16th Jun 2007, 04:16

To the reviewer of 22:35. How is comparing a Camaro sports car to an economical Accord family sedan's appreciation, a valid method of determining a car's intangible value?

The fact of the matter is, North American cars are full of out sourced components that are cheap and imported. Toyota is a master of refinement, and holds the highest quality control standards. Rather than fixing a problem and doing proper long-run test research, North American car manufactures just slap a new name and or body on the same old garbage mechanics with a new catchy ad campaign. This is car Dodge is known for??? Chrysler??? Ford???.

Let's look at Honda and Toyota, the Civic and Accord for Honda, and the Corolla and Camry for Toyota have proved themselves time and time again. North American car owners put down japanese cars because they are taking over a huge part of their countries financial revenue.

As a Canadian, I feel the sooner GM goes under, the better. I refuse to buy a north american car because I don't reward a half ass job with my pocket book.

We own the 2007 Camry Sport listed in the other review, and a 2005 RAV4. The RAV4 has 82,000 kilometers on it, I drive the crap out of it, and we have not had a single problem.

As for "all the Camry transmission problems", let's clear something up, it's not a transmission failure, it's that the transmission takes about 1.5 seconds longer to engage a lower gear under heavy downshifting acceleration than what is normally expected. Big deal. I know Toyota would have a good reason for designing it that way. My Camry goes from 0-100 km/hr in 6.1 seconds flat "I timed it myself", how bloody fast do you need? It's a four door family car, not an BMW M3? Get a grip people.

16th Jun 2007, 07:12

What year is the SS Camaro? Probably 1969? Name a good car that GM made after 1980. There aren't any. My parents owned some GM's after that period. They're the worst cars ever built by anyone. How about their 1984 Celebrity that had 3 engines put in it in under 90,000 miles? They sold that to a junkyard for about 50 dollars around 1990, and made the mistake of buying an '87 Cavalier. Engine blew up early on, the transmission devoured itself, it overheated regularly, etc. Both junk, despite meticulous car and maintenance. I bought a 1979 Malibu in 1990 with 60,000 original miles. It had a 267 in it. Great looking car, but it got the worst gas mileage I've ever seen, it also overheated once a week, and burned more oil than it did gas. Basically junk, even though I really liked it. Meanwhile, my uncle bought a 1989 Toyota 2-wheel drive truck brand new. He never had a single problem with it, and just sold it 2 years ago. My dad, who had little money in the '80s when the steel mills were going under, was always spending money fixing his GM's when my uncle's Toyota didn't cost him a nickel other than regular maintenance for the last 20 years. GM's were garbage then, are still garbage today. If Toyota's were made in Japan only, I'd gladly pay the cost of having one shipped to the US on top of the purchase price just so I could avoid buying a GM here. NO more 'Generic Motors' vehicles for me.

16th Jun 2007, 10:01

My 1998 Corvette Convertible was exceptional as was my 1969 396 SS Camaro and even my 1964 Impala SS 4 speed Convertible. The last two especially increased in value many times. 1998 to the present Vettes are incredible. Can't think of any exceptional Hondas maybe the NSX. Maybe you have only had experience with low end models. GM 2007 full size SUV's, pickups are also all great for something different. None of the Hondas, Toyotas have much appeal or performance in my opinion. Maybe next years Toyota Concept performance coupe may offer some hope since the Supras demise. As you can see boring, uninspired, underpowered sedans, SUV's are not to my liking. I've cut back my driving, but still do not want to be totally disappointed or lose my enthusiasm for driving.

16th Jun 2007, 11:51

Are you Toyota owners kidding me! GM has the best quality for the money, and did you forget about the half a million cars Toyota had to recall due to sludge in the engines, that they tried to cover up! Get real and help our economy; don't just buy a Camry because someone says they are better, do some research

1. They have a shorter warranty than the Saturn Aura "a direct rival to the camry same price and size"

2. The Saturn is far better looking and made here, where people spend their paycheck to support other american jobs, not overseas somewhere.

16th Jun 2007, 13:31

To answer your question, GM has made a lot of good cars, as well as bad cars since 1980. The GM B Body or full size cars have been very reliable, such as the Caprice, Delta 88, Buick LeSabre. How many older Japanese cars do you see running around versus early to mid 80's GM?

16th Jun 2007, 20:08

Lets see here? ummm, lets compare a 396 V8 to 2.0 liter Accord? I am already feeling like we don't know what a comparable car is. Lets see, how about we compare a comparable car. 1983 Honda or Toyota Camry to a 1983 Buick Century or Celebrity. Don't even have to start the comparing because the Japanese were already a head by then. HMMM? What did GM build in the 1990's that held its value? Corvette, Impala SS, etc. I don't see any car with a inline 4, V6 in that list? You know the cars that saved GM? The Grand Prix? Skylark? I am going to stop here because you know that the Japanese have been making the domestic auto companies take a good run for their money. Stop comparing classic cars. If I wanted that blasphemy I would compare a 1903 Model T to your Chevy and your poor little Chevy would quiver. end of story!

17th Jun 2007, 07:57

My point was name one single Honda that has appreciated to the level of many domestics... I knew from the start I had an instant classic. If you have a 1903 vehicle to also compare fine... add it as an example, but it also won't be a Honda as well. If you want to nitpick buy a new Corvette ZO6 and then compare its performance value even at list price to exotics for half the cost. An outstanding value new from the factory. I realize gas is expensive today and people need to get from point A to B. I cannot accept losing the greatest thrill of driving, otherwise face the facts its become basic, bland, uninspired and no different than acquiring an appliance in my opinion on the majority of these undistinquishable econo vehicles.

17th Jun 2007, 11:23

11:51 Surely you're joking. If not, then you need help. Unless you research the pamphlets at the GM dealership, any other sources would lead you to the clear and obvious fact that imports are way better built than GM's.

17th Jun 2007, 14:28

Lets open the garage doors and behold a 1903 Model T and a mint 1969 396 SS/RS 4 speed Camaro together. Or open the doors and see a 1903 Model T and a 80'sAccord together in the garage. In the latter case my eyes would gravitate to the Model T only. It would take a great deal of consideration to determine if I wanted to drive the Model T or the 396 Camaro first however. Great example of the how great American cars stir emotion... my import only did that when it was always in the shop getting fixed.