31st Oct 2007, 16:10

I am a import owner, but I also know from family who work at GM that the Corvette is the car for every person. It is a big seller with billionaires and millionaires. it is a car that sits in the garage with Lambo. Yes it has a ways to go... but surprisingly it has taken the hearts of thousands of owners a year.

31st Oct 2007, 17:15

I find it interesting that Toyota owners seem to focus more on bashing Fords.

Well.. if you look closely, only 2 Ford products made it on to Consumer Report's worst used cars to avoid.

If Ford made such horrid cars, surely they would be on this list!


On a side note, I've owned a BMW 7 series and currently own an X5. Both have been 99% flawless. I own a Toyota Tundra for towing, and will be selling it shortly due to extensive repairs constantly being made. Before I moved upwards in social class, I used to own a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country. That van performed flawlessly for me and my family. I believe much of what Consumer Reports says is biased in many ways, because from my personal experience, they have been proved 100% wrong.

31st Oct 2007, 17:18

I'm not talking about whether a vehicle has quality seats and other pleasurable amenities. I'm talking about the fact that the Vette, even compared to the econo cars at the same track was outright shoddy. Sports car or not, the thing is a waste of money.

1st Nov 2007, 10:40


Actually I do have another car, which is a 1955 Mercury I restored a few years back. That is my special car.

Yes, I could afford to "upgrade" to a nicer car as I make a 6-figure income. But I do live in California where the average home is over $600,000, hence my bigger target to save for is a house. Since we're in a housing bust, I figure saving up while the market cools is a wiser idea.

On the other hand, the Tacoma has been bullet-proof and dead reliable. I commute a heck of a long way to work and since this is a 2 seater, it counts as a carpool when me and my wife drive together. On top of that, it gets 30MPG. Those little things add up. Fuel savings, carpools (no bridge tolls), fastlane travel (saves time) and keeping a cheaper truck on the road that actually has no problems saves a lot of dough. I'm kind of a miserly person, which explains a lot.

This was also my first truck that I bought with money from mowing lawns. That was 12 years ago and I've since worked my way up the career ladder, gotten married, etc etc. So the truck is rather sentimental to me. Plus it is pretty cool to have bragging rights on a econo-truck with over 200,000 miles on it that still looks new.

When I mentioned the quality of materials on this truck versus the Vette, I did mean it. This Tacoma was made in the Fremont, CA NUMI plant, which gets vehicle manufacturing facility of the year awards on a regular basis. Despite the miles and loads of abuse, nothing rattles, squeaks, or has come loose. As mentioned, even the frame is remarkably well put together. I look at the things that you're not typically supposed to see. The fact that Toyota put more care into the machining quality of areas that most people would never even knew existed is impressive enough for me. I didn't see that same level of detail and attention in the Vette.

But in all fairness, If I was in the market for a brutally fast, yet value-winning sports car, I'd probably go for the Vette. Even the fully loaded versions of these cost thousands less than anything the imports produce. I actually really dig the new ones in terms of styling as well as the mid-70's Stingrays. I've thought about buying a 74' Stingray as my next resto job.

28th Nov 2007, 00:13

Until doing a bit of research on true muscle cars, I would have easily judged the Viper and Corvette to be the best all around (none of the foreign exotics are remotely reliable in real world use). However, after having recently attended a Mustang show and seeing a number of street-drivable, dealer-available modified Mustangs boasting in excess of 700 (yes SEVEN HUNDRED) horsepower, and one Boss twin-turbo level III Shinoda with ONE THOUSAND documented horsepower, I am of the opinion that in the world of all-out performance, Ford definitely rules. I realize this is a Camry site and "Camry performance" is an oxymoron, but somehow the topic got off on Corvettes and Vipers.

28th Nov 2007, 14:34

I like Mustang as well, and my son owned 3 late modified models. I have owned Corvettes and they are very fast now, too. The Viper however, is low production; more exclusive with a race-inspired frame. I like all 3. If you want 1000 plus hp examine the Venom or Hennessey Vipers. The handling and stopping of the Viper is absolutely incredible. High hp on the dyno board is great, but you need great handling and stopping as well.

29th Nov 2007, 06:47

Do you have any idea how much of the Canadian economy relies on the automotive industry? If GM or any other North American manufacturer was to "go under", it would disastrous.

As for rewarding "a half ass job", I'm not sure where you are getting your information. GM builds solid, reliable, and exciting cars. Motor Trend named the Cadillac CTS the car of the year, the GM hybrid truck won the LA auto show green vehicle award, and the new ZR-1 Corvette blows all imports out of the water.

29th Nov 2007, 10:57

I'll take a shoddy new Vette convertible on a nice day and you can drive a Camry. Money is relative... buying a new Vette to some is like someone else just buying a pencil. The Vette has been check rated as a best buy in many publications... if they keep pursuing Ferrari it may become very expensive and diminish its market. Either way the newest models are extremely fast...0-60 in 4 seconds is pretty amazing. Not boring like many of the bland imports that you cannot tell apart.

29th Nov 2007, 17:49

06:47 Sorry, but you can argue that GM cars are exciting if you like, but they aren't solid and definitely aren't reliable. They don't blow anybody out of the water; especially the imports.

29th Nov 2007, 23:27

THANK YOU 06:47 for TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. It's good to know there are people in the world who know the facts and aren't deluded by import ad hype!! The Corvette is definitely the best 2-seater sports car in the world in terms of both street drivability and reliability over the long haul. No European sports car comes remotely close to offering half of what the Corvette does in terms of overall appeal at about a THIRD of the cost. As for Japanese true sports cars... there ARE NONE.

30th Nov 2007, 06:30

Well, what European sports cars do offer is a driving experience unlike the Corvette. Which is to say it's like driving a Cavalier with a bigger motor. GM doesn't make a sports car and never did. They can't make a decent family car much less a sports car.