoaster

-I’m against street racing, so a 4cyl will do fine thank you

-fuel economy! Think green!

-hood opens with gas pistons! Big bonus here, no prop rod to mess around with.

-fluid levels are easily viewed through visible windows or translucent plastic bottles

-large air filter lets engine breath easy, saves gas!

-electronic reminder to change oil! Brilliant!

-VVT Variable Valve Timing, I would have preferred a simple engine, but this system has been in use for many years without failures, I’ll take what I get here.

-engine has lots of room to work on. I intend to drive this car to the ground, so someday in the years ahead the engine will need some kind of work. Being my own mechanic, I do appreciate being able to replace worn pieces without having to pull out the whole motor! All the common parts are visible and easily accessible. I’ll even bet that some repairs could be made road side!


5 speed automatic, I would have been happy with a 4 speed, simpler is always better!

It’s like having 5 shaving blades, when 2 or 3 work just as good and is cheaper (more reliable in this case). I base reliability upon the simplicity of the transmission.

I have not had any problems that others have reported and I can’t believe that Toyota wouldn’t repair such problems if it was true. If it was really true, then you would see a lot of people selling their Toyota’s. I don’t see that many Toyota’s offered for resale by private owners, that tells me they are pretty happy with their cars!

Body design:

This is purely subjective. It’s like believing red cars go faster. This is a personal decision and I won’t waste your time talking about contour lines or colour.


Comes with excellent Michelin tires and a full size spare so you can take road trips with confidence. I did not like the alloy rims so I chose the basic steel rims, I will upgrade with rims of my choice later. The rims I choose will probably be less expensive than Toyotas too. Sorry Toyota, your accessories are over priced for my wallet.


Very quiet, extremely nice to roll up windows and

Cloth seats have always felt more comfortable, I would only ever consider leather if they were heated. The seat comfort is amazing, I suffer from lower back pain and I was able to drive for 9 hours straight and actually feel rested when I got there. The power seats looked nice, but I went for the cheaper manual seats and found they work well enough for my discerning needs. CD with MP3 support and AUX jack for my own MP3 player is perfect, I just wish I could have upgraded to 6 CD and Blue Tooth. Controls around the driver’s steering wheel makes driving safer and looks better. Gives more room on dashboard for instrumentation, duct work and stereo. Makes driving safer by not having to stray your hand very far to control accessories on the car. Dual trip meters, great for gauging two things at the same time. Lot’s of compartments for stashing things away plus a huge glove box (in case you have big hands). Seriously, it helps to have places to store things in your car, I wish they had even more spots.


Lots of Air Bags… let’s hope I never find out how well they work!

Things I don’t like:

-Car comes with fixed packages, so you can’t pick and choose the exact options you prefer. Eg. I desperately wanted Blue Tooth, but couldn’t have it unless I got the XLE which does NOT come with the 4cyl or 60/40 folding rear seats that I wanted more.

-Wish it had Dual Air control as an option, but it’s only available only on the XLE.

-I would have liked to have power seats, but they only come with the alloy rims which I don’t like.

-Missing some options that should be included in the base package, like low wheel pressure indicator, low oil level indicator, low coolant indicator, low brake fluid level indicator, low transmission fluid indicator

-A few other options would have been nice to get, but they were over priced and too expensive compared to 3rd party accessories I can buy. Eg. GPS, Compass, reading lights in back seat, parking sensors, garage door opener, floor mats.

-Owners manual, written by a 1st year English student. One manual covers all models and does not clearly convey which features are optional. Further, in one section they recommend to disconnect the battery for a test and in another section they warn against disconnecting the battery for other reasons (perhaps something needs to be reset?). I’ve heard about cars that won’t restart without entering a code after disconnecting the battery.

-Rust protection, car is not given extra rust protection, I guess they want the car to not last forever! Toyota advises against using Krown Rust Proofing and offered a questionable electronic rust control system instead. We’ll see how well it works this winter.

Things that I wish it had:

-Built in electric cooler!

-USB port for connection to a lap top or jump drive to upload/download data

-A reverse trip meter to count down mileage to your destination

-fuel consumption meter (saw it on a Crown Victoria, very nice!)

-heated cloth seats

-a special container for trash

-auto windows to open all windows (include this option on remote)

-auto windows to close if rain detected (while parked)


Despite all the little things it doesn’t have, for the price it’s a very well built car well worth the money!

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Review Date: 21st June, 2007

21st Jun 2007, 10:01

Although you admit that you feel confident in the car, it seems that you had some pretty high expectations in terms of features for a car in this price range. I would suggest buying a pre-owned XLE Camry, Avalon, or even a Lexus next time if you want that much stuff. Some of the things you mentioned do not come into play until at least $10k more is spent.

2007 Toyota Camry XLE 3.5 V6 from North America


The Buick that should have been!!


Squeaks in Dash...FIXED.

Transmission flare...FIXED. Replaced with a new Transmission.

Wrong Wire-Harness (Solara) for the Satellite Radio was installed. FIXED.

General Comments:

This Camry XLE rides wonderfully. It is the Buick Century that should have been.

The interior is well laid out. Excellent ergonomics. 7 air bags standard. (even a knee air bag for the driver) Blue-Tooth is fantastic. the rear sunshade is a nice touch. Not only blocks the sun it reduces glare and bright light from behind.

The reclining rear seating is also a nice touch. A lot of rear seating room too. Our children really enjoy that. The JBL sound system is one of the better sounding "stock" upgrade systems out there.

Very fast when you need fast. Handles better then expected after hearing all the negitive "reports". Much more responsive then my Buick.

Decent gas mileage, but not as good as I expected.

I have received the BEST dealer service of my life from this Toyota dealership. Never a problem getting a loaner. I even was given a IS250 Lexus one time. I have yet to pay for a oil change. This in it's self is a very good reson to purchase another Toyota product in the future. GM has never given me anything close to this kind of service. All they did was complain at how much warranty work costs their dealership.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2007

10th Jun 2007, 10:16

The Buick Century would have never had all of those problems within the mileage that you have. I also think you would have not been as free with the accolades if it had. Another buyer gets roped into the Japanese Hype.

10th Jun 2007, 13:44

You already needed a new transmission and you are raving about the car? This doesn't seem right. Have fun when your warranty is done!