2007 Toyota Camry XLE 3.5L from North America


Not as good as I thought


Problems with suspension at 60,000 km. The struts are leaking oil and the car feels like it's on springs only. The slightest bump throws you around like a puppet. The soft ride also results in some serious body roll, so all that power is pretty useless.

The interior feels cheap. Plastic everywhere, even the leather on the seats and steering feels like vinyl almost. When driving over a bumpy road, the whole car makes zinging and squeaking noises. And the fake "wood" trim is so pathetic, it doesn't even try to mimic real wood.

General Comments:

Very powerful engine. In a straight line, this rivals most muscle cars. The engines revs up to 5,000 rpm with little effort and even makes a nice noise. If they could only fit this engine into a Subaru Impreza or a Honda S2000, what a car that would be! Mileage is not impressive, but what V6 is? 9L/100km on hwy and 12 city, and in the winter it's up to about 14 in the city and 10 on the hwy.

Smooth transmission. Six speed automatic with sport mode, gear shift is seamless. The onboard computer changes gears according to your driving style; if driving calm, it will shift earlier saving gas. But if you step on the pedal a bit more aggressively, it shifts a bit later, using all the power the engine has to offer. Nicely done.

Feels very safe. Braking is excellent thanks to four wheel disc brakes and ABS. There is no fish tailing, no matter what the surface, gravel, snow, wet road. Vehicle Stability Control is also present every time the wheels slip; it corrects the car immediately, never had a problem in winter.

Roomy interior and trunk. Not much to say here, except the rear seats recline just like airline seats, which your passengers will appreciate on a longer trip.

Overall, this car is good, but not great. It has a lot of potential, and it's too bad to see that they splurged on bluetooth, push button start, premium sound, leather, but they were cheap on more important things that make driving enjoyable, like a better suspension.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2011

2007 Toyota Camry EL 3.5L from North America


Typical Toyota: great quality, great value


Nothing has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

Great riding, comfortable car.

The 3.5L V6 has more than sufficient power to move this car down the road with 5 passengers.

Dash layout is very good, it does not take long to get used to where everything is.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2011

2007 Toyota Camry SE 4 from North America


It is a shame, the company has gone downhill fast


Needs a new engine.

My first Toyota went for 396.000 miles.

I take great care of my car and change oil every 4000 miles.

I think Toyota is going to have a problem with engine sludge. This car; I was adding a quart of oil every 2000 miles, and now I know the oil consumption was a problem.

My Toyota dealer does not see this as a problem.

General Comments:

If the engine does not last, nothing else matters.

Buyer beware. Toyota is not what it use to be.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2010

2007 Toyota Camry LE 3.5L V6 from North America


Skip 2007 models, if you are looking to buy used, other years might be more refined


Bought the car used (first car), the problem after driving it for a while - acceleration hiccups/hesitation when trying to overtake somebody. The car does not accelerate when you press the gas pedal for a second or so (or maybe even slows down a little, like when you take foot off the gas pedal), and then jerks and goes Warp 9, as if I had nitro-boost on it. Happens RANDOMLY during pretty much all of the speed ranges - saw it anywhere between 20km/h and 120km/h. Again, happens only when you need to overtake somebody or accelerate fast in very short period of time; It drives OK when you're driving calmly like you are not in a hurry. Perhaps it's that drive-by-wire thing.

Also, after about a week, check engine light came on (P0606 - "powertrain control module (PCM) detects an internal microprocessor integrity fault"), which disappeared when I got to the dealership and tried to restart the car to see if that will make the "check engine" light disappear, before I sign up for service/repair/diagnostic - it vanished, so I did not go for servicing.

LOTS of paint chips on the hood from the previous owner. Hope it won't rust any time soon. Dealer painted over the holes, and there are no visible rust marks on the car yet.

General Comments:

The V6 has enough juice to haul an elephant! Lots of power. About 500lb of tools in the trunk and 4 people in the cabin, and it drives like it's empty! By the way, I get acceleration hesitation just as much whether the car is loaded or empty.

Comfy driver's seat, but some passengers complained that seats are not soft enough.

Fold down back seats are a plus if you have to carry long objects.

Tiptronic transmission will be useful during winter months here in Canada.

Good fuel consumption for V6 (mostly highway driving)... so far I'm getting about 650km to 700km from "low fuel" light to "low fuel" light.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2010

19th Jul 2010, 12:45

"The car does not accelerate when you press the gas pedal for a second or so"

I guess you haven't been reading the news or watching TV for the past year. Toyotas only accelerate when you don't press on the accelerator!