21st Apr 2008, 19:44

I have yet to hear of someone owning a 2 or 3 year old high end GM SUV Tahoe or GM pickup Silverado, Avalanche, Denali especially now that the new high mpg Hybrids are out, that get the same mileage as a Camry, that would then want to ever go back to a Toyota. The only reasoning might be gas prices, but now there are hybrids and you have better ride,performance and room with better mpg.

I have driven many imports and owned higher end models, and am currently extremely impressed with the latest GM models. What I do see on here is someone that owned mid 80's or 90's domestics and continually base comparisons on that or on basic beaters they have owned.

If you start spending $30-50k on new vehicles every 2-3 years due to high annual mileage driven not time..... you are not going to base your buying decisions on 20 year old, or even 10 year old technology, performance and safety features.

I am not going with limited manufacturer's warranties spending at this price level, especially a lousy 36,000 mile warranty on another new $38k import. I cannot see the rationale unless it's the smoke and mirror advertising hype that many believe. I use to as well but learned first hand. Not happening again in this household.

22nd Apr 2008, 13:08

I've driven the Camry. I've also driven the Fusion, Malibu, G6, LaCrosse and Taurus. The Camry was nowhere near the quality and superior handling of any of the domestics.

22nd Apr 2008, 13:10

Our non-hybrid GM SUV gets the same city gas mileage as a V-6 Camry.

22nd Apr 2008, 15:09

I agree Toyota sedans are totally bland and basic quite like an appliance. That's a great analogy. Having something enjoyable to drive is foremost and a long warranty... being bored to death is not my idea of transportation. If I am looking for a small 4 cylinder at least I would choose a small economy oriented car like a Soltice. Nice classy styling, small engine and a convertible now that the weather is nice. I had Toyota Celica GT's always liked the the Supras and many sports sedans today but no current Toyota takes my breath away longing to inspire its purchase.

24th Apr 2008, 12:42

No, it's true that no current Toyota takes your breath away... just your money when the puny 36,000 mile warranty expires and you have to pay for all the failed engines and transmissions.

10th Apr 2009, 03:37

Toyotas and Hondas in majority of many classes are more reliable than any American cars, they're made especially for the masses and don't have the (individual) thinking. What I mean is Japanese cars have no soul, no heart, no passion, and the feeling you are like everybody else!! So everybody who has a Japanese car has a good reliable mean of transportation.

What I love about American cars (not all of them like the Cavalier or Sunfire or Focus etc..), is that even with their flaws, they're more durable, (last longer, especially the big rear wheel drive ones). Comparing after 20 years a big American against a Japanese.. You feel more passion and sometimes part of history driving and restoring them, and almost no Japanese cars can match.. No Japanese cars from the 80's will give the pride of restoring a Gran National or Trans Am or Mustang, and the feeling of driving a real car, not a means of transportation like the Japanese are built for, and they're very good at it.

Yes they're more reliable, but made for those who uses them for point A to B.. that's all.