2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid Hybrid Synergy Drive 2.4L I4 with Electric Motor from North America


Futuristic Technology shouts for problems in Long Term


300km Door Handle cover popped lose.

9000km Rear Passenger Door would not lock

Dealer requested to replace the whole door (WHY?)

General Comments:

Hybrid Synergy Drive is an EXCELLENT technology.

CVT should never be used on ANY CAR! It is good for fuel economy, but makes the car feel slower.

The advertised fuel economy of 5.7L/100km City/Highway is achievable if you drive in rush hour traffic ON HIGHWAY where quick acceleration is not needed. On average, on highway, expect 6.0-6.5L/100km if you drive 110km/h. In city, 7.5L is not unusual in stop and go traffic.

The amount of eletrical components in the car makes me never want to buy one used.

Interior looks great.

Interior is quiet even at highway speed.

JBL Sound System is Great.

Front visibility can be POOR due to large rearview mirror.

Rear visibility is poor while backing up.

Drives like a Lincoln. The suspension is a bit too soft.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2007

22nd May 2008, 22:13

The biggest problem with hybrids is the outrageous cost of repairs. A recent article cited a case in which the transaxle failed on a Prius just out of warranty, and the cost to repair it came to nearly HALF the purchase price of the car. The added complexity makes for some scary possibilities down the road.

I've known people who had to replace the battery packs, and had to shell out several grand or buy "rebuilt" batteries (which may be just as good. I've bought rebuilt parts and had no problems).

There seem to be an awful lot of used hybrids for sale in our area, and I suspect the main reason is that they are now out of warranty, and the owners feel pretty vulnerable facing tens of thousands of dollars in possible repairs.

2007 Toyota Camry SE V6 3.5L V6 268hp from North America


This car offers a lot of extras, but you must sacrifice some too for it


I told the dealer to install XM satellite radio because the JBL audio system supports this add-on. While they did have it installed at time of delivery, they failed to ACTIVATE my free 6 months of service. I kept on bothering them about it, but only THREE months later did they finally do it.

I also told the dealer to install the rear Park Pilot system (4 sensor) before delivering my car. They only installed 2 sensors.

I later had a different Toyota dealer install the other 2 successfully.

I had a front dash rattling noise which a third Toyota dealer fixed successfully.

The front passenger seatbelt panel wasn't aligned properly in the interior. The third Toyota dealer fixed it.

I have the well-known 3-4 gear transmission flare. However I don't want it fixed because that may involve a brand new transmission. I don't want dealers touching my car anymore. They are not capable of putting anything back together properly.

The XM satellite reception is sometimes poor when I'm far from metropolitan areas. This was not so in the same places back in my old Toyota Echo. On that car, I had done the install myself.

In-built Homelink garage door opener doesn't recognize my home garage nor cottage garage codes. I asked dealer about it and they said they cannot help me because they'd have to come to my home.

General Comments:

This car has excellent thrust. However, 268hp is too much for a FWD car in 1st gear. You cannot launch this car fast in 1st gear because it spins the wheels too much. And then the traction control kicks in... launch is useless. Too much torque steer in 1st and 2nd gears.

Excellent JBL audio system. 6 speakers (rears are actually coaxial) and 440W. Bluetooth phone capability. In-dash 6CD changer which reads MP3s and WMAs. Available XM radio add-on. Steering wheel controls, too!

The car handles very well because it has a front cross brace, and rear cross brace. As a result, however you cannot fold the rear seats. The car also comes with larger wheels and tires. Also, it has a sport suspension and body kit. 0.01 cD lower drag, too!

The car does not absorb any bumps though. You will feel the road surface through your seat. Steering does communicate well back to the driver.

The car sits too low, so you must be careful with all sidewalk curbs, ramps and speed bumps. The maximum speed for speed bumps is about 30km/h. I must keep my tires a little over-inflated, else the car will scratch its nose when going down my condo's garage ramp.

Brakes cut-off very well and resist fade a long time. Excellent, sensitive brake feel.

Excellent interior room for front and rear passengers! Lots of legroom for all. Headroom can be a concern in the front if you like your driver's seat back to be more upright. Getting in and out of the front seats is difficult. I have to use the steering wheel as a handle. I frequently smash my head when getting in. Steering wheel doesn't tilt upwards far enough. Once you do sit down, the driver's seat offers an excellent lumbar support adjustable via a button.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2007

18th Sep 2007, 13:29

Can I ask why you would want to purchase another Toyota when you have had several problems with a car that has been driven less than 10,000 miles and received such poor service at the dealer? Don't tell me, Toyota is the best right? Well, your review says otherwise. Try a domestic, you just might be surprised.