10th Jun 2007, 15:48

Yep, I was 'roped' into Japanese hype also. They promised me a car that doesn't ever break, gets great gas mileage, holds it's value a lot better than any Buick ever will, is about 50 times more fun to drive than any Buick, and is just generally a much better car than any Buick, Ford, GM, Dodge, or anything else on the road. And guess what? They came through on every promise. I fail to see the 'hype'?! They told me I was getting the best car on the road; and they were right because that's what I have. I guess the reviewer got 'roped in' along with all of the other people in the country who have brains enough to buy a Toyota. Now if you want to talk about hype...'Quality is Job 1'... ha ha, or 'Built like a Rock', hee hee. More like, 'Quality is Job 12.., or maybe 13 or something'.

10th Jun 2007, 16:46

Buick should, and hopefully never will, make a car like the Camry. Buick makes traditional AMERICAN cars for people that are proud of being Americans, not bland tasteless cars like the Camry or any other Toyota for that matter. It's sad Buick has lost another customer to the Japanese. I personally own a Park Avenue myself and would not dream of replacing it with anything in the Toyota line-up, I am personally shocked that so many seem to be.

10th Jun 2007, 16:55

Oh gee, you only had to replace the transmission so far, that seems minor!! Are you kidding, why do people swear by these cars, they really are inferior too many domestic products these days. Buick is rated higher by J.D. Power & Associates than Toyota or Honda (and has been for years) in initial quality. But because they are a GM product and viewed as "old folks" cars they are overlooked. Frankly I would really rather have a Buick any day!

10th Jun 2007, 19:07

GM also makes many other vehicles that I would take any day over a Toyota. SUV's, Silverados, Corvette!! for openers. I have had better follow up on my new domestics than my last imports. The 100,000 mile warranty on the latest vehicles and higher quality convinced me to lose the import hype that I use to possess as well. It stopped working its former magic rather quickly as a result of lanquishing in the dealer service shop.

11th Jun 2007, 20:04

'Yep, I was 'roped' into Japanese hype also. They promised me a car that doesn't ever break'

Really? Your car had to have the transmission replaced, but it 'doesn't ever break?!' If the transmission in my car needed replacing, I would sure as heck said it broke.

12th Jun 2007, 15:06

20:04 What are you talking about? You're confusing me with someone else. My Toyota's never have broken. And everyone I know that owns one never has any trouble either. I think that the only real defects Toyota might have are in the imaginations of Chevy and Ford owners that comment here. Any machine will eventually break, Toyota's just break far less than anything else, and it takes a hell of a lot more miles to finally break than any so called 'domestic'.

12th Jun 2007, 18:01

My comment would be simply, I dare you to prove that because it would be impossible. We really are tired of these 'matter of fact' statements without evidence to back them up. Explain that to the people who bought an overpriced Toyota, thinking it was the best car ever made, and something crazy happened like the engine breaking at 36000 miles or the transmission going out.

12th Jun 2007, 20:52

Maybe its just a miraculous oversight that the Toyota individual has not read any of the abundant actual reviews on this site alone regarding late model Toyota serious mechanical issues. Just focusing on fuel economy and not fully comprehending potential repair expenditures with out of warranty expense can be very enlightening. I am not caught up in the import hype as a result of this.

13th Jun 2007, 04:21

Camry Ha! God they are ugly. Why is it that Japanese manufacturers are unable to design good looking vehicles? The front grille on the newest generation is just so gross. What were they thinking? You want to see a classy car? Look at the new Mercury Milan. Just another boring family sedan like all the others out there, but atleast this one exudes a little bit of class. If your going to drive a dishwasher, why not have something with a little bit of style?

13th Jun 2007, 17:11

There is no perfect product, and there is no "import hype."

Toyota is #1 this year, GM is slipping, Ford losing money by the boatloads every week. American manufacturers do not make quality cars, that is why they are going broke. Toyota is making tons of money.

The Toyota is not a "dishwasher" - maybe you should drive it first, because it drives BETTER then ANY Ford/GM car on the road. Also the interior is no contest hands down beats any American made car.

Initial JD Power ratings mean nothing, and a Buick is as stylish as a pocket pen protector.

The 2007 Camry is stylish & classy, and if you cannot afford it, too bad.

14th Jun 2007, 14:43

To the mechanic who commented above. Thanks for stating factually what many of us already already know. I get so tired of people who got burned by GM or Ford 20 years ago, and swear they will never buy another American car. These days most cars will easily run for over 100,000 miles if you keep them serviced properly.

Toyota fans on this site have gone so far as to say that if we all drove Toyotas the world would be a better place. I'd rather ride a bike than drive a Toyota, but to each their own.

14th Jun 2007, 14:51

To the person who stated "Buicks have as much style as a pocket pen protector." All I can say is that Toyota is known for their bland inoffensive (invisible) styling, even worse so than Honda. It's safe to say that no Toyota will ever be recognized for its classy good looks. You certainly can't say that of Buick. But you are entitled to your own opinion.

14th Jun 2007, 19:40

Sorry the new Toyotas I drove were not anywhere as near the performance, handling and comfort of my new GM SUV and my Silverado for that matter if you compare it to the Tundra. I have owned new

Toyotas and am very fair...I'll examine, but certainly take them all out on extended drives. Last year I spend nearly $70k on new vehicles. Don't think for a moment that I would not do otherwise.

14th Jun 2007, 23:33

Yes the Honda Accord looks horrible. I am going to go out and buy a Chevy Malibu which looks hot and will be worth 50,000 dollars because of its finely stitched vinyl. A bunch of hype coming out of Oklaholma I tell you.

15th Jun 2007, 10:11

Why not buy a fully loaded Suburban? Seems a bit high for a Malibu, but it's up to you.

15th Jun 2007, 18:43

23:33 Yeah, the Accord looks terrible. That's why it's been the best selling car in the country a number of times. And your Malibu will be worth $50,000. Wake up.

15th Jun 2007, 22:35

18:43 wake up a Honda owner made the Malibu comment not vice versa. Why also assume that all GM owners drive Malibu's? My older 396 SS Camaro that I paid $3500 new is worth $50k...list the Accords that have appreciated.