25th Aug 2007, 05:40

Camry will be put to the test this fall by GM. Better ride, features, handling and great not a spartan interior as the direct competition to Toyota's Camry model. I would drive rather than just rush blindly into a Toyota showroom without being smart and comparing. I cannot wait.

27th Aug 2007, 09:51

Hahahahah. GM has been saying that for years that they are going to build a better car. Remember the 1997 Malibu? Yes. the car that was going to beat the Camry. The Cobalt? The premium compact that was going to unseat the Corolla and Civic. GM talking is a bunch of hot air. How can you spend half as much as Toyota and build a better car? Impossible.

26th Oct 2007, 19:08

17:11 a Camry rides better than a new Cadillac and has more class?...hmmmmm... I rode in an employee's new Camry, and sorry, I find that statement incorrect.

26th Oct 2007, 20:39

GM and Ford should just stop attempting to build cars and start building roll-off dumpsters. Because that's just about exactly what they already do now; build a metal container full of garbage on wheels. Might as well go all the way with it. Maybe making a dumpster that doesn't break down once a month is something they can handle. To anyone that has ever owned a Toyota car (in reality, not make-believe online stories), owning a GM would be an absolute last resort.

27th Oct 2007, 02:25

I still don't trust the Ford, Chevy or Dodge cars as much as I trust the foreign competition. I actually don't trust any of Dodge's vehicles except for their diesels. Ford and Chevy cars I don't trust, but they both make great trucks and SUV's. I am glad Ford got rid of the Taurus and replaced it with the five hundred and now I hope Chevy gets rid of the Cavelier.

29th Oct 2007, 02:47

To the person who commented on 10/27 02:25...

I agree with you on the Chrysler vehicles. I don't trust them either.

You're a little behind the times with your Cavalier comment, though; the Cavalier passed into automotive history several years ago when it was replaced by the Cobalt. Sad to say, I looked very briefly at a Cobalt my sister-in-law rented and I wasn't terribly impressed. The American auto industry has always been better at making large cars and trucks and not as good at small ones. I prefer large American cars, but I do wish they'd finally get it together on small cars.

29th Oct 2007, 15:31

In regards to GM and Ford improving, well yes - I would agree that indeed, they have improved markedly. But in the end, this is the same story that's been told for years now, with Ford and GM improving, yet not quite getting their act together just yet. Nobody is going to argue that Toyota is absolutely bullet-proof. Toyota has had problems in the past. For example, some of their mid-80's 4 cylinder truck engines like the 22R had an issue with the chain tensioner wearing out after 150k or so. They also had transmission problems in their early Previas. There is now an issue with the V6 versions of the Camry and the V8 versions of the Tundra. Their mid-90's Tacoma had a recall too. I had one and when it was recalled, the problem was fixed right then and there. 200,000 miles later, I'm still rolling just fine.

Overall, Toyota and Honda simply have better track records from decades of consistent quality. This subsequently earned them a good public reputation, hence their higher resale value. Some people here are claiming that the quality in Toyotas is a big fat lie. But the numbers speak the truth and in all-honesty, if Ford or GM built cars and trucks with as high or higher quality levels on a consistent basus versus the hit-and-miss "improving" quality they've done for the last few decades, then their cars would also have higher resale value.

I look at it this way. If you're truly a Ford or GM fan, then buy yourself a used 3 year old Taurus, Escort, or Dodge product and save 50% off the cost of a Toyota. Drive it for 5 years... get another one. If it blows up, you still saved some cash. Looking at it this way, domestics can actually be a good value.

29th Oct 2007, 18:48

The fact remains that Toyota is facing a huge quality issue.

Look for yourself http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2006/08/toyota-falling-quality-is-job-one/

29th Oct 2007, 19:27

20:39 Sorry I will take a Corvette Z06 instead of the very bland commuter potato shaped imports. I have had many more issues with luxury imports than current domestics.

30th Oct 2007, 13:38

I actually test-drove a Corvette at one of the GM "Rev It Up" expos. I couldn't believe how cheap the plastic interior was on a $45,000 car. It certainly wasn't any better than some of the cheaper econo cars GM produces. So if you want to blow 45-60k on a crappy sports car with splattery welds (I looked at the frame too), then go ahead and be our guest.

30th Oct 2007, 14:35

I have two car seats in my Corvette ZO6. Best family car ever! Period!

30th Oct 2007, 17:57

Who says you have to have a family to purchase a new car? Sorry you missed the technology of the new Corvette. Not surprised that you focused on the fabrics however. I do highly doubt in fact totally doubt you sat in a expo with a key in a crowded environment revving new Vette engines. Where was this show held?

30th Oct 2007, 19:59

Funny that a commenter would complain about the plastics in a Corvette when Toyota's dashes are much worse for cheap materials. Heck you can get a Camry close to 45K and with GM you get a V8 sports car. The fact of the matter is Toyotas currently are a bigger gamble on reliability than today's GM's and Fords, JD power will back that up, and with domestics you get waaaay more car for the money. The choice is obvious, but it is apparent that many people rely on old news that they hear from people and don't keep themselves up to date and informed.

31st Oct 2007, 09:12

I witnessed the technology of the Vette at Bowling Green. I also know people in the hall of fame. I love the Corvette... I get angered when people hate it because I think it is "america's sports car" no matter what. The problem here is we are comparing a Corvette to a Camry. Of course the Corvette is better in respect to image... but in all practical purposes and a daily driver I would take the Camry.

P.s. If you want your corvette to be a collector you do not want to put too many miles on it and you want to garage it. Enjoy it on some special occassion, but it is not a daily driver.

31st Oct 2007, 10:24

You people who keep making blatant comments like: " Toyota quality is a gamble, thanks to JD power" need a reality check. Nobody is buying it, so give it up.

31st Oct 2007, 16:01

I have a Viper review on this forum... am am commenting in all fairness that the new Vette is an excellent high performance value and is very fast. Both of these vehicles are outstanding performance values compared to the exotics. I would never own an automatic sports car... try driving the manuals. If you are into upholstery, designer materials and weld splatter its best you drive an economy vehicle. I grew up with new 2 seater imports as a child with no amenities, side windows and totally bare bones and loved every minute of it. I sat on the center armrest as a child before car seats came into effect with my parents in their bucket seats. Not safe by todays standards or recommended, but I never recall being pulled over. My father later drove a Porche Turbo Carrera and removed the A/C to further enhance the cars performance. A lot of people do not understand owning sports cars whether import or domestic and perhaps should not comment. People into comfort will never appreciate simplicity and pure raw power that does not isolate the driving experience. I drove the Corvette Ride and Drive 40th long ago and found out first hand that an automatic vehicle would not be considered in any vehicle I would own.