2007 Toyota Camry SE 2.4L from North America


Toyota is overrated don't buy a Camry


1-Plastic rattle (squeak) in the center console

2-Plastic rattle on the A pillar (cracking)

3-Plastic rattles coming from the dash

4-CD player replaced

5-Rattle from the trunk (the spare tire was touching the tool used for tightening bolts

6-Cannot program the door opener (dealer tried it does work) I replace my garage door opener, but dealer cannot program it!!!

7-Noise from the heating control button (it cracks every time the hot water comes in the ventilation chamber) dealer cannot fix it still waiting for a bulletin from Toyota

8-Oil consumption, the motor uses 1.5 L of oil every 8000KM. Dealer find it NORMAL!!!

9-Light alignment has to be fixed (was not align from the shop)

10-Rattles from the sun visor (right and left)

11-Poor compatibility with my I-Pod I must turn the volume of the I-Pod and the radio to the maximum, dealer does know what to do.

12-Car noisy on cement road

13-The passenger bucket seat is shaking and make noise on rough roads

14-Toyota Dealer charging extra maintenance saying it's Toyota recommendation which is not true because other Dealers are not charging those extras.

General Comments:

Where is the Toyota quality?

Toyota is really overrated to my point of view!

Are you aware that Toyota has never send me any car survey since I have the car for 18 months!

Are you aware that my Toyota Dealer does not indicate all the troubles on the work sheet is it to get better initial quality survey?

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Review Date: 6th December, 2007

28th Mar 2008, 21:23

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Toyota. You should have read the reviews on this site before buying one of the worst rated cars on the site. I can only suggest that you try to unload this lemon before it bankrupts you. Virtually ALL automotive sources are currently bemoaning Toyota's precipitous drop in quality. With the news of worsening reliability you'll find your resale dropping like a rock. I'd unload it as quickly as possible for as low a loss as possible and look into something solid and reliable, such as the Ford Fusion or Chevy Malibu.

Another option would be a used 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix. They were discontinued in 2008, but were top-rated in their market segment (which included the Toyota Avalon) by J.D. Powers. You can get a GM certified used one at an incredible price with a 5-year warranty.

2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid Hybrid Synergy Drive 2.4L I4 with Electric Motor from North America


Futuristic Technology shouts for problems in Long Term


300km Door Handle cover popped lose.

9000km Rear Passenger Door would not lock

Dealer requested to replace the whole door (WHY?)

General Comments:

Hybrid Synergy Drive is an EXCELLENT technology.

CVT should never be used on ANY CAR! It is good for fuel economy, but makes the car feel slower.

The advertised fuel economy of 5.7L/100km City/Highway is achievable if you drive in rush hour traffic ON HIGHWAY where quick acceleration is not needed. On average, on highway, expect 6.0-6.5L/100km if you drive 110km/h. In city, 7.5L is not unusual in stop and go traffic.

The amount of eletrical components in the car makes me never want to buy one used.

Interior looks great.

Interior is quiet even at highway speed.

JBL Sound System is Great.

Front visibility can be POOR due to large rearview mirror.

Rear visibility is poor while backing up.

Drives like a Lincoln. The suspension is a bit too soft.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2007

22nd May 2008, 22:13

The biggest problem with hybrids is the outrageous cost of repairs. A recent article cited a case in which the transaxle failed on a Prius just out of warranty, and the cost to repair it came to nearly HALF the purchase price of the car. The added complexity makes for some scary possibilities down the road.

I've known people who had to replace the battery packs, and had to shell out several grand or buy "rebuilt" batteries (which may be just as good. I've bought rebuilt parts and had no problems).

There seem to be an awful lot of used hybrids for sale in our area, and I suspect the main reason is that they are now out of warranty, and the owners feel pretty vulnerable facing tens of thousands of dollars in possible repairs.