21st Jun 2007, 20:04

15:47, Yes, Honda's drive, perform, and handle better than any domestic car. I don't know what you mean exactly by 'drive', but there is no domestic engine that can come close to matching the refinement of any of Honda's engines, and the Honda will definitely handle better.

21st Jun 2007, 21:35

Wow that's some progression. Buicks, Cadillacs and now driving Civics?? My family went similiar except...Buicks, Lincoln Town Cars and now Navigators not backwards to a Civic. I can imagine all of us on our vacations as a family driving from the Northeast to Florida after all owning very comfortable relaxing vehicles and then to a Civic. Try a very long trip in a new loaded Domestic luxury vehicle especially if you have children... I could at least understand if you opted for a loaded Land Cruiser with options, factory DVD etc after owning a Buick and a new Cadillac, but I do not get the Civic. If what I save on gas I hand to my chiropractor as well as have to give up comfort, performance, room and features it seems too great of a sacrifice. We take frequent long trips in one car not 2 as a family............set the cruise,relax and get out after long hours behind the wheel. Sorry no Civic.

21st Jun 2007, 22:44

My point was it that an 80's honda had those features. So whatever 'new' features a domestic has like you speak of no one will ever know. HM? Please do not tell me body cladding is a feature, nor DRL's. I am dumb founded. Are you claiming Fords are better because of a key pad on the drivers door?

22nd Jun 2007, 02:28

Comment after comment can say Toyota is the best or GM is the best, it's getting pointless. This discussion is supposed to be about the reviewer's Camry. The transmission broke super fast, must have been one of the duds off the assembly line. His car is crap, end of story, the transmission broke on a new car.

22nd Jun 2007, 13:53

02:28 No, not 'end of story'. Reviews with headlines like 'the Buick that should have been' are written by people that don't really own, and probably have never even driven a Toyota. And Toyota is the best, and GM sucks. Glad I got that straightened out for you.

22nd Jun 2007, 20:12

Hey 13:53, comments like 'Toyota is the best, and GM sucks', don't do anything to prove your point. If you're wondering why you aren't convincing anyone that you're opinion is the right one (and this goes for all the import supporters on here), it's because you make all these ridiculous statements with no evidence to back them up. I however do have proof, and that is the three very reliable American cars in my driveway that are every bit as dependable as the Toyota me-too blobs my friends overpaid for.

22nd Jun 2007, 20:35

I'll think of that comment when I drive with my top down tommorow in ideal mild weather predicted in my late model Corvette on the way to the shore... what Toyotas are you describing by the way? I'll just have to suffer somehow tommorow as it will certainly require tremendous effort knowing I do not own a basic/conservative import sedan instead.

23rd Jun 2007, 06:11

20:35 And I'll think of your comment when I'm at the gas pump, knowing that I'll go twice as far as you will on less gas, and be content knowing that I'm not spewing tons of CO2 out of a crappy GM vehicle that is part of everyone's problem today. When your kids and grandkids, if you have any, have to suffer 115 degree summers, you can show them pictures of your smiling face as you pump $3.00 a gallon gas into a big v-8 car, just so you could joyride. I'd be embarrassed to drive it.

23rd Jun 2007, 06:33

20:12 I don't have to prove my point. Every major car magazine already has proven it. So have the majority of smart people in the country, which is why they've made Toyota #1 seller. No, your domestics aren't nearly as reliable. You just say that they are, and that doesn't mean anything. Anyone literate can find mountains of proof to back me up, all you have to do is read. If your 'domestics' (and that's a laugh, considering the top four imports in the country make more cars here in the US than the Big 3 do) haven't broken down yet, they will, and long before my Toyota. Big 3, huh. Big where? In Mexico, where they make all the Fusions? Or in Germany where Chrysler (should say Daimler) resides? You know what? I'm going to put one of those 'don't put my flag on your foreign car' stickers on my Toyota. At least it was built in the U.S. You just don't want to believe the obvious truth. Consumer Reports top 10 most reliable cars? 9 of them are 'imports'. Top 10 with best gas mileage? All 10 are imports. Top 10 cars sold in the US with highest resale value? Imports. All 10. Auto manufacturers with the highest % of problems per 100 cars? Domestics, every time. But I guess none of that is proof to you because you choose to disregard it. Well, the facts are there, what's in your head is purely opinion.

23rd Jun 2007, 11:30

6:33 Not everyone believes everything those yuppies at the car magazines say. They'll support whoever gives them the most in advertising dollars, and right now that's Toyota.

And I don't know about Toyota being the #1 seller, considering the top 2 selling vehicles in this country are American pickups, but whatever.

Actually, according to the level field institute, Domestic content on cars manufactured by the big 3 is 76% and only 48% from the japanese automakers. Now I'm sure you'll try to say its all lies or bogus information, but I can say the same thing about all the sources you claim back up your opinions. (Which you haven't done except say 'EVERYBODY agrees with MEE').

Also according to level field institute, the American auto makers RIGHT NOW employ 8/10 US autoworkers. So saying you can't wait till GM or Ford goes under means essentially you can't wait for hundreds of thousands to be without work! Nice!

And I don't have to prove to you that my American cars are reliable, anymore than I would believe you about how amazing your 88 Corolla is with 1.5 million miles and no problems. I have a Ford, Mercury and a Dodge that are really dependable, no I can't prove it but it's true.

23rd Jun 2007, 12:37

If you have the choice of a 36,000 mile warranty or a 100,000 mile standard warranty and can avoid a $4000 major mechanical bill...which new car would you prefer to avoid personal out of pocket expense at 38,000 miles? One of the answers is G.M. Also where can I buy 93 octane for only $3.00 gallon sounds like a bargain. Actually fretting over fuel expense is not usually a real concern when you pay $60k for a new automobile. I have yet to hear a single complaint from my children other than they cannot ride at the same time. If I ever see the temperature at 115 degrees in the Poconos I will move further north by the way. Or just easily put up the top and run the a/c. I personal feel sales numbers are currently being driven by fuel expense, low cost affordable vehicles not necessary a better crafted vehicle. Otherwise you would not be hearing of engine sludging, engine problems with the Tundra V8,stalling with the Avalon, Air bag failures, braking failures, transmission throughout this site. It's a lot more affordable to have a better warranty and save on repairs even if gas costs more with a domestic.